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Gina Medina Jul 2019
Written in stone
Your words
In this child’s heart
Too young to understand 
It wasn’t me
It was PTSD
How could I make you see 
It was never the way you were thinking 
It was truly innocent
Too young to understand 
It wasn’t me
It was PTSD
Pedal to the metal
Heading toward disaster 
Fear and confusion 
Too young to understand 
It wasn’t me
It was PTSD 
Knife to your wrist
Begging and pleading 
Tears overflowing tiny faces 
Too young to understand 
It wasn’t me 
It was PTSD
Anger and disillusion
You’re chasing me
Questioning who I am
Too young to understand 
It wasn’t me
It was PTSD
And when my eyes finally see
I can’t be angry 
I can’t blame 
Because after all
It wasn’t you 
It was PTSD.
Gina Medina Jun 2019
Wasted so much time blaming You
Forgetting Your name, believing lies
And still You knew I would find You
And that was enough for You
To never let go
And I Thank You, for that day has come
And I do remember Your promise
And like a child (again) I am in awe of You
For out of the water You raised me
And into Your arms You reminded me
I am forgiven because You love me
And now Your Holy Spirit is in this temple
And I know I am forever Loved
Gina Medina Mar 2019
Time stands still 
From Earths perch
As darkness falls 
Illuminating the Heavens 
Magnanimously revealing
Your eternity of light
With this stargazer in awe 
Of Your endless life
Gina Medina Dec 2018
My Dear,

You have no idea the greatness
The mountains you move
Your destiny is marvelous
Believe in greatness
Believe in possibilities
Believe in you
For you are great
And you are everything
I’ve dreamt of!
Gina Medina Jan 2018
How is it that I let a man make me feel 
so inadequate and powerless as if he were God
and that everything I am is beneath him?
So much so that he shrugs at my existence
as if I'm not worthy of his time
until of course that moment in which he wants me
and like a victim I easily forgive, but why?
Is it my duty because he is man
and in his eyes I am only woman?
Gina Medina Jan 2017
Sacrificing me
to fit in societies needs
desire to bleed from this insanity
another victim of self-sabotage
chasing away these thoughts
they want me to punish
but it's crazy
to want self sabotage
I know I don't deserve it
but frustration clouds my mind
why do I need to make me better?
when I know I'm all that matters?
foolish me
now I see
it was you, you, and you, who let me be
tricked into this self-sabotage.
Gina Medina Sep 2016
Today my words
stand before your ears
and enter your thoughts
as though you and I are one
I have stolen just a mere moment
yet grasped the curiosity of your soul
with one goal, to carry to you this message
in which I so gently carve into your beautiful heart
the truest word that you should know you greatly deserve
loved -for you are loved beyond this moment and beyond this line
beyond your thoughts and the beginning of time
loved for an eternity.
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