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Feb 2020 · 77
random thought #2
Evelyn Hyde Feb 2020
You're so shy.
And sweet
and you actually care for me
We have a "spark"
and I'm glad we met.
update: my first bf cheated on me twice so i am writing this about my tolo date :0
Nov 2019 · 119
random thought #1 ❤️
Evelyn Hyde Nov 2019
I should be running.
Not running for exercise
but running to you
to your house
so I can knock on your window
and cuddle with you
until the sun rises.
yes this is what i think about alot lol
Oct 2019 · 89
my first
Evelyn Hyde Oct 2019
butterflies on every inch of my body
making sparks fly
holding the whole world in his hands
"I love you" with every touch
so gentle but rough at the same time
sweet kisses placed
on my lips
my neck
my chest
down my stomach
and finally
letting go
i dont even know what this is but aahhh
Oct 2019 · 112
Lost Boy
Evelyn Hyde Oct 2019
Be there in the moment
as she gives you the look,
that you'll remember forever
as when love overtook,
the time you first held my hand
or first kissed my lips,
to the time we will first disagree
but I'll still love you to bits.

The time I don't have to tell hundreds
on what we have just done
because I wanna share this moment
with just one.

The time I'll sell my TV
to buy a ring
for the girl of my dreams
who is now the real thing.
When we start a family
and the moment when
we first hold a child
and get to fall in love again,
and the times we stay up
at night and all we want is rest.

The time we wipe away the tears
as our baby flees the nest,
the time our baby returns
for a boy for us to hold,
the time he calls me granddad
and makes us feel real old.
The time we take in
what all we have made
just by giving each other attention
and for my feelings, I finally gave up a confession.

The time I'll hold you hand,
and sit down beside your bed,
tell you that I love you
and lay a kiss on your head,
whisper to each other quietly
as our hearts give one final beat
that you were lucky that you were stopped
by that lost boy in that seat.
My boyfriend sent me this over e-mail and just nearly sobbed. We first met when he was late to class and sat next to me, hence "the lost boy in that seat" part.
Oct 2019 · 106
Just A Small Spark
Evelyn Hyde Oct 2019
It was dark.
I was alone
my flame was put out
by my tears of heartbreak
and loneliness
and the wounds
that won't heal.

I was afraid.
I was afraid to open up
to people
for I made
too many mistakes
because I fell
in love.

Countless times
I fell to the ground
no one there
to pick me up
or help me heal.
No one there
to dry my tears
or whisper kind words
to my aching soul.

For love
and looking
and all the wrong places.
Getting used
and lied to
over and
over again.

A single speck
of light
came into my life
and serene.
Closer and closer
the speck became
another flame as dim as mine.

We stared
face to face
talking without sound
but understanding everything.
We stood far
but were as close
as the next breath.

He reached out
with his hand
and ever so gently
lifting my off my feet
and letting me soar.

He lit my flame again
with just a small spark.
This poem is really personal so hopefully it is good enough for the public eye haha.
Oct 2019 · 113
I Was Raised By Love
Evelyn Hyde Oct 2019
I was raised by my grandma
with her
“Sit up straight”
homemade everything
crocheted blankets in every room
dancing in the kitchen to sinatra
hot cocoa and graham crackers
before bed
type of love.

I was raised by my father
with his
Military service for years
hard work and grit
consequences and punishments
and harsh words
but with an edge of gentleness and kindness
and his odd way of saying “I care for you”
type of love.

I was raised by my uncle
with his
funny jokes
many cars in his driveway
that he works on
“Go play with your cousin and
lemme drink my coffee”
type of love.

I was raised by my friends
and their
“I love you too, ya’ crazy”
inside jokes
“If you hurt her, I’ll hurt you”
emotional support
cry together when times are rough
type of love.

I was raised by my family
whom I was born with
and whom I chose to be my family

— The End —