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Gargi Apr 2019
A Monginis Cake Shop flex hangs
above a hardware and electronics store
and a man in front of it
speaks loudly into his phone,
trying to explain this his location,
slapping the other hand on his forehead.

Another man, this one on a scooter
going slower than a public transport bus
has his helmet resting in the front
between his feet
instead of on his head.
(Is this blatant disregard for life
or staggering confidence about it?)

An old Nauvari-clad woman
bearing a big vermillion stain on her forehead
innocently spits her paan on a
Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai graffiti.

I get up to go stand
at the front door
and someone else takes my seat.

They will see a skinny girl
typing furiously into her phone
this very poem.
paan = beetle leaf
Gargi Apr 2019
side hugs are like
performative wokeness;
shallow, flaky, meaningless
convenient, censored -
appealing, yes?
appeasing, too, i guess.

but no
i demand the real deal
furnish me with both arms
disregard my weak frame,
i promise, i wont break
let me have it
im not a snowflake
just a girl who
likes to take
on the world
with hugs
as her weapon of choice.
Gargi Apr 2019
I. I am not used to silence.
It is always elusive,
It’s at that table
the one that’s awkward
and uncomfortable
and unsettling
to the others.

II. I look for silence -
at the next table, lurking?
It hides in plain sight;
but why I can’t hear it?

III. Silence finds me
puzzled, pacing
I want to demand
...something -
but something else seems to stop me.
Gargi Mar 2019
i'll tell you something, cat.
right now,
i just don't know where i'm at -
emotionally speaking,
everything is confusing
testing, my patience
trying to teach me some lesson?
but i just want to be.
like you, you kn-
where'd you go?
seriously? seriously.
that dead yellowing half-eaten leaf
is more interesting than me.
guess i'll just be here
still talking
Gargi Aug 2018
It’s one of those
nights, right -
The remnants of rain
bouncing off the train
water on the seats
neatly left alone,
no glances thrown.

Tired women catching up
on each other's days
and work,
giving in to sleep
one by one,
until I’m the only one
at the deafening wind.

It’s a new world
when the train stops
and the wind drops.
So my feet take me

It’s one of those nights
Every night.
i love travelling in the mumbai local late at night when everyone's so tired they don't even look at their phones.
Gargi Apr 2018
आज मला यायला जमलं नाही
पण तुला माझी आठवण आली ना?

समुद्र तू असशील रे
पण बाप तर माझाच आहेस ना?
Gargi Apr 2018
Playing rummy is a lot like music.

Rules to guide you
A pure sequence to bind you
Leeway otherwise, to slide by
A pile to dig from
A companion to play with
(or against?)
And a purpose
to find.
On vacation, away from home
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