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Dec 2019 · 324
Giannina Randi Dec 2019
arms around each other,
slow dancing in the dark.
steady breaths in the silence
— that was our song.
Dec 2019 · 308
Giannina Randi Dec 2019
I sold my soul
to the promise of you
and got the Devil
in return
Nov 2019 · 363
Giannina Randi Nov 2019
i am so
in love with

And I mean You.

And you know it.
You Know It.

here i am...
Because you told me to.

And I mean You.
You Know It.
And you apologize but don't do anything about it.
Nov 2019 · 117
Giannina Randi Nov 2019
being with you
is akin to lurking in the shadows
desperate to breathe
when all you choose to
offer is smoke and dust
parading around as clean,
crisp air.

it's craving sunlight,
the warmth of its rays,
when all i can have
is obscured by thick, tinted glass
-- only you know
i exist behind it.

it's wanting to wade in a cool
refreshing pond,
but all i can feel is grime
& a cold, mucky
liquid sloshing around
-- drowning me

i honestly can't find better words
to describe how it is
to be around you--
it's akin to trying to breathe
with you holding a bag around
my head, whispering sweet nothings
as i gasp.

you know i would take in your
smoke and dust.
******* thoughts at 5 in the morning
Jul 2019 · 183
Giannina Randi Jul 2019
I witnessed your unraveling
as she tore you to bits.
Eating at your very core until
things seemed irreversible.

I saw how things changed
when I picked you up piece by piece.
You weren't the same but

It was like looking at shattered pottery
put back together, gleaming with gold
at the cracks.
The same, yet new at the same time.

Then I saw how you went back to her
as I scattered to the wind.
Jul 2019 · 139
Giannina Randi Jul 2019
I still think about it on most days...
How I'm okay with how things have turned out for the most part... but there are days when I think back to that one time I said my piece and things haven't really been the same since.

How would I be right now if I never told you what I told you that night seven months ago?

I tend to wonder if you even mean the things you say to me because you know I mean what I say where my feelings for you are concerned.
Is it all mindless flirting? Do you think I'm playing? The things you send to me, how should I take them?

On most days, I think I'm okay; for the most part, I think we're good.
It just eats at me how something tells me you won't stay.
mindless rambling
Dec 2018 · 237
Untitled #5
Giannina Randi Dec 2018
I hope she treats you well
because I haven't been good myself

talking on the phone
i think it's early morn
wishing i was fast asleep
but i guess there's nothing i want more

body full of aches
but your voice shakes the pain away

i think that it's been good
i guess
you and her
for you 's the best

i guess i can't quite accept
that my time well spent
was nothing

i like you
hell, i love you
but it's not me,
i see

i guess this is reality
Jan 2017 · 488
170119 #3
Giannina Randi Jan 2017
Time is terrible
in the sense
that it is never
It favors you
one moment
and betrays you
the next.
It gives you
for a second—
crushing it
in an instant.
Years of happiness
can come
crumbling down
in a tick.
thoughts from when i was seated in a quiet spot facing a lake
Jan 2017 · 317
170119 #2
Giannina Randi Jan 2017
I think it's maddening
to think
that everything
is just fine.
Fine is suspicious.
Fine is everything
and nothing.
Fine is
anything but.
thoughts from when i was seated in a quiet spot facing a lake
Jan 2017 · 361
170119 #1
Giannina Randi Jan 2017
In a moment
of fleeting silence,
I found a sense
of lasting peace
thoughts from when i was seated in a quiet spot facing a lake
Jan 2017 · 298
Giannina Randi Jan 2017
is ever evasive

and i often catch myself
bounding down
what fate
won't let me have
May 2016 · 291
Untitled #4
Giannina Randi May 2016
i worry a lot, i over-think; i’m sure there’s something you’re not telling me

9 pm
“Good morning! I hope your day goes well!”
You once said
that I brightened your mornings.

10 pm
Just wait a bit.

11 pm
Just a little bit more,
it *is
a different time zone.

12 mn
What time do I have to wake up again?

1 am
Where are you?

2 am
I’m tired.
I’ll wait.
How are you?

3 am
My eyes are burning.
“Well, I hope your day
is going well.”
             —i love you
I signed off with that.
             —you don’t care anymore

7 am
I’m getting ready for my day
I’m late already.
I’ll just check my phone later.

1 New Message
Received: 5 am

“my day is ok.”
Another old poem...
I got emotional seeing this again.
May 2016 · 239
Untitled #3
Giannina Randi May 2016
All that you said you’d never do,
you did.
All that you said you’d do,
you never did.
I’d never doubt you,
I had once said;
I don’t know what to think.
All I am now is
I doubt it
on legs.
I wrote this last year and posted it on a different blog... since I've been completely uninspired as of late, I thought I'd just put a few of my old poems up to remind people that I'm not dead *insert awkward laughter*
Mar 2016 · 637
La Lune
Giannina Randi Mar 2016
I was born with the moon at my feet.
Maybe that's why I'm "so hard to reach"–
not impossible, just hard–
I'm always some distance away.
One step,
Two steps,
One giant leap.
note: I really do have a moon-shaped birthmark near my left foot.
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
I don't trust myself
Feb 2016 · 457
house =/= home
Giannina Randi Feb 2016
you could stack up all the bricks
in the world then slap a roof onto
them and it still wouldn't feel
like home.
just a box with a ****** excuse
for a roof.
Home is where the heart is...
and my heart is not in this house
Feb 2016 · 575
Giannina Randi Feb 2016
To be honest,
I'm sad all the time
I'm tired all the time
the good thing is
that I don't have to
pretend I'm happy
all the time
I cry all the time.
Feb 2016 · 464
Giannina Randi Feb 2016
is coming home feeling miserable
and your mother knows just what to do
to fix you up.

is hugging your siblings, and they find it
but you hug them anyway.

is waking up feeling like there's nothing
a good cup of coffee
can't fix.

is walking around
all smiles, just smiles
and you can't explain why.

is what just can't be
explained properly
even if you use the whole dictionary.
Feb 2016 · 244
Giannina Randi Feb 2016
you're letting
every piece of you
scatter to the winds,
and here i am,
picking up every last bit
even though i'm beginning
         *ap a  r   t
you ******* away.
Feb 2016 · 453
Giannina Randi Feb 2016
Roses have their thorns;
In your clear sky,
*I'm the storm.
Jan 2016 · 925
I, me, myself
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
i'm not nice to myself
i'm not kind to myself
i'm not proud of myself*

how do you expect me to love myself?
Jan 2016 · 253
under pressure
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
What* am I going to do with myself?
There's this crushing weight where my lungs should be,
a sinking feeling when there's solid ground;
I can't breathe and all I can do is choke back my tears,
I'm drowning but I'm above ground where everyone else is
                                                              ­                             inhaling
                                                      ­                                         *e x h a l  i   n   g
Jan 2016 · 307
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
to err is human
to forgive is*
I'm struggling to do.
Jan 2016 · 358
stop, lights
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
blink blink blink


   ­              slow down
                                        calm down.
                                        move on.
Jan 2016 · 338
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
don't look
you don't need
they'll see.
Jan 2016 · 195
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
walk away while you can
you can't
don't stick around for what's not good for you
*you stay anyway
Jan 2016 · 355
Untitled #2
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
The language of you and I
is a dying one—
A boneyard of empty words
and forgotten whispers.

The stillness of our voices,
unable to feign delight.
Jan 2016 · 361
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
Please take me seriously
When I tell you that I don't know
what's wrong with me
Because I'm scared...
and all I can do is laugh
when I'm in front of you
cry for hours until
when I'm in the dark
and my chest hurts
my eyes hurt
my head hurts
I hurt all over
I can't find the source
of my pain
I just want it all gone

turn me off
switch it off

*end it
Jan 2016 · 1.5k
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
Oh, but your eyes,
Your eyes were galaxies,
Stars and nebulae—
A wonder to get lost in,
Wandering through constellations.

How come I couldn't find you?
Jan 2016 · 582
going, going, gone
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
When I think about it,
I’m a glass half-empty—
I’m running out of myself
and I don’t know how I’m going to recover.
Jan 2016 · 217
it hurts to cry
Giannina Randi Jan 2016
I swallowed fire
and it tasted familiar
like sea water
and it felt like
tears and it burnt
my tongue like
I took a lick
at the sun
This was originally posted on my poetry tumblr.

— The End —