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Aug 3 · 37
in the sweetness of the morning air
and the light that touches the garden
i look at you as your calm smile
says all the words that need to be said
Jul 30 · 76
the morning air that breathes of life
the warm rays that break the mist of night
the smell of coffee mixing in its vibrant rousing aroma
makes it a perfect day to rise
Jul 30 · 31
leave not a rose in my grave
need not sing my praise and memory
tributes mean nothing to the dead
so save your tears for i am gone
for time has devoured me
Jul 30 · 22
i am in pain
yet i have no mouth
but still i must scream
into the darkness of the night
without a howl for help
that is what every man
who knew the end is coming
people ignore the signs i give
for i have no mouth to speak
and if i had none shall hear
or heed my warnings
but i will meet the end
with a smile knowing
the sun shall shine bright again
regardless that if i may see its rays
or not if it passes my grave
that i tried to resist and change the course
to which our destiny lies
Jul 12 · 31
artist are tortured souls
manic emotions left to ink and paint
transforming pain of their mundane tormented life
into ecstatic beauty expressed so vividly
that leaves us all in speechless and awe
Jul 12 · 34
The victim of men's lusts and rage,
a woman drunk from sorrows pain.
Where your sanity was lost in a daze,
what thoughts ran through her mind,
with the gun she borrowed?

What beauty they kept hidden,
this sad world will never know.
Secret treasures forever buried now,
when you took your own life,
to be free and nothing more.
Jun 27 · 43
we were never meant to be
a fleeting mistake
that lasted some what centuries
Jun 27 · 24
i fade like my name
in the eons of time
i am but dust to life
though i have lived
i know i am forgotten
by those who love me not
Jun 26 · 24
lost memorial
pass not this evergreen fields,
underneath a forgotten hallow graves,
where tombstones now crumble and rot,
where stones once ethched our mortal names.

faded by time, scratched by the wind
withered by the seasons and teared by the rain,
bygone is this God's acre where nature reclaims,
once a solemn memorial now a blooming eden.
Jun 17 · 32
Marriage is like a television in color,
you never want to go back to black and white...
Jun 16 · 32
if i was to rest by the banks of the river
near the old tree were the shade was nice
till i drift away to an afternoon slumber  
as the cold winds kiss me forever
Jun 16 · 25
I swear they can see them quite clear
Over the trenches the same face of fear
you can hear them muffle and whisper
Voices of foes from the other side

You can hear them calling
Marching through field of the dead
They fought till the end
Till they fell with our fallen side by side
Jun 15 · 51
i use to love to your sweet laughs
your smile and everything you do
but you make regret that i ever loved you
Jun 15 · 19
do heart shifts from black to grey
as time and things do so
do picture so vibrant and clear
fade to smudges and dust
will i ever find someone to hold  
when the world starts caving in
should i shut my eyes or see how it all falls
May 30 · 42
I can trust you with my life
but I don't know
If I can trust you with my heart
May 26 · 45
why do you linger
when we are but to rot
why do still cling onto hope
a mesmerizing radiance that made me wonder
seeing the same twilight sky makes me think
our hearts are seeing the same unlikely glow too
May 26 · 34
she wrote sweet poems
she captures the light of day
and the coldness of the night
as her words waltz to her song
she claims she loves me
but in those script filled sea
she never once mentioned me
for those words once belong to me
May 25 · 565
Tell me how mad men sleep and dream,
Yet with tired eyes and trembling scream.
May 25 · 50
Spin with me in the open gateway
In this blissful yet short paradise
Spin with me during our final play
For lovers in this world we realize
So spin with me while the world just fades away
Till we fade like dreams do as dawn arise
May 25 · 35
Escaping the clasp of your hand
I slipped through the cracks
Watch me ignore you again
And I don't really know why
May 24 · 35
how can you give such a sweet smile
with such sorrowful and tired eyes
how do you walk in a cheery style
while hiding the truth among lies
May 21 · 51
Remember when you loved me
under the wondrous infinite sky  
I would have said goodbye
yet I held my words as I die
now come closer don't be shy
describe the skies to me
as often as you can see
lay your head upon my tomb
where my heart used to be
remember me as the flowers bloom
so as you leave you are now free
May 21 · 47
i have nothing to write
for i have nothing to say
yet i stay awake in the night
for my mind is cluttered
with unclear verses anyway
May 21 · 38
go through my pockets
and there you will see
for i have nothing left
but the remains of my sanity
May 21 · 387
oh sweet midsummer dream
drifts in a cool evening breeze
my soul barely even sober
you kiss me awake only to tease
May 14 · 37
each sunrise has a melody
a song of light and color
in every season and weather

to those who wake to wait and watch
the daylight rise that chases the night
you will see art the of a new somber life
May 13 · 31
o wondrous wandering lights
upon a clear summer night
waltzing among the cosmos
weaving odes among those
leaving enigmatic constellations
to tales that still sing of legends old
May 13 · 81
summer heat and fresh breeze
that comes once again to greet
wishing for the days of autumn leaves
where golden brown trinkets that slowly fall
as each leaf dies as autumn calls
it blooms once more like spring enthralls
May 1 · 38
My soul has been torn from me as though I am but dreaming,
My heart now spent in this worldly rent and I am now grieving,
All the beauty that was around me fades as I sigh my last sigh,
For now as I breathe my last breath I am slowly dying.

Last night I dreamt and heard of my dearest companions, Cheery faces that once brighten the room, as I awoke I lay alone,
I pondered for days gone by when we were all but young and bold,
But I know that soon I must die the last of whom had survived.

As morning did rise crimson edge that broke the night sky,
The cold did lift from and the winds, as they did sigh,
I rose to take a breath, not knowing it was my last,
From the light that greeted me now fades and it did come,
Now I am done and have been greeted with eternal rest.
Apr 28 · 45
Leave the field and leave the fire
And find the flame of your desire
sing your dream to me once more
Apr 24 · 68
wandering gypsy boy
oh sweet free summer child
with mystic eyes full of ploy
run and play in the vast field
to which the world is yours
Apr 22 · 46
Fresh scent of pure air
sweet spring wind swirl
as to you my lady fair
natures spirits bloom unfurl
Apr 19 · 49
no one will look upon you and judge
for the decisions and sacrifice
was all done out of love
please rest now
for the sun
has set
Apr 16 · 49
sound made crystalline
from shattered glass beams
distant thoughts are no sober wine
for living is but a sun burnt dream
Apr 16 · 55
A tired soul
does not know
if it can linger more
never more so can it grow
but drowns ever slowly
to the chasm below
Apr 10 · 45
I see gentle waters and silence
more dangerous than those disturb
it is often the quiet that brings out the terror
the anxiety that drowns as in anticipation
of our own despair and unknowing sorrows
even if I drift and float by the safe shores
Its wave will carry me away to the depths
even if I struggle I will eventually sink
Apr 4 · 73
Silently I pray
To a God
That assures me
As he is Silent
Mar 31 · 53
There were bells on a hill
But I never heard them ringing
No I never heard them at all
Till I felt my heart as I saw you there
Mar 31 · 46
The night is littered with gleaming gems
I've seen my country under its twilight stars
Gold horizon breaks the sky as morning rise
I have seen my people under the sun
Mar 28 · 40
can I not be true to myself
without breaking apart
can I genuinely smile
without feeling so empty
why can't I just be normal
like everyone around me
Mar 28 · 52
if you ask why i don't sleep
it is because its hard to leave
the sweet things of today
and face the fears of tomorrow
Mar 26 · 35
have we but to die now
and never live to see
the grandeur of tomorrow

how we sleep in solace
and slip into the grasp
that deaths hand has touch

shall we hang to the thread
to which the youth must walk
in a uncertain precipice crossroad
Mar 26 · 35
as I look into the future
with hope and anxiety
I still see noble deeds
form past until now
and to the coming times
I give into that darkness
Mar 26 · 42
Every word I say is nothing more but kindling
Yet this voice cracks and cough as I speak
So here might be my own last reflection
To all I treat as one of my own siblings
An elegy to my curses out to finally rest
And of fallen mercy no longer lingering
Mar 26 · 72
till the warm day falls to orange sunsets
and when mystic cryptic glisten nights rise
you’ve been camping all over my temple mind
till the dawn breaks the skies in a purple dye
Mar 26 · 42
You're my special flame
Yet this fire's gone cold
I lost the sense to this game
our past are stories we told
now ashes to the unknown
Mar 26 · 33
I don't feel like you know me well enough to understand...
Please let me know if you want me to stick and linger around,
Don't be sorry, if you know that I'm lonely contraband.
Mar 26 · 79
your passion, rhythm and poetry
are my ecstasy, dreams and sin
all this between fantasy and reality

strangers in a midsummer dreams  
lovers in a mix thrown in a spin
we know everything about this, or so it seems
Mar 26 · 31
take me away my sweet sun ray
wandering wondrous shining light
sweet morning rise kiss my soul grey
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