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Oct 2020 · 63
Your Last Everything
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2020
You came into my world and ignited my thunder.
You are the salt that sweetens my day and the moon that brightens my night.

The fire you ignited burns like a candle and the glow therefrom shakes the rubble in my heart.

Call me by my name and let me unleash the catalogue of emotions I have consecrated for you over the years.

I might not be your first everything, but please let me be your last everything waxing strong in love till fade.
Sep 2020 · 37
Garden Of Eden
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
Please, just the head...
I have waited for this like "Accrued Rights"
Herein I'll spend all my terminal benefits
If you say "No", I will die

My love for you is like the raging sea
So powerful and deep it will forever be. Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain

Please let me into your garden of eden
Let me be your Chef; so I can get down and *****
We are creative and we never get tired
I know this is fire but something must **** a man...
Sep 2020 · 34
Na Dem
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
If love was religion
I would worship you forever
If love was a school
You'll be my core and only course
If love was a song
Be sure the world would be our stage

Since the day you hacked my mind
The bad boy in me got extinguished
I wish I could turn mountains to pebbles
And tell NASA to build you castles in space
I wish I met you before my wife
"No mind dem oh! Na dem!"

If you fall for these true lies
It's either you are a learner
Or you came with a plan a gamer
Before you allow him plug his bluetooth
Be advised: he is just a flirty-flirty He Goat.
Sep 2020 · 34
New Necklace
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
There is a new necklace in town
When it is hidden, it is a treasure
When it is unduly exposed
You can call it a trash
Sadly, adorned on a select few
Who have lost their sense of morality
In a generation worse than Soddom and Gomorra

Should I spot your necklace exposed
I will look as far as my eyes can see
For ages, you made us commit "lookery"
Then graduated to the beautiful art of "touchery"
Which usually crystallises to smooching
Reducing the value of "This New Necklace"

If it is a treasure, cover up
Why pay for it, when it is free?
They come in different shades and sizes
While the perfect sizes are about 45:55 with blazing pointers
Usually located on the upper ventral region
These new necklasses are golden kept sealed

The intention is to ****** the son of man
Tricksters bearing precious ornaments
Dis-oriented homebreakers and seeds of Jezebel
Even if it is not the standard areola size
Give yourself some value and cover up
Because all we see is a worthlessly-worthless  non-entity

Just that you know our truth
Under the spell of palmwine and chilled beers
We talk about your shapes and sizes
Even your ringtone we try to mimick
But we'll never talk about our precious jewel
The one who covered up to conjugality
It's never late to be right my dear
If you've got it, and it is a treasure, cover up...
Sep 2020 · 31
May I?
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
The intention is not to unclad you
With words so soothingly ******
But if I may, as a boy Scout
Whose honour it is to do good
At least one good in a day, Scouts honour

Allow me, just this once to do this
For there is a spider in your bra
May I?
Did I just undress you poetically?
I'm sorry, that's how Poets roll!
Sometimes with obscene words
That just makes you drip...
Sep 2020 · 32
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
The **** heralded a glorious morning
Then the Sun streaked across my room
Still very much in my Adamic nature
It reminded me of your magic wand
The one you wield In Sin City
That amplifies your melodious ringtones

I know you are my everything
Because when I really want anything
I can trust you for all things
Including those very special things
I am glad I aimed at your heart
With a well controlled breathing
Then like a marine, I took my shots
I am glad I did, it was worth all the risk

Even when I am in the other side
I talk about you in my dreams
With fond memories of you and our escapades
My joy is only complete with you by my side
And each time I look into your eyes; I see fire flies
Take my hands and hold me close
Take a deep breathe, close your eyes

Let's swing and dance to something really slow
And do the things we love to do
Of all the ways I love to say "I love you"
"........." is eternally my favourite
Your smile lightens my day as the Sun
And your voice; the oxygen I breathe every day

Beyond racial, tribal, educational and religious lines
I will fight for you my love
And if I perish; I perish
If I come to this world again and again
I will choose you over and over
For you are my last bus stop
You are my life, my everything

How I waited and waited for your manifestation
You are my eyes, my greatest reward
"Obim", I surrender to your love that knows no colour
I can't survive another night without you my love
Come to me my love, come
Let me show you how real men play
For in you lays my generation yet unborn
Sep 2020 · 56
My Last Everything
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
They said everything has a price;
But you are priceless
The Moon only glows at dawn
But your beauty is timeless
How come people age with age;
Yet you are this ageless!

If God created most beauties on a Sunday
Why were you carved on a Monday?
If you existed in the days of Samson
He would not have been entrapped by Delilah
When beauty meets brain
The distinction is academic

I might not have the dexterity of Beyonce
But I will sing you melodies from the heart
If I have only one chance to make it right
You'll be my ride or fly
Before mortal and immotal men I made this oath
That you my Love will be "My Last Everything"
Sep 2020 · 144
I Miss You
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
When you left, I was empty
You took a part of me away
And travelled with it
In my sleep I sway and move
Dancing to the tunes of the flute we play
But the sound is no longer intriguing
Like the times you press the notes

I prayed to the gods for your safe return
Offered sacrifices for favour
You are my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow
Even when your clothing mask your beauty
It still radiates like the stars beautifully tucked above
When I swim in your river of dreams
I get drunk in the desire to swim therein forever

I miss you like Nepa; my Paradise
I cuddle your picture all day long
A perfect definition of insanity I guess
Your absence makes me feel banged up
I just want you by my side now and forever
For a re-union will be worth all the gold in the world
When are you coming back My Paradise?
Sep 2020 · 217
Poets Never Die
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
Poets never die
They live forever
On the pages of our hearts
With lines that resonates with us
They hug you so tight in their lines
And make you forget your past

Poets are Legends
They pierce through stony walls
With words that cuts like a knife
Not with the tongue
But with well conjugated lines
Oozing from the best of minds.

There is a man for every woman
A woman for every man
If there is a gift for all and sundry
Then, there is a poem in everyone
A poem that tells a story
A story or love, lust, hurt, all freely expressed

When I am sad, I think
When I am happy, I smile
If I want to save the memory
All I do is ink it in a poem
And never will it fade away
Memories that will linger till eternity

Poets are romantically romantic
Marry a Poet, you will live longer
They paint the world with words
And make the world a better place
They are masters of eros and seduction
Especially when they run their ink through your sensory receptors

When my time finally comes
I want to smile and die empty
Knowing I changed my world poetically
And to me, this is how to change the world
For even when we die, we never die
Aug 2020 · 32
I'm Sorry, I Can't
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
You touched me here
Touched me there
Then stroked my hair
That is assault;
A pure act of "Konji"

You feel weird within
I know that feeling
You feel high like you are high
But the onus is on me
Because you are under-sixteen

I feel uneasy down below too
Who ever rejects a largesse?
But the law is the law
All I get is a visual massage
Of your holy temple of happiness
But the walls, I'm sorry, I can't...
Aug 2020 · 60
Ocean Of Love
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
I reserve my expertise
Until after dark
Illuminated by the moonlight
And the coast is clear
The perimeter secured

That's when we roll
Not like the death dance
Exhibited by the Crocs
But in sweet melodies
Emanating from sweet rumblings

Come my love, come
Let us swim in the ocean of love
Like the Dolphins of the Atlantic
If I waited till it was ringed
It is to give you a memorable banger

Come my love, come
Let us get lost on a lonely island
And swim with uncanny swagger
Get lost in sensual fantasies
For your sweet musings, is music to my ears
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
When you opted to be my shining light
I doubted you for a second
Doubt, it has ruined many destinies
I guess I was stupid

Prove to me you are legit
And I will go all the way
I relish those moments we shared
Sweet times with indelibly prints

I almost lost you to foolishness
Please read me my rights
The right to remain silent
And thereafter, cast me to your prison of splendour forever
Aug 2020 · 27
I Lost All
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
My mind is clouded with layers of hate
With the deadly accuracy, you feasted on my soul
And turned my heart to your secret stool
Inside your stony heart is a fortress
Buried therein are victims of lust
What a way to loose it all in one bang

In that temple you have buried destinies
In beautiful nightmares you possess and take them to Vegas
Your enclave of no return, where you prey on them all
There I was, a permanent resident and a slave to infatuation
You  laid in wait and made me  weak, vulnerable
In your world, Delilah is a saint, a learner

I lost all, including my sense of reasoning and judgement
I was lost to your intricate maneuvers
My heart still palpitates at the thought of you
In a desolate world desolate with mundane things
I wish I listened to the voice of wisdom
If only I could turn back the hand of time...

A Chameleon you are, though  masqueraded as a saint
Putting on class acts;  outshining Hollywood's finest
For the want of love, I lost my love
Now my heart rages like the tempest sea
I am now clad in a garment with togas of bitterness
Does true agape love really exist in this wicked world?

If I could, I would lock you up in hell
And caste you beneath to yonder place
Thereafter will I protect my heart from your kind
Cold blooded Leach designed to drain
Once upon a time, you were my morning star
Never again will I trade love for lust.
Aug 2020 · 31
Breast Of Wisdom
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
From your breast of wisdom did I ****
And wisdom enveloped me
My life shone line a million stars
You must really be favoured by the gods

Until I got lost in your world
Proverbs 18:22 was a mystery
Dymystified by the "Twins"
Surely, the blessings beclouds mother-infant bonding

I used to create my own happiness
Until I met you, perfectly imperfect
To perfect my imperfections
The gods must be happy with me
Aug 2020 · 48
I'm Sorry
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
You might be God's will for me
And not be His perfect will?
You might really love me?
And not be in love with me?

Love can be very sweet
But marriage will open your eyes
If love was enough to get married
Why compatibility checks?

Thank you for the glorious time we shared
They were awesome and magical
I wish I could wish us through
But I'm sorry, my heart belongs to another.
Aug 2020 · 31
How Did We Miss It?
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
As I made to rest in the morning sun
I picked up your scent like a Fox
And it took me back to memory lane
The days when we laughed and played
The sneaky times in that brown suede mini shorts

How I marveled at your stupendous  beauty
Hidden in a mortal frame fit for Angel's
Those days I walked to Big Mama
I prolonged my calls to feel your breathe
It cost me shekels but I didn't mind
It meant nothing to what your sight presents

I wish I could say it all in a poem
Maybe I could do it in a song like Solomon
She was attractively tall and dignified
I looked to evenings to behold her presence
She was young, naive and a beauty to behold
How did we miss it?

She spread her wings and made to fly
I wish I could stop her to stay for a while
But she was ripe and ready to glide
So, I let her sail to a destination unknown
Bed undefiled, we kept our faith
Until she hid and peeped from her nets
Her bethrotal she kept in her Crest
A sign we loved each other but were not In love...
Aug 2020 · 49
"Amotekun Dee"
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
A Poem: "Amotekun Dee"

"Kere oh, Omode gbo. T'agba gbo"
"Oba ni kin wi fun yin oh!"
"Amotekun deeeeeeeee"
"Eyin omo Odua, ee gbo mi bi?"
"Irorun de, omi tun tun wo lu"
"Eyin temi aji lala osho. Eyin Omo okun Esin"
"Won ma sare kabakaba"
"Mo wi re, tabitha mi o wi re?"
"Amotekun deeeeeee"

We will block the gap and protect all and sundry
We'll patrol with Eagle eyes
It shall be "No nonsense here" in our region
With robust intelligence gathering and network
And we will proceed with extreme caution
Within the ambits of the law shall we operate
There shall be no sleep for the wicked

Peace, it has long eluded our lands
We have been invaded by uncircumcised Philistines
But not anymore, "O to geeee"
Who else knows our terrain better than our locals
You got a pass mark my Governors
And I am proud to be "Ofe mmanu""
"Ejo, ema je wo ni owo osu oh!"
Lest they begin to see friends as foes

"Amotekun de...Oju eje...."
"Iyalaya gbogbo won"
"Koni kaluku di omo Iya re mu.."
"A ko fosi rara nile Odua"
"Awi fun won ti ti, won jo gbo"
Odua a gbewa ooo.
"Oya, awon daaa? Gbefunwon kososhi"
Why carry guns when we can enchant them?
We have been pushed to the wall
Our hands on the plough, no going back

"This one no be se re se re"
"Omoluabi is a talk and do"
We stoop and let them trample on us"
Little do they know we are fooling the fools
Those who thinks they are fooling us
Watch it, we can be cunning and deceitful
But when it comes to our collective goal
The bond that binds us strong
And our walls, a mighty  fortress

In a nutshell, "Ki eku ile gbo o"
"Ko si so fun to ojo oh"
We are regional and not tribal
We will listen before we judge
We will treat all fairly as our ancestors did
We will not allow the "Cobra Effect" permeate Amotekun

This, we all know, is peace at last!
Passing Amotekun bill is a legislative masterstroke
For all who saw this to fruition
May "Eledumare" grant you all your "positive" heart desires
"Mo wi re, tabi mi o wi re bi"
Amotekun deeee"
Aug 2020 · 19
Lost Continent
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
Divided by philosophical walls
Torn by the dictates of tradition
Schooled in the art of tribalism and hate
Tell me, who are we?

Lacerated and mutilated by all
They play God like death is a charade
Lustitia's scale of justice have they adjusted to sing their songs
That her double-edged sword can no longer cut

I die and wake up in a lost continent
So rich, yet so poor surviving on aids
Now I see why Jesus wept before he left
What a shame the king has lost his screptre

Quit the noise and be the voice
I dont have a gun but I have guts
Neither the fame but faith
That one day, truly we shall overcome

Know ye not that your sins are sacrilegious?
Soon, you will approach seeking our votes
Our scales are fallen and we are liberated
This power shall we wield rightly this time

Stop the killings, black lives matters
They move around with reckless swagger
Thye decimate my people, designed to sprout
Glorious destinies gone too soon

I am just a Poet whose pen bleeds
Don't say I didn't try to warn you
If only you know the power within you
You'll raise a voice and make a mark
Aug 2020 · 30
You Were My Fine Wine
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
Surviving you has armed me with bravely
Now I see you for who you truly are
Even Snakes shed their skin
But a Leopard can never change her skin

I deserve all you did to me
For every tears you made me shed
The sleepless nights turned insomnia
I should never have trusted you

Your professions sounded angelic
You were a rarity, a gifted wordite
Who has mastered the art of deception
So sad, all was foundated on a plate of lies

You were my very fine wine
Made from the purest of grapes
But once I was blind; and now I can see
I pray to Zeus, maybe someday, love will find me.
Aug 2020 · 22
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
I am glad I mended fences
I am glad I took the kneel
After years of ego centrism
Basking in one useless pride
That which lasted far too long
I finally got the nerve to cower
I said I am sorry; flat out...

How I felt to responsible for my irresponsibilities
Which should never be documented
How I feel so peaceful at heart
Peace, it long evaded my enclave
But I heard the words from a sage
"It is never too late to be right"
Let go everything, please let go

Seek peace and your heavens will open
You've been around that hill long enough
Holding on places a wedge on your prayers
"As we forgive those, who trespass against us"
Sometimes it is not your fault
Just say sorry and mean it
I see a new you emerging afterwards
Just say "Sorry..."
Aug 2020 · 28
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
You brought joy to my soul
and lightened my darkened heart.
I just want to love you forever and re-write our history books and its negative narrations.

You are a power packed woman,
curvateously endowed in the right
proportions; in the right places with the
moves of a jungle cat.

In the eyes of our Creator, we are all
"Nwadiala". Anyone who calls another "Osu" is but a terrorist. Don't we all have red blood flowing through our veins?

My love for you transcends tribal or
religious lines. If I found love beyond the boaders of my village, why not? With our union, we break the chains of "Osu" and live as freeborns.

You are not just my heaven on earth, you are my still waters. You are the stream that flows in my heart, the sound that oozes from my flute.

When your father walks you through the aisle, I will be at the other end with a smile, to walk to from thence into bliss. For us, it shall be for better for best, till death do us part.
Aug 2020 · 29
How Many Did You Read
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
It is not my thing to hit them where it hurts.
Should we desire to make their corpse walk, they will have a nice night, just the way it is. How we so trusted like a fox. But why pick me, in a vain shadow? You  sucker punch.

Are you now the wary transgressors, on a mission to venice? Things men do. When you cross the line; you have but a short time to live and it is no business of mine. It could be karma knocking at your door, fix it if you can.

I'll get you for this, even it I turn the last page. But you never know with women. Sometimes it is strictly for cash, but figure it out for yourself. But sometimes, you are safer dead. Those creatures, they are the smartest of all. Tell them I told you.

Is it true that you are lonely when you’re dead? Or the guilty are afraid? Maybe in a coffin from Hong Kong. Stay strong, come easy, go easy even if you are on a mission to Sienna.

The way the cookie crumbles, I would rather stay poor. Tell it to the Birds and have this one on me. Want to stay alive? Don't be fooled my blood, an ear to the ground always, especially when there is a Hipie on the highway

The Vulture Is a Patient Bird, waiting at eve, to devour the flesh of the orchid, just like our  "politrick-cians". They make the fast buck; then they double shuffle. We cower and say "I'll bury my dead" even when this leaves like a hole in the head.

When you hold a Tiger by the tail. You've Got It Coming and there's always a price tag, because you are just another sucker. Know that I've got an ace up my sleeve, it is the joker in the park. It is just a matter of time.

You have mastered hit and run. Do me a favour, drop dead for my laugh comes last. That's when you'll know I hold the four Aces. Consider yourself dead, in a can of worms. Did I hear...Oh yes!, you can say that Again.

Even though it is not my thing; hit them where it hurts. I can make the corpse walk. It's like a paw in the bottle. Amazing things men do. Believe this, believe everything because only the guilty are afraid.

Knock, knock! Who's there? So what happens to me? You're dead without money. But a  Goldfish has no hiding place. I can have a change of scene. With the world in your pocket, you have yourself a deal. So, ship in or shape out. At this juncture, i quit lamentations. I am on a mission to succeed. So, how many did you read?
Aug 2020 · 35
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
My light, my shining armour
My joy, the king of my jungle
In whose hands I burn like fire
My "Numero uno" Alpha Male
"Guy, I love you scatter"
"You see all these package, na you get am"
"No shelempa for you"

You turned me on, got me confused
Then you slowly pulled back and watched me
As I fell from the skies into your broad arms
Deliberately I delayed the kiss I earnestly yearned for
Because I wanted you to be my last everything
You sure didn't disappoint Sugar

My smootchie smootchie cutie pie
My Tarzan with whom I always feel secured
Our love cannot be separated by distance nor time
Neighte can race, tribe or religion stop our union
Because when I found you, I found me
I love you honey bunny, Kitty Cat

I caught the love bug when we first met
I'll tell the world about my Braveheart
My Merlin, My Super Hero and Tarzan
I bless you with the blessings of the breast
In blessings, you will be blessed and favoured
With me in your boat, it shall be liftings and testimonies galore

When I fall, I fall and love "yakata"
Just press my "Mumu button" and I'm yours
But you've got to do the needful My Love
Oh! How they mocked and laughed
And while they mocked I prayed like Hannah
Just one second to my shame You "Agbanilagbatan" showed up

My creamy yummy, milky shaky
My melting mozzarella and "tasansan tantalizers"
My king, my world, my everything
Forever I'll be your "Odozi-Oriaku"
Your one and only  "Asa Nwa", the  mother of your unborn children
I bless heavens the day our paths crossed
Becauss of a truth, "Chimamanda"
Aug 2020 · 34
Pleasures Of Vanity
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
You didn't respond to my calls
So I decided to invoke you in a poem
Now and forever, my soul yearns for your presence
I tried to stay afloat, glaring at your pictures
But this got me more sorrows
For my bed is lonely without you

Sometimes I pretend you are here
And hug my pillow so tight to feel your warmth
Only to find myself on an island called yesterday
Alone, lonely and missing your  presence
I just realised I have lost a diamond
While chasing after pleasures of vanity

Now I am left with memories
Your sweet smiles and laughter at the other end
How I so long to hear your voice at the other side
All I needed was just your "Hello" to start my day
And that sweet voice to draw the curtains at night
But now, all those are memories traded for vanity

Please don't break up with me
You know I love and adore you so much
Do you really have to go My Love?"
I wrote my best lines in your arms
Climbed my greatest heights with you in the picture
Without you I am a non-entity
All I ask, now and forever, please forgive me...
Aug 2020 · 41
Battle Of Survival
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
I tried to free myself
From the clutches of your grasps
The more I tried, the more entangled I become
But I won't stop, not now
Not tomorrow, not forever

Theory of evolution easily comes to mind
Kudos to Charles Darwin
The ultimate battle of survival
How I was so held aback
In the prison of your  creation
How I worshiped and adored you
Until honour turned slavery

For years I was under your spell
Enchanted by your lines and word play
If all things were made by HIM
One day I will sprout, fully liberated
Henceforth; I shall open my eyes and sense
Receive grace and be free
Aug 2020 · 26
Let Go
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
I am not a Crow
I don't hold grudges
Intelligent birds that never forgets
I have no bones to pick
If I were a Buffallo
I would trample you to death
But I am not, "We move"
If you are still keeping that hurt
The you must be a Polar Bear

Let go, let God Buddy
Only animals revenge
Vengeance is Gods'
Build bridges not walls
You can scold them in the morning
They'll still be friends in the evenings
How I so love Dogs, mans best friend

If you forget everything my friend
Don't try getting in the bad book of crows
"Really, e get why"
There are crows everywhere
With unforgiving, unfamiliar scents
Thoug forgiveness can be instatenous
You see choosing to forget, it's a choice
But, let go and be healed...
Aug 2020 · 36
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
A Poem: Time

Why fret over what is certain?
All we ask is grace to complete the task
So like the Master, we may die empty
And boldly declare at last, "It is finished"

If Christ my Redeemer tarries
I will run my cause with a degree of assurance
That someday you all will remember me
For all I contributed to planet earth

Until my poems are translated into foreign languages
Until my books become a reference for liberation
Until my life becomes a  example worth emulating
Continually will I spread the word of hope

I can see beyond your facials
Seek strength in the face of adversity and hurts
Hang on my friend, all you need is true faith
Change your thinking, strive to live, not survive

One day people will gather on you
Whilst your mortal frame is cast down below
What will be said of you? So live right
For wei all know our D.O.B., none their D.O.D.

When I am long gone to the great divide
My poems will still give you those tingling sensation
My books, surely will still spur you to greater heights
Just because I choose to live, not survive

Quit the lamentations and get a life
Find a game you cannot live without and win
The end will always justify the means
For if you die without legacies, you die empty

Today is a present, tomorrow; a gift
But for grace, none is certain of tomorrow
It's time to do what you have always loved
Because you never can tell when the time cometh
Jul 2020 · 205
Dear God
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Dear God
The Genesis of our problems
Lays in the Exodus of our morals
If we can come together like the Corinthians
With psalms and hymns like David
In the end, we will celebrate like Esther
And also jubilate like Job

After the fall of the First Adam
It had been Chronicled in "The Book"
That our Lamentations will be grave
Just like that of Brother Job
Oh Lord! Please send us "An Isaiah", a Moses
Lead us and cleanse our land Mark, Mathew, Luke and John, please pray for us

We are mystified by these plagues
With the semblance of Revelation chapter 18
Teach us to Number our days oh Lord!
In longevity and peace as promised in Deuteronomy
Judge us not for our sins
Spare us like you did Rahab in the book of Joshua
For we are to you what Ruth was to Naomi

Soon, the King will hear our cries
Swallow up our challenges as the fish to Jonah
Streghten our faith to trust like Daniel
As we contest for the faith of our fathers
We shall bow our kneels like James
That we may all win like the Isrealites...
Jul 2020 · 32
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
How your kiss makes me droll
Making me desirous to loosing my virginity
Too much emotion wrapped in one act
Passionate; deeply, sensual and ******
Just close your eyes; don't go too fast...

Kiss your partner like your life depends on it
Each time your tongues locks; just lock it down
Make sure nothing else matters in the world
When you feel the adrenaline
Wanting to make you quiver
That's the time to French roll it

On a ruby red lips calories are burnt
Seven times a day should you constantly kiss
If you think I look agelessly ageless
With a superb immune system
It's because I am intentional

With a breathe of fresh air
Your nerve cells are stimulated
By this you take in more protein, salt
Water and even bacteria (true)
But it's all worth it. No doubt a natural therapy
Couples who kiss more love and live longer

When your lips are fully locked and loaded
Your happy hormones are activated
Self-esteem restored with joys
Nothing else matters, kissing is sweater than ***
"If you know, you know"

You don't really have to go all the way
Especially when you don't have to
Master the beautiful act of kissing
And your life will never be the same again
So, next time, start with a kiss
A very deep kiss. Sadly, I'm just a Coach.
Jul 2020 · 33
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
He made the man the strongest of all
To till the ground and eat therefrom
He made the man wiser than the wisest
But he made a woman to wipe his tears

In heaven He made us all in His image
Promised protection from noisome pestilence
But asked that we always seek wisdom
Some of these hidden between her pout *******

He gave us peace that passeth all understanding
Joy eternal that flows from the top
And when a house is as peaceful as the stream
Not too faraway is a woman wiser than Solomon

For ages past, they've been suppressed and silenced
But this narrative is fast changing in our world
When you do find your cause, run with it
A world without women is not worth living

If all you've got as a woman is your cooking skills
Or a PH.d. In the beautiful art of procreation
You are a disgrace to feminity at large
A waste of the human resource called "Woman"

In my quest towards excellence in life and ministry
I have met principalities and powers adorned in Angelic apparels
****** from their breast of wisdom and intelligence
In honour therefore, I pen this to all the women in the world.
Jul 2020 · 435
I Prayed You In
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
You came into my life
And wipped away my tears
For your glory always overshadows weaknesses
Baby, I am not scared to do this
You are the one; the special one...

I believe in your Smiles that melts a rock
You are the one I have been waiting for
Somewhere along the line, I lost love
Just when I was about giving up, love found me
This makes me believe in miracles

There is a Queen for every King
And a King for every Queen
If every King needs a Prophet
Every General needs a Lieutenant
Then every soul needs a soulmate
That's why I prayed you in...
Jul 2020 · 29
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
When I am tucked within your arms
I feel like I am sleeping under the stars
When you cover me in your mammary glands
I get inspired to be rule my world

When you give me a forehead
All my challenges fades away like vapour
When you look into my eyes
I die, then I wake up

I have known beauty in diverse shades
I have seen mermaids sparkle in human form
But when our path crossed
I understood why you are called "God's perfect creation"
An embodiment of beauty and grace...
Jul 2020 · 33
Goodnight Iya Jogbo
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Good night to the Queen of our Airwaves
If you have not died before
You'll never know how death feels
Good night Iya Jogbo
Flanked by Obus and Wale
You made our day pleasant

Truth, we were born to die
But in your unique voice
That echoes till eternity
You live forever
Only a handful attained legendary position. You did!
And your kind comes one in ten million

Evergreen will you be in our hearts
With your special kind of brand
You are the sauce in the Max Stew
A rare gem with a locally scintilating voice

The world will miss your golden voice
Thank you for the time with you
Now that you have boarded finally
May the heavens be kind to you
For in you we found inspiration
A reason to live...
Jul 2020 · 34
Legends Of The Zanga
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
******* is our heritage
It is our culture and tradition
You loose your culture, you loose yourself
Is there any juice sweeter than "Bobby"
Not even cold stone ice cream with waffles

Even if nothing comes out of it
We like it like that; a natural curative
Kissing without ******* is like a bee without honey
If you master this act my friend
You'll never need to ask thereafter

It's not like your natural orange
You  need to handle with care and caution
Add some vanilla or chocolate
Men! Your life will never be the same
Terms and conditions applies though
Else, "Na Panti you go find yourself"

You see those finely carved *****
They are like the gateway to paradise
They come in different shades and sizes
If you have tried the round, east west or tear drop
Narrow, asymmetric or bell shape
You are a true legend of the Zanga

With a tendency to reduce breast lumps
And also the chances of cancer
What about aiding blood flow and smooth skin?
This brings the real you and aids cross-
And stress hormones are destroyed, naturally

Tickle the hyper-sensitive nerve endings
It can trigger the heartbeats to 110 beats per minute
The milk is a natural therapy for cancer
And can restore the immune system and the likes
Do it right; who knows maybe you can be lucky afterwards
That she may allow you advance further north
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Her piety did not scare death
She lived ready, protecting our nation
Why are real heroes falling?
Indeed, "all other grounds are sinking sands"
From dust to dust you are laid today
Your body interned to mother earth
But your soul lingers till eternity

Thank you "Chukwu" for Tolulope
She came and made her mark
Wrote her name in our fabric as a nation
Soldiers never die, they translate
She has gone for a higher calling
She already resumed in heaven
Welcomed by Angels, sitted by her Creator

To our leaders in all spheres
Military burial for our hero past isn't enough
Bury all seed of nepotism
Tribalism, terrorism and banditory
My people, my state, let it go
Now, let it go I preach poetically!
We must be nationalistic in all things
If we hope to move forward as a nation

And you reading this piece
What shall men say when you depart?
What will be written on your epitaph?
What are you doing for your nation?
So we don't have to lie?
You only survive if all you think is your family?
Live and let live, that others may live
"My own, your own", please let it go

Good night our national hero Tolulope Aritile
Good might Nigeria's first helicopter pilot
Good night to a mentor to so many
Thank you "The Arotiles", God bless that womb
Thank you to the CDS, CAS, CNS, Presidency
Of a truth, no child is better than the other
At least, Tolu proved it with her daring acts
Following the path of least resistance.
Jul 2020 · 36
I Am Wired For You
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
I'll cling to my pillow all night long
Just to have a feel of you forever
I'll hang multiple mirrors around the house
If it will make me see your images everyday

You see that favourite perfume of yours
I'll buy it off all stores in the world
So I never have to forget how you smell
Your breathe, a breathe of fresh air

Your touch, magical yet mesmerizing
I try to fight it each time we hug
But that feeling seems everly hypnotizing
That I never want to let go
Can't you see I'm wired for you?

I'm in love with you my heartbeat
You take me higher and lighten my fire
And I can't wait to do life with you
Tell me, pinky secret, do you love me too?
Jul 2020 · 38
Pray For Nigeria
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Do you want corruption eradicated?
We need to wake up from this dream called "Niger Company Limited"
Else corruption will fester unabated
With accusations and counter accusations
Today, like yesterday, they tried to bridle the horse
That this also may be swept under the rug
"Na padi padi Government we dey"
Rest in peace to the fight against corruption in "Naija"

This is now a charade, a national comic
With mind shattering evidences rendered
We still found ourselves here, but why?
Of a truth my kinsmen, "There was a country"
These dis-honourable honourable already  shared the country for themselves
Here them shouting "It's okay, it's okay. What is okay, please?
All these drama kings and fainting thieves
"Kpomkpi, una time go reach. Cell na turn by turn"

They fed on our Niger Delta and polluted our lands
Subjected my people to extreme poverty and hardships  
Left our children stranded in white man's lands
Watch, they will soon retreat to a "Closed door" in a bid to sell us a dummy
Sometimes I crave for a Ghadafi to sanitise our lands
I think we will just be better of if we are re-colonised
The mud is thrown up and now it will stick
What a master stroke from a student of Robert Greene

Today is a sad day in this animal kingdom we call "A country"
The screen play today is epic and deserves an oscar
When they eat our yams they are healthy
When it is time for accountability they feign sickness
As I play and recall the scenes of today in my head
I fear for this generation and the one to come
Before you retire tonight, please say a prayer for Nigeria
Because from the beginning, it was not so...
Jul 2020 · 27
Please, Marry Me
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
We charted the cause like Sailsmen
Until we both reached a crescendo
We increased the tempo gradually
Until we graduated with honours
And when I heard the ringtone "Ewooo...."
I felt larger than life...

When I look at your "T" Zone
I get enchanted with the oil
As they flow from north to South
Filtering to the west then east
Giving your "Visage" an Angellc appearance
You see this one, "We die there"

I found me, when I found you
I found peace when you said "Yes"
Forget about the past "Ma Cheri"
Let's focus on our glorious future
And re-write this story abinitio
My part have I chosen in love
So, on bended kneels I ask, please, marry me!
Jul 2020 · 27
Now That We Are Here
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
I found a diamond
Far away in the East
As beautiful as the descendants of job
Fair as the Maidens of Mallorca

I found me a Damsel
She glows at dusk and shines at dawn
With her big seductive eyes under finely carved brows
She is your definition of "Asa Mpete Nwan"

You are the rope that holds my heart
For all the costliest ornaments world over
Adorned with dusts of diamond
I will never trade you for all of those

Together we will grow and glow in eternal love
I can feel you smiling and giggling right now
The feeling is mutual "My Heartbeat"
Now that we are here, can we tell the world?
Jul 2020 · 167
Love Is Patient
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
She is my vitality
You make me perform at full capacity
You help me relate with the inner me
You alone are my black magic
But most of all, my dearest

I love it when you wash my head
It makes me feel larger than life
As it awakens my nerves
And spur me to greater heights
To achieve feats that have long eluded me

You are my good luck charm
If you like call it "Cobnomi"
True love is stronger than death
Little wonder it took just three seconds
And in three, I fell in love

You are the illuminant to my shadows
The painkiller to all my sorrows
I will watch and wait earnestly
Until you say "Yes" my love
Not even tribe or religion can separate us
Afterall, true love is patient
Jul 2020 · 27
I Still Love You
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
I take full responsibility
It was not the devil but I
I was driven by raw emotions
Spiced with untamed desires
Laced with
I was virile and hot blooded
Then I was led into the shadows

I know your trust is broken
Who even takes a broken calabash to the stream?
I might be a misfit for you now
But remember our glorious moments
Promises left unkept, dreams unfulfilled
How a one night stand can erase a lot
Memories now tainted by one inglorious adventure

I wish you will subscribe to revenge
And give us a second chance
But you are not God, the God of second chance
My life is empty without you
I lost my pride and dignity
The moment I laid with another
For all it is worth, I still love you
Please come back, please!
Jul 2020 · 41
Be Wise
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
They have a mouth with sharp teeths
When opportunity presents itself
They tear you like a Sea Lion
When they open their mouths
Therefrom comes blessings and curses
You chose what you get
Don't say I didn't warn you

They have intimidating personas
They are soft touch, yet so powerful
They are extra ordinary species
Crafted by the greatest Porter
From the best of clays ever moulded
My best advise to you, by all means is:
Don't cross their path, things can change very fast

If you say they are weaker vessels
Why do they dominate the management airspace?
Countries managed by them scored A+ in Covid management
They are fast gaining economic powers
They just need to understand how to use this power
So as to maximise their potentials

I would rather stoop to conquer
Allign with them to un-learn, learn and re-learn
That I may learn wisdom of the ages
And **** from their breast of knowledge
The milk of wisdom, knowledge and patience

They are enigmas with unpredictable odysseys
Great connoisseurs in matters of rare importance
Yet when she says "I'll show you..."
You are doomed already; seek peace at all cost
But behind their veiled expressions, a heart of gold
When you meet a pantheon of them, they are deities
Seek blessings, espexially as you plant your head "between their betweens"

It is for a reason that David fell for their charm
Samson lost his ministry to a Delilah
Solomon understood this with 700 concubines
If you listen beyond your over-bloated ego
You will understand why we are the head
And they are the neck, that controls the head
Be wise, change your narratives and stop the stereotypes
Jul 2020 · 42
Ahead, Ahead
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
You turned the page
I burnt the book
No skin pain
Ahead, ahead!

You stopped the calls
I blocked your cell
Now you asked why
Why ask why?

Before you pull the plug
Think! Think and think
I knew your plans were devious
I just flowed with the flow

Again, before you fire fresh shots
Proceed with caution
For surely they will ricochet
And second chance is a luxury
Jul 2020 · 21
We Desecrated Our Altars
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
We desecrated our altars
Violated our bodies and soul
And sought atonement with  accursed tongues

****** has became a norm
As paedophiles and rapists throng our streets
And then our gods kept mute, silent

We turned our land to ***** and Gomorrah
Are there not ten worthy in our universe?
That YOU may stop this plague? My Lord?

We are sorry, sober and repentant
Therefore, we invoke 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7 verse 14
Please, heal our land of this plague of Covid 19

Today, our mouths has been gagged by a mask
What a way to humble our pride and irreverence
What a way to bow and return to Your Majesty
Jul 2020 · 28
But You Lied To Me
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Our journey, a best seller
Our walk, a movie thriller
Our love; eternal
But you lied to me
Yes, you lied to me...

You promised not to fall in love
But each time you stare
I see a glow in your eyes
A desire beyond platonic
Subtly, I prayed you'll say the words

I'm sorry I lied too
When I said "don't fall for me"
I was already lost in you
I knew I was vulnerable
So, I built a wall around me
Culled from the play girl's book

I might have lost you to stereotypes
But it's time to change the narratives
If you are really in love
Just say the words my dear
It's called "Shooting your shot"
Jul 2020 · 33
No More "Uhuru"
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
They ride on celestial chariots
Belonging to "Class Untouchables"
They move with audacious swagger
So powerful, yet culpable
We all admited their courage and zest
But wait! If Naija is not a joke
How can a Parrot arrest the mighty Eagle?

The Eagle is quick to label
Especially when a match stick is missing
Now that the vault is desecrated
Where are the labels that shows it all
Crime, case connected to, and scene of crime?
This, surely, is a sacrilege

Let's see where this pendulum swings
That we play not judge, jury and executioner
If the Parrot can arrest the Eagle
And the hunter is becoming the hunted
Does it mean Elephants can fly in our Nation?
Or a victory for democracy?

We say no to hunger strike
Lest they play the ulcer card
And then apply for medical attention
Hunger strike, while some are held without trial
"Na here we go judge the matter"
Lesson learnt, none is greater than the law

Many a people fast compulsorily
Not because we are religious or spiritual
But for lack of what to eat
Yet you **** our economy with impunity
You have looted our looted funds
So, it's no more "Uhuru" as "Aluta continua"
And surely, "Victoria ascerta"
Jul 2020 · 37
Behind My Smiles
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
With you still trapped inside of me
I can't let go, my whole life is a mess
If I am unworthy of your love
Tell me, who is?
When you said the words
My whole life crumbled

You were class act in your world
I was your puppet, was I not your world?
I hope I'll be alright, though I doubt
You already are deep into my fabric
Now the world knows your name
Where do I start from? Where?

Behind my smiles are broken promises
I was laid and used by a gamer
A master of deception and manipulations
But don't cry for me, I'll carry my cross
For her, I lost my friends and family
Who knows if love will ever come again

The treasure you seek will fade away
The six packs you treasure will wear out
Even the ornaments will be out-fashioned
Then, I would have come on stage from the rumbles
You will come back looking for me
But I will be long gone and happily married...
Jul 2020 · 29
The Story Of My Love
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Amazing voice, beautiful soul
I get goose pimples on your vocals
You are my finest accomplishment with intriguing attributes
I get chills each time you hulla
For you are amazingly beautiful, in and out
If this is not love, what is?

Wrap me forever in your arms
In those gorgeous contours and alluring magnets
And let us swim in the ocean of love for life
I feel safe always in your warn and secured shoulders
Even when the rain drops
You give a cover like no other
Indeed, true love is beautiful

Let's put up a stunning performance in a duet
That will erase the best duets ever made
And bring forth beautiful children
In a union made in heaven and consummated on earth
You are my song; yet unsung
My book yet unwritten with amazing chapters

Whenever I am down and out
I just relive and playback our memories
And suddenly; the spark in my eyes light up
You are my Butterfly, my Heroine
For all my books yet written and unwritten
Poems penned and yet un-inked
Today and always, I dedicate all to you

Dynamically phenomenal and fabulous
Intelligently intelligent and sassy
So beautiful as the morning star
Homely, down to earth and vivacious
This is the story of my love
The missing part of my puzzle
Jul 2020 · 41
Bring Back My Love
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Yesterday you swore by the rains
As you advanced with unfettered access
Lashing into my sweet something
Yesterday you promised life
You even swore by lighting
Those were not wishful thinking
They were promises, sealed with an oath

Yesterday we planned tomorrow
A tomorrow filled with aspirations
You stroked my Indian curls in style
Wiped off my coco Chanel make up with your kisses
All but one deemed me lucky
But deep inside, infactuated was I
I was in love with a gamer

How so quickly things fell apart
I was your world, was I not your Moon?
Severely, tempted I was to violate the oath
But each time it rains, just as it is now
I remember your solemn vows
This, the only reason I kept strong
But then, you drift constantly like a boat

You were my last good nights
And my first good mornings
I still hold the memories of our first time
And this makes me giggle and smile
Just that you know my love
I still love you and want you close
I pray to the rains with which you pledged
Bring back my love...
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Revolving around the earth
Age long mystery secretly guided
In mother nature they blossom

The rising and setting of the Sun
Big and far away from our earth
And then, the slow passage of the day

How enormous then is the Moon?
Why then are the stars so small?
Yet, it brightens and  illuminates our world

Why do the Sun always rise in the east, sets west?
Must the Moon and the Stars tow the same fate?
Questions these are.

HE knew thee before he planted you on earth
Just like the Sun, Moon and Stars
You too will soon become a brand

There is a reason for this season
Be tenacious, bold and work it out in faith
Maybe one day, you too will shine like the Stars
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