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you wander

through my mind

leaving smiles

with your footprints

I am the liquid depths
of the sea

gracefully dancing upon your shore

taking pieces of you
with me as I recede

yet I will always return to you

bringing treasures from
the secret world

deep within my heart
really old poem I found as I flipped through  some old journals of mine. Growing up by the ocean, I remember sitting on the edge of the world, staring out into the mysterious expanse of the sea and getting lost in the marvel of what it might hold.  Now older and land locked I long to be by my beloved ocean again.
i want you to break my bones
shape me into something real

set my world on fire
let me burn in the flames

draw blood
with your kiss

etch passion into my flesh
with your tongue

i want the pain to seize me
to take me whole

i want you

to make me feel alive
as i die for your love
kiss me

leave a burst of sunlight

upon my lips

and chase this darkness


Just a thought

as I sit under the gibbous moon
hidden behind the halogen clouds

I search for peek holes of starlight
to attach wishes to

with each wistful breath
I whisper my heart's hope

that happiness will always follow you
where ever you go

even if it is away from me

My palms lay open before me
And as they meet my face
Slowly moving up my cheeks
I feel the warmth upon them
It is the love within me
That which keeps me alive
Guiding me through black forests
With glistening eyes
First writing in a long time.
the stars were multicolored
when she looked up
into the opaque sky and whispered
to no one
the words she had been scared
to say to for so long

she could almost see them flutter
in the red bud wind
those pieces of her heart
she finally let loose
when she broke her gaze with midnight
she thought she could faintly hear
his voice echo
in hushed whispers back to her

"I love you"

yet still
she turned away from the night
blew a petal soft kiss
sent it with her last breath of hope
in flight to the distant horizon
and sighed her final


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