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Giada Luciano May 2014
your intellect stands ahead of your immaculacy
and your heart of diamond

mindset an enigma, a paradox
i sat in the corner, trying to figure you out

physical appearance not lacking in any way,
magnum opus, james dean.

italic my insides rot with the thought of you belonging to her.

you're my favorite variation of reality
my one and only way out of a feverishly clogged society

i'm afraid i threw the tea into the harbor
i ran away with you in my mind

but when i returned, somewhere between comatose and awake
i saw you, and it was like we'd never met.
Giada Luciano Feb 2014
set me on fire,
inhale every word i might say,

treasure my scars,
and grow fond of how i got them,

i'd die a million times over,
if it meant to have a love like this

don't hide reality from me,
i hate it,
but give me a dose of it daily,
you always know what's best.

love me when my heart's in miami,
or when my clumsy hands intertwine with your artistic ones.

we'll prove them all wrong, babe.
Giada Luciano Feb 2014
i cut the black ribbon that connected our hearts

next day-
i see you here with a ******* your strong arm,
one of my best friends.

you traded whispers in my dads maserati
for chilling on her torn couch

it's ******.

my veins are fried,
frontal lobe is hysteric

instead of crying myself to sleep,
i decide to put on a politician's smile
and swallow my robitussin pride

you tore my ribs open
inhaled my smoky lungs

so i take your weaknesses
and fashion them into insults-
nearly as painful as the ballpoint pen you shoved into my heart

i bet you're telling her the same **** you told me

copy paste
you can't recreate what we had
Giada Luciano Jan 2014
i scrape the bottom of my bucket
to find traces of emotion under my short fingernails

not enough for my on-stage production, however.

i'm merely a robot,
designed to work at maximum efficiency
with no error

but what about emotion?
i ask, mining myself like a forty-niner
they say,
you're too young
what the hell do you need emotions for?

they say they're more trouble than what they're worth

but, i want to feel something
without jeopardizing my efficiency
and how others perceive my efforts

is this curiosity my own?
or, like everything else,
is it a man made sentiment
hidden deep within my membrane?
Giada Luciano Dec 2013
you held me
in what seemed to be my darkest hour
consoling me, rather passionately

as the car radio contradicted
my hysteric tears

you breathed,
"i'm here."

you frowned
at my tear-stained knees
and held me tighter

the vehicle came to a stop-
and as did your masquerade

you left me
with nothing as little as a goodbye
but your shoulder was soon covered
in a mass of curly blonde hair

she looked back at me in my sorrow
and gave me a wink,
"you'll miss him tomorrow."
"i'm sure you're still breaking hearts with the efficiency that only youth can harness."
Giada Luciano Dec 2013
oh, darling
where did you ever go so wrong?
you were the top of the class,

now you're on the ineligibility list
slinking around
with your two o'clock beauty queen

and you've happened to acquire some sort of...
distasteful humor that i don't remember you ever having

just remember this, when you go
i was there in the beginning,
but this film seems to tragic

for me to stay around
and if i do,
i'll enjoy fanning the flames
Giada Luciano Dec 2013
'13 was a war.
several battles one after another,
each increasingly worse
than the one before it

i was laughed at by the corporals
and disgraced by the lieutenants

every loss was the same despair on repeat

somehow, i managed
to dig my dignity out of the bin
and get enough strength

to kick my enemies
in their already bruised shins

they say a new year,
a new chapter,

but for me,
it's a whole new revolution
and i'm in the lead, this time.
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