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i tucked oversized sweaters under my arm
on my way to nostalgia,
where little boys laughed at you for having your jeans unzipped,
where little girls screamed break-up songs until their voices left them.
i pointed which way was west,
which way north,
but i seemed to be falling
              g  south
until some sort of
a t m o s p h e r e
surrounded me,
an atmosphere that offered freedom from the tumor
that formed from within my chest
and i followed it west...
...or was it east?
i was lost in some dystopia
where the one i loved was gone
and the only reason i kept going
was because of her.
she can never replace the one i loved
but she can be pretty **** close sometimes.
her arms were around me once more,
guiding me through the doors that
glowed purple and green,
that would give me supposed liberty.
at the end of the path
was the one i loved,
based on a dream.
For too long they believed
You were static, finite
In time and space,
An inanimate background
To existence, a black canvas
Dotted with stars, awkwardly
Evolving around us.

Forever will I be in ecstasy
Before you, your might
And dynamic motions,
So perfectly tuned as to provide
Humankind with life.
 May 2017 Georgiana S
Ahmad Cox
 May 2017 Georgiana S
Ahmad Cox
Rain drops
Falling in my head
Releasing their
Kinetic flow
As they fly
From my mind
I am free to
Fly from the rain
Fly free from
My trouble
As I float in
The sky I
Know that
Will be fine
As the raindrops
Fall on my head
The rain can be
Nourishing too
After a long draught
A strong rain can be
A good thing
Sometimes we have
To let a little rain
Fall in our lives
To truly get ourselves
Clean and wash
The grime away from the day
A poem about rain
Breathing in one last breath of air.
Laying with a smile painted on my lips.
Humming the melody of my favorite song,
and finally closing my eyes for the last time.

The dark is devouring the light,
keeping the shadows away.
Rain pouring down,
taking away my last flame of life.
The wind with it’s cold touch,
making my whole body shiver.

Looking at the stars
before moving my eyes to the moon.
Reaching after the light I couldn’t have.
The beautiful scenery that lasts a lifetime,
And the last glance I got before leaving.

Never looked at the night sky again.
The final hours before drifting away.
Too dark to see, too pretty to ignore.
Black was my colourful colour.
I look up from the bottom of the lake
To see the stars painted onto the underside of the ice.
Like a canvas, flawlessly decorated by God,
But still a prison.
I tell you
-I love you
They slip out like water down a fall,
flowing off my tongue
Ethereal, safe, calm.

You smile and look down,
I analyze the way your gaze blushes in the distance for just a moment
I analyze if you believed me.
-I’m not sure if I did.

There is something behind these words,
Something I am too afraid to linger on
The vulnerability scares me,
And the subject has changed to lighter, safer, words.
The hardest pill to swallow is knowing
that I did it to myself.
I can try to say that over stated/ cliche line:

"In the end, it was probably
for the best."

but the truth is, that it doesn't help.

My mind cannot help but wander and drift to the thoughts of you.
Your skin illuminated by moonlight.
The way you would hold me close and say goodnight.
The way we laughed and talked about the future.
About how much you were my pride.

I use to find so much peace by the oceanside,
but for the first time in my life I found that same peace
standing right next to me.
You make me feel alive.
My mom said that you were the best for me
because you brought life back to my eyes.

I always hated the city,
but seeing the joy it brought you made me want
to spend every moment I could with you.
The way you would grab my hand and lead me to
all of those special moments that you wanted to share,
and if I could, in a moment I would be right back there.

I took you for granted.

There are no apologies that I could ever pen
to help you to understand how much
I would go back and do everything over again.
I just wish that I could make you see that
you are the only oceanside I need.

If my heart is an anchor, then your heart is the sea;
for my heart longs to be weighed down to yours
for this life and all of
 Dec 2014 Georgiana S
Abdul Fatir
Hither this day as I hold thy wreck
Tears flow from mine eyes surplus
Thought of thy loss gives me an ache
As mine heart pumps life, lifeless

As I stare at thy body, isabelline
I recall when I said, "Thou can go on"
I knew that I was being mean
And in a flick of fate, thou art gone

O how I wish to touch thy strings
To hold in mine hands thy body, alluring
And fly with thy soul, if I had the wings
To listen again to thy melodies, charming

"It's just a guitar," say the angels above
Little do they know, thou art my lost love
 Dec 2014 Georgiana S
Abdul Fatir
I drift lifeless in this weary night
Not cognizant of these dark ways
A tear in my eye blurs my sight
Souvenir of bright, beautiful days

I hear the sound of leaves, dry
Crushed like my life, torn apart
Like a soft, muffled cry
I hear their echo in my heart

I turned around with a firm belief
Of someone in this way unknown
But the sight multiplied my grief
An empty road with a shadow of my own

I looked up at the moon profound
Prepared I was to shout aloud
At this happiness I just found
When she hid behind a chunk of cloud
I stay awake
until 3 AM
willing into reality
the idea of
me and you
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