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Ghostea Jan 2019
roses are read
my family is poor
my daddy once told me he would come back from the store
Ghostea Jan 2019
Sie unterschätzen mich, ich verlor mein Leben in die Abgeschiedenheit.
und jetzt bin ich hier
hier in Verwirrung
wie komme ich raus
Gedanken an den Tod
aber das wird mich nur begraben
Ghostea Dec 2018
It does not matter what happens in your life
It's what you do with it
Ghostea Dec 2018
I followed the crowd and found what they said it would be
went the other way and found greatness
Ghostea Nov 2018
I ask my social studies teacher what is life,
he seas it is to serve you country and make a more perfect union
I ask my literature teacher what is life
he does not give me an answer for he is to busy reading
i ask my english teacher what is life
she seas to wright, but within grammatical rules
i ask my art teacher what is life,
she seas to imagine, but don't use pain, don't draw anime or fictional things,
i ask my health teacher what is life
he seas life is to be frome drugs
i don't ask the lunch lady what is life because she thinks the earth is flat
i ask my science teach what is life
and she seas life is about being sucsessfull
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