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georgia 1d
my love,

you didn’t love me like you said you would. i can’t believe my eyes sometimes.
why would you even consider holding someone else?
do they feel like me?
are they better than i ever could be?

i feel hollow, all of a sudden. like an old oak tree. like an empty room.
covered in dust; alone and unloved.

some people are just grey, i suppose. and get intimidated by people who emit immense colour.

they don’t seem to comprehend greatness.
they just look pass it because they don’t understand it.
georgia 3d
i feel as if everything i do
will amount to nothing,
in the end.
why should i even bother with the pain?
georgia Nov 29




(can’t you stay a little longer?)
georgia Nov 29
he was the one,
i think.
and in a blink of the eyes,
he was gone.
oh so suddenly became no one to me.
and i was left in the dirt,
waiting on the old road.
waiting for a ride back home.
georgia Nov 29
cold sheets,
           table top drinks.
makes me think of a better time.

can’t forget the way you look.
wouldn’t want to, anyway.

but why don’t you care?
what did i do?

i adore you,
why is that not enough to make you stay?

please, baby, **** me slowly.
you need to make me feel something.
georgia Nov 29
i thought that driving alone would be a cure.
why do i feel empty inside?
georgia Nov 29
thought about putting a wedding dress on,
maybe then you’d look at me.
all you want is ***, baby, slow down,
we have all the time in the world if you want me.

i don’t know why i put up with you,
you make me feel so low.
and talking to you is like talking to a brick wall,
but i’d never tell you that, because i know you would explode.
and as much as you cause me misery,
i’d never wish the same upon you.

we’re different, babe.
i care for you, and you pretend.
and even though i’d never admit it,
we both know how it’ll end.
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