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Gaurav K Oct 2014
How much can you hurt me?
If I just look up and smile?
Without you knowing
That I can love you forever while?

How much can you hate me?
If I just keep staring at you
With silence all around me
And for all you know its true?

How much can you ignore me?
If still I keep running after you,
Humming my worth silently,
The feelings I have you never knew?

How much can you make me pain?
As I had loved it all along,
The beauty in it again,
Is not it reflecting my beautiful song?

How much can you make me bleed?
The blood of love in heart i keep,
But still you never even care,
That it’s my love all around here?

How much can you make me cry?
By the words that you easily say,
And yes, I knew, for you I am a lie,
For sorrows say will never fade away??

How much can you hurt me?
If I just look up and smile,
The love for you,
Will be there forever while.
Gaurav K Sep 2014
The world could have been black and white,

emotions would have been put aside,
Across the white sun, you could stare endlessly
belongings of trust would have died peacefully.

Your burning disease I smoked in the ashtray,
And I can still curl and think alright,
bitter words will be washed away
and then my emotions will step aside.

Little words bring justice to your world. No matter how much you try, there will always be something you can never achieve. I prosper when things look bleak, while smoking a cigarette and burning the trees. Thoughts would wander and take you to this land, where fairies and gods will give you their hand. Disagreements and perturbations will shimmer your beliefs; but you can hold fast to the rope and be silently relieved. *No wonder, the earth rotates and if only it had been black and white;  then I might cower at the sight of you, as my emotions will  step aside!
Gaurav K Sep 2014
Long lost are my words,
As i turned to look at my past;
Where could have we gone wrong?
How strong was not my lust?

Those roses withered away,
It was you, who thumped my heart,
Blessed I was, for it was your play,
A single shot bullet, straight through my trust!

After such a long time i wrote again....

#love #life #you
Gaurav K Mar 2013
O! Queen, my dear enchantress,
Never allure, with  your ethereal eyes,
The joy in my heart will crash
and sink down with all my lies.

You walk! and the earth does shy,
Your eyes glitter with a charming gaze,
With flowers of nectar, the child drops by
So falls the wind in its on haze.

You are infectious and i was so frivolous
Despair surrounds me; as i am reckless
O! Queen, your love is so pious,
O! Queen, you are my only enchantress.

How fantasy dawns in me!
A man so old, but young in his heart,
Those who are stealing, cannot they see
it is only I who envies this earth?

O! Queen, my dear enchantress
Flatter not me, as i seek solace.
I will keep singing even in distress,
If you be in me, I will forever be fearless.

O! love; so the fruitful time comes
Awaken me; my dear Queen,
If this had be the truth that awaits me,
I then live as i die with this dream..
Gaurav K Mar 2013
O! Queen, my dear enchantress
Come, dwell in me
Beautiful within her, a mighty mistress
So divine a rose in this sea.

The wild kiss, a kiss in the air
All the while it sang a song,
The roses smiled as though, so dear
O! my Queen, i would last all along.

I see my moon, as so bright
Painting so the star-studded sky;
As though, dawned a beauteous sight,
As though, set a beauteous night.

O! Queen, my dear enchantress
Beguile me all the while
I am feeble and in distress,
So i could sway for yet a mile.

So a prophet with harmless euphony ,
Hymns a chord all afternoon,
My Queen! never be so *****,
I envy my soul, like the bruised moon.

Passion is all, but is with me
With no less love, with no less charm,
Come my Queen, I would glide down free,
Forever and ever into your golden arms.

I breathe! I breathe! a love so true,
Myself I fancy to be your worthy king,
And so with songs i flew, with songs i flew;
With the sweetest melody that all i could sing...

*the poem is too long and so i thought of posting it in my next post
Gaurav K Mar 2013
Maybe I am dreaming,
For so long, a wish so vile,
Oh! Despair in me, too screaming,
Like a long lost me all the while…

Maybe I am dreaming,
Silence are the words, you play.
Silent is my song now and every day.

Maybe there are left no words,
Silent even the portrait is,
Like a long dead knight, in arms and swords,
Fighting a long lost battle of pleas.

Maybe I am so dreaming,
That even, the wine taste so tasteless,
Like eyes so red, like a cry so whining,
For a wish, that too, so fathomless.

Maybe this is not my star,
Where fairies glide with a song so enchanting.
Crumbling, I am my love, yet so far,
O! Princess, you’re so piercing.

Maybe this is all just a dream,
Still I feel your fragrance around me,
It’s a futile divination, O! My princess,
Still you are, for me, so priceless.

Maybe I am just so dreaming,
For a long lost love, that I am longing,
But, how proud was ever Achilles,
To lose and die in the hands of Paris??
Gaurav K Mar 2013
So i wake up to this beauteous morning,
Oh! This thought still enthralled me,
If only, I could still be dreaming,
But this is the truth and this is what you see.

I am, yet i am afraid, once again,
The song so beauteous, still sings,
O! I am enthralled, or am i just in vain,
Trying to be me, flying without wings?

This needs to be true, and, yes i shout.
O why! O why! IS this a deception?
I drink all the wine but it is still so loud,
Beside this heavenly wind, i owe a reunion?

O! She was the one who made me me,
Still i forgo the real taste of this wine,
Deceptive, she is, couldn’t i see???
Where i headed unreal and without a shine?
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