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migayle ocuaman Dec 2019
her radiant smile is to be desired
she makes me soar to her warm embrace
that i would  soon become another Icarus
migayle ocuaman Dec 2019
you are my stolen paradise
a radiant star that glows alight
A dream i never wanted to die
The flower that blooms in the night
My sanctuary that ended with a good bye
migayle ocuaman Dec 2019
When days feel down and unforgiven
When night falls you are my only escape
I've been waiting for a chance of heaven
Come morning light you'll be my mistake

Something I wanted to genuinely feel
You're more than just a moment of fun
You gave me something surreal yet so real
You're my one dream and not anyone

A sweet soul that dreams alone lingers awake
A sweet white rose a glowing angel in the dark
When you lay alone I feel a painful heavy ache
My fallen earthly angel my own shooting star
migayle ocuaman Dec 2019
Those leaves did grow
From branches overgrown
Drifting slowly down
Resting in the snow.

Like empty, fallen souls
Looking for a home.
Little soldier boy
Thought that he could soar.

Only to sadly fall
Such as ash in the snow
From warm flames to fragile, broken hearts
Now cold and all alone
With no place to go.
migayle ocuaman Dec 2019
He thought he knew
What he was fighting for,
But the sight of blood
Made him question war.
Poor soldier boy
Cold and alone,
Bombs fall like rain,
He's all alone.
They're all alone.
migayle ocuaman Dec 2019
tired of all the needless beating
tearing out my heart out all in blue
you once said "I'll never let you go"
yet those words just slipped away
we both seem to hate the ending
but it seems we could actually breathe
migayle ocuaman Nov 2019
Writing poetry for girls I never loved
Wish I found the reason to say
that I'm too afraid to be left unloved

If I could say those three words
without choking in my asphyxiation
and my eyes swelling to a teary blurred

Then somehow I could be just okay
So please spare my pride if you can
And forget I said anything to you today
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