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Gemini Baker Dec 2014
I see the stars,
and among them,
I see you
Gemini Baker Feb 2013
I don't know how to write a poem
This is the best I can do
I don't know rhymes nor fancy words
I just think and write
And sometimes I don't even think

My words may not make any sense
But they do in my head
And I guess that's all that matters
That I understand my own words
a confession
Gemini Baker Feb 2013
His eyes just like mine
Stare into my eyes

Unspoken words
Hidden tears

Although not said,
All is seen and all is felt
Gemini Baker Feb 2013
Afraid to start,
to end,
to love,
to hate.
Gemini Baker Dec 2012
under that word,
i have done things i shouldn't have done
made you hurt
was inconsiderate when you were the person
i should have thought about the most

i'm sorry
these words never come
although i feel them right here in my heart

i miss you
now i realize what you were
that you were my wallflower.

— The End —