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A poem's worth is in the rhyme
It's in the flow
and in the time
It's in the beat
One of a kind
But most of all it's in the mind
I can't usually stand poetry that doesn't rhyme (except for some cases). Yet it seems that others can't stand rhyming poetry. To each his own I guess.
All hail the internet!
The master of us all.
The one who watches day and night,
And guards the human thrall.

All hail the internet!
Our lives without are vain.
Throughout the day we worship you,
Without you life's mundane.

All hail the internet!
Your knowledge unconfined.
Forget the days of reading books,
That time is far behind.

All hail the internet!
We're now smarter and we're kind.
No one argues anymore,
About a dress they find.

Oh, forget the internet.
I can't do this anymore.
That place is twisted and corrupt.
I'd leave but there's no door.
My friend originally had this idea of "All hail the internet" and challenge me to make a poem about it. So here it is.
P.S. If you don't know what dress I'm talking about, that's good. Keep it that way.
A speech beyond the grave I give
These words on stone to those who live
My dreams of past are all but done
So take my torch and live my son
No I am not planning on dying anytime soon, and no, nobody in my family is either. I just read the epitaphs on Shakespeare's and a Scottish tombstone and thought I would give it a go.
The dreams of the thousands,
These wonders not seen,
The beauty and boldness of what hasn't been.

The existence of not,
A colour unreal,
A new sense of touch that no one can feel.

A storybook fable,
The place you can't stay,
The sorrow of knowing it won't stay this way.

A waking sensation,
The gray world around,
Knowing the lifeless has now got you bound.

The life of the dreary,
The vigor of bore,
Crying aloud at the world you abhor.

But worry no longer,
For soon night will come,
And the dreams of the thousands have only begun.
Am I the only one who really likes the world in my own head over reality? Na. I know there are others like me out there.
Frozen footsteps, trapped in time
A single soul, lost can't find
The brightest light, the sun's sweet glow
A song above, mourns here below

A thoughtless step, a friend now lost
The prize I seek, despite the cost
A fighting life, death's icy grip
Continue on, until I slip

A hateful glare, or loves sweet hold
A song of poor, man's greed of gold
The forest high, the village sprawl
An old man's back, new baby's crawl

Frozen footsteps, trapped in time
The path I took, those left behind
This journey long, can't see the end
And was this real, *or just pretend?
Try imagining the journey as you read the poem. It's fun, trust me.
This was where they danced before
Happily spinning across the floor
The time had sped by just so fast
And neither cared as it flew past

But now that's just a moment gone
The time of play just like the dawn
They'll work away till night draws close
Then dance away till last repose
Can I send a secret note?
Some words for you alone
A meaning no-one else can find
For feelings still unknown

Can you keep that secret note?
And guard it with your heart
Please recall my words to you
For when we're worlds apart
Yay! Poem! whatever.
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