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E Damaris Oct 2016
I cannot find it here
It seems

I search ahead
Far and distant

Wishful things

I frame their shape
I shade them in

Ignoring where
I rest my wrist

Sand spills
E Damaris Feb 2016
Have you ever stared at
tree branches in the night
sorted out twisted shapes
against a black blue sky?

Have you ever gazed
at the disappearing line
beneath the summer haze
of ocean blue for miles?

Has anyone, I wonder
actually watched the rain
like they do in the movies
against the window pane?

Do you think that we'll ever
watch daytime clouds go by
like young and naive lovers
far from their last good bye?

I wonder what the sky
looks like from where you sit
I most prefer the dark
from where the stars are lit.
E Damaris Sep 2015
It’s nice up here, you know?
Where my ego can fly
A God view to down below
Watching the frantic fight

Once searched high and low
For the meaning of it all
Connected the dots
To a line that circles back

It’s vicious they say
Goes round and round
Repetition at play
Where patterns abound

See my shadow below
Deep down I know the truth
It’s where I too belong
Among a sea of fools
E Damaris Sep 2015
Down the rabbit hole
Chasing my own tail
Needing time alone
Feeling overwhelmed

Forest for the trees
Missing little things
Now into the weeds
Worried about everything

A walking contradiction
Pushing close to the edge
Racing in all directions
I'm a ******* mess

Going down in flames
Stirring up a storm
But what's in a name
If it all feels wrong

Exercise in futility
Everything I say
Endlessly repeating
Yesterday's mistakes
E Damaris Aug 2015
I read a stream of musings
Of amber autumn leafs
Thunderstorms rising
Blue oceans and ravines

And turned to look outside
Hoping to find my own
But saw dying grass for miles
Beneath a blinding sun

Perhaps I'll drive a while
And find myself upon
An undiscovered sight
With nature's gentle song
E Damaris Aug 2015
We can make you fall in love
We can make you sing along

We can craft a love affair
We can fake it like we care

We can lure you with our bait
We can be your worst mistake

Both truth tellers and deceivers
We are poetic word weavers

Beware of our siren songs.
E Damaris Aug 2015
Music, I don’t hear it
Like most of the world
Rhythm, I can’t feel it
Like I can touch words

But you, you hear it well
The sounds I cannot see
They live inside your head
Before you set them free

So let us walk this path
Where both of our arts meet
I will spill out my heart
To your new melody
To my husband.
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