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Gina Feb 2018
No matter the bumps or bruises you give me
Somehow I still love you
You always hurt me
Leave me screaming
Leave me crying
Can't erase the memories of our past
You want her but, I, Im not her
You say you love her but that you need me
How? How can this be?
You have to choose her or me
Im done waiting around
I can't even start to make a sound
The wounds you left will never heal
Deep inside I know you still care
And that's just too hard for you to bare
Just please stop and don't stare
I am not your little play toy
Just so you can have a little joy
You leave me burned
Leave me confused and unwanted
She's over here accusing me of being a liar  
Little does she know that you´re the liar not me
Just wait till she sees
Sees the way you still look at me
The way you make me feel
The way you smile when you're with me
Just choose. choose her.
choose me... But choose
Gina Oct 2017
spending to much time thinking about the ¨thems¨
about what matters to ¨them¨
they tell you to be anything you want
yet its them that are tearing us apart
its them that tell you your not good enough
you believe them
you´re nothing in  their eyes.
but you wonder who you´ll be without them
you´ll finally be good enough without them
Gina Oct 2017
When we were younger we had no cares, no worries,no fears

A boy sits alone with head down low
Holding onto what little hope
But no one could ever know the pain he holds
Since he was little he was alone
No place to call home
No one to call his own
His side of the tree is so dark so hopeless
He tries his hardest to stay awake
But the pain is so bad for god's sake
To his friends he´s a hero
To his parents he´s just a wrong answer
To himself he's a bomb
Going to blow any moment
But he's not the only one who grew up like this  

A girl sits in her room hating herself
Holding onto that little doll her father once gave her
She hides the fact that he died in a war
The words hey freak, hey loner, race through her head
Why? Why now? Why her? She wonders
At school she stays inside because the words become too much
She locks her thoughts away and loses the key
At home her mother is always drinking
Never  home at night
She thinks about going to see the other light
To her teachers she's a shy girl
To her friends she's a role model
But to herself she's useless
But she's not the only one who grew up like this

We grew up hearing that rhyme about sticks and stones
Being told that words would never hurt us
Yet so many fall victim to them
They were wrong
You locked away your heart
Hid behind the pills and smiles
If we fall will anyone hear
Because in our minds we are nothing more than a body
Nothing like what we wanted to be
We're not the only ones who grew up like this

A man sits drinking
Remembering all the battles he won
Now he's losing to alcohol
His wife left him after the war
The only one he loved since they were four  
Spending too much time thinking about what he left behind
He holds onto the wedding pictures
To his kids he's a protector
To his wife he's just a man
To his platoon he's a leader
But to himself he's just a mistake
But he's not the only one who grew up like this

A woman cries herself to sleep at night
Remembering the reasons why she's still alone
She has no one to hold
Just the memories of her past
The memories of her abuse
Always staying in the back of her head
Waiting to escape
She cant move on
She put a cast around her heart
And signed it they were wrong
To anyone she's an outcast
To herself she's broken
But she's not the only one who grew up like this

We grew up hearing that rhyme about sticks and stones
Being told words would never hurt us
Yet the words are what tear us apart
And as we sleep at night
They walk the border of right and wrong
The words we hear must be wrong
They have to be

And if you don't see anything beautiful
Get a better mirror, look a little harder
Because you are BEAUTIFUL
And all the pain will end
Because it's more about BEAUTY and less about PAIN

— The End —