26.5k · Oct 2014
Gaby Comprés Oct 2014
bravery does not
scream, it does not shout, yet
it's louder than all
23.7k · Jan 2015
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
bravery doesn't
happen overnight
has been living in your
bones, dormant,
but alive,
waiting for you
to see that it has
always been yours
waiting for you
to marvel when you
see that you can do
what you've always
wanted to do
and be who
you've wanted to be
6.8k · Dec 2017
heart and soul
Gaby Comprés Dec 2017
i was born
with a heart too big to fit
inside my chest
and a soul bigger than my body
so i have chosen
to leave pieces of my heart
in the places my feet have known
in the people i have loved
in the words i have read
in the beauty my eyes have seen
and my soul-
i have scattered it like seeds
and i have left parts of it
in songs,
in poetry,
in the laughter of children,
in the arms that have held me
and the hearts that have loved me
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
you aren't
less worthy
less important
less powerful
because you're
b r o k e n.
your brokenness is
no obstacle for light
to shine through you.
the light shines
through the cracks.
6.1k · May 2017
Gaby Comprés May 2017
the magic of poetry.
is that it makes everything
it fills your lungs
like air.
it turns your soul
into a sky full of stars.
your heart
a field of wildflowers.
into a poem.
5.1k · May 2015
more to you.
Gaby Comprés May 2015
there are stars you
haven't seen
and loves you haven't loved
there's light you haven't felt
and sunrises yet to dawn
there are dreams
you haven't dreamt
and days you haven't lived
and nights you won't forget
and flowers yet to grow
and there is more to you
that you have yet to
4.7k · Oct 2016
Gaby Comprés Oct 2016
let's be wildflowers,
let our souls be scattered by the wind.
let us grow, wild and free,
tall and brave,
in the places that we dream,
in the places where our longings
are filled.
let us grow between the cracks
of brokenness,
and we will make everything beautiful.
4.2k · Sep 2016
i love me like this.
Gaby Comprés Sep 2016
i love me like this,
with the night in my eyes
and the cinnamon moon
that sits atop my nose.
i love me like this,
with my wild and untamable curls,
who only listen to the wind.
i love me like this,
with my skin that matches
the café con leche i love to drink.
i love me like this,
with my poetry and without her;
with the words i feel
and the words i’ve kept to myself.
i love me like this,
light and free;
because this is who i am,
this is who i was made to be.
4.0k · Mar 2015
Gaby Comprés Mar 2015
your wild hair
is just a little
glimpse of who
you are,
it tells me
that your heart
and your dreams
and soul
are just as wild
as those locks
of yours
you are lovely
and free
and brave
your heart finds
life in color
and boldness
and who you are,
makes you beautiful.
3.9k · Oct 2016
me quiero así.
Gaby Comprés Oct 2016
me quiero así.
me quiero así, con mis ojos color noche
y mi nariz redonda
y la luna de canela que vive sobre ella.
me quiero así,
con mi pelo rizado e indomable
que solo se deja llevar por el viento.
me quiero así,
con mi piel del mismo color
del café con leche
que me gusta tanto.
me quiero así,
con mi poesía y sin ella,
con las palabras que siento,
con las palabras que callo.
me quiero así,
mágica y única;
porque así soy,
porque así me hicieron,
porque sí.
3.7k · Jun 2017
milk and honey.
Gaby Comprés Jun 2017
do not let me
give you
anything less than
milk and honey.
do not let me feed your soul
with emptiness.
empty words.
empty beauty.
empty love.
let every space
that i fill
be occupied by a love
that was worth all we did
to find it.
let me fill in the blanks you keep
with words that come from truth
let the beauty that i give you
mean something to you.
3.6k · Nov 2014
wonder and grace.
Gaby Comprés Nov 2014
there is wonder and grace
tangled in your curls,
and the night stars have
made your eyes their dwelling place.
and your heart is a garden
with blooming flowers of
joy and beauty, bringing
life and light to the darkness.
hope and heaven live
in your bones,
and in your soul a
songbird sings a melody
of love.
I wrote this poem for myself. It was lovely to love myself through my words and art.
3.4k · Jan 2015
i love your heart.
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
i love your heart,
i love it because
it dwells on beauty
and bravery and gold.
i love your heart,
because your heart
has learned to love
its brokenness.
i love your heart,
because your heart
looks beyond and
finds light in the dark places.
i love your heart,
because your heart
hasn't stopped loving,
because your heart
refuses to be disappointed
by what it finds in this world,
because your heart
hasn't given up,
because your heart
still believes in grace
in love, in kindness,
in wonder and light.
i love your heart because
it keeps beating.
2.9k · Feb 2017
Gaby Comprés Feb 2017
may i grow
so tall and bright,
so free and wild,
so brave and vibrant
that when you see me
you think i am
a sunflower.
Gaby Comprés Nov 2014
people won't remember
your pretty face
nor your pretty clothes
and the money you had.
they will remember
the melody in your laugh
and the way you loved
and the beauty of your heart
and the bravery of your spirit
and the kindness of your soul.
they won't remember what
you looked like
they won't remember what
you had.
they will remember you
and the words you told them
and the life you spoke to them
and the water you used
to bring to life the dead garden
in their souls
and they will remember the
sunshine in your smile
and the stars that
hid in your eyes.
2.6k · Apr 2015
come closer.
Gaby Comprés Apr 2015
come closer,
look inside,
and don’t be afraid
of what you might find.
travel down
the roads of your soul,
until you know by heart
every corner and place
of your being.
learn your fears so
you may know how
to fight them,
and gaze at your skies
and try to number
the millions of stars
in your heart,
and trace with your hands
every bit of who you are,
and know yourself
so you may not
forget yourself,
and your worth,
and the constellations
of grace and light
inside you.
do not forget yourself,
do not ignore the
melody of your heart,
do not doubt your
beauty, your worth,
and the bits of glory
and stardust sprinkled
on your skin.
come closer.
Gaby Comprés Mar 2015
i want to be
the stars in your sky
and the sun rays
that shine on
your face
and maybe even be
the air
in your lungs
and i want to
be one of the reasons
why you smile
why you wake up
and want to be more
than who you are
and i want
to be the soundtrack
to your happy days
and i want to
make you feel
things you've never
felt before
and i want to
maybe even
own a little
piece of your
2.4k · Sep 2015
i am brave.
Gaby Comprés Sep 2015
am i not brave?
am i not still here?
isn't that the sound of my heart,
don't my eyes still wonder at the
stars above them?
has my soul stopped singing?
its voice is weak and
its light has dimmed,
but i can still hear my song,
i can still see my light.
i haven't left.
i am still here.
i am brave.
2.4k · Nov 2016
a blessing
Gaby Comprés Nov 2016
when the morning comes,
may you smile at the sun,
and may its light touch your heart.
when the morning comes,
may the birds sing to you songs of hope.
when the morning comes,
may you find the grace your heart needs.
when the morning comes,
may joy light the way before you.
2.3k · Jul 2016
touch my heart.
Gaby Comprés Jul 2016
touch my heart
the way the sun touches the clouds
at sunset, filling them with color,
with light.
touch my heart
like rain touches the earth,
breathing life in it,
making it bloom.
touch my heart,
touch my life,
touch my soul.
2.1k · Feb 2017
love yourself.
Gaby Comprés Feb 2017
write poetry to your soul
and use verbs like
and adjectives like
wonderful and precious
and enough.
2.1k · May 2017
feeling alive
Gaby Comprés May 2017
feeling alive feels like
yellow flowers growing in my bones
and blooming on my skin
it feels like the sun rises
not in the east
but from within me
2.1k · Apr 2017
love poem for an uber driver
Gaby Comprés Apr 2017
i wanted to write a poem
about your curls
and how they made my heart
beat like a drum played by a five-year old
who had chocolate cake for lunch
how my fingers were fighting each other
and fighting the urge
to tangle with yours and
make their way to that
chocolate colored head of yours
and get tangled in it too
and i wanted to write a poem
of how much i wanted to be like Cinderella
and leave something behind
with the hopes that you’d call me back
something like a notebook or my
polka-dotted waterbottle
but i guess the only thing i left
was a tiny little part of my heart
on the backseat of your car
2.0k · Mar 2017
if you ever read a poem
Gaby Comprés Mar 2017
if you ever read a poem
i hope you read me.
i hope you find the poetry
that hides in my body,
my rhyming eyes, my dancing feet,
the curve in my lips,
the cinnamon of my skin.
if you ever read a poem
i hope you read me,
i hope you read the words
written on my skin,
how my eyes spell out the word
and how my hands speak of art
and my heart sings words like
bravery and hope
and if you ever read a poem
i hope it's me.
2.0k · Jul 2016
let's be.
Gaby Comprés Jul 2016
let’s be love letters
written to broken hearts
with words of kindness, of grace,
of hope.
let’s be love songs
that play over and over,
that echo in every soul.
let’s be shoulders to lean on,
open wide arms,
open wide hearts.
let’s be lights
that lead each other home.
1.9k · Jun 2016
fight the waves.
Gaby Comprés Jun 2016
i have swam for so long, and i am so far away.
so far away of who i was, by grace.
but far away of who i want to be.
but i won’t drown.
i will fight the waves.
i will look for joy and for loveliness.
i will make my days count.
i will let grace rain over me
and let it cover every fault.
i will fight the waves,
fight my fears,
the pain,
the sadness,
the words that escape me
and hide.
i won’t hide, i won’t drown.
i will fight the waves
and swim home.
Gaby Comprés Jun 2016
a list of the things my soul forgot:

i am still brave
i am free
i am beautiful
i have hope
i am redeemed
i am alive
and my story is still being written
i am worth more than the words i write
and i have worth even when i cannot write
and i am also worth more than the sun
and the moon
and the stars
i can dream
i am not perfect and it is okay to struggle
because even though i don’t deserve grace
it is mine
i am lovely
and i am loved
and even if i forget the truth
that doesn’t change that
it is still true.
1.9k · Jan 2017
under the bougainvillea tree
Gaby Comprés Jan 2017
kiss me under the bougainvillea tree
let the leaves fall on our heads
as our lips hesitantly touch
and one pink leaf will land on your nose,
and our lips will curve into a rhyming smile
i had to include my love for bougainvilleas in at least one poem :)
1.9k · Aug 2017
in your time.
Gaby Comprés Aug 2017
lean into this,
the hard work
the heart work
the art work of growing.
know that this isn't forever.
your body, your home will catch up
to the blossoming of your soul.
days and months and years will pass.
but then, like a child, like a flower in spring,
you will bloom, you will rise.
in your time.
1.9k · Jan 2015
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
maybe i keep
running away from You
because i am afraid
to let You love me,
maybe i keep running
because i don't want to
believe that grace and
mercy are waiting for me
maybe i keep running
because i know i don't
deserve what You
want to give me and maybe
i keep running
because it's not fair
that You keep chasing me
but i don't want to run;
i want to stay trapped
in your heart
and know by heart
the rhythm of your breathing
i want to never escape
the stronghold of your embrace
i want to stay and never leave
and never wander and never run.
1.9k · Jan 2017
a poem for my students
Gaby Comprés Jan 2017
may you learn to be brave
and may you always run carefree,
certain of your worth and the power inside you.
may your song be your own,
and when your song is different from the rest,
sing louder.
may you never forget that you’ve always had wings,
and may they carry you far.
1.7k · Jan 2015
tell your story.
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
don't keep quiet.
go, and tell your story.
sing it from the rooftops
and shout it from the mountaintops.
write it in the sky,
tattoo it on your skin
and braid it in your hair;
tell your story.
don't let it go unheard,
because there is wonder
in your story,
there is grace in your
because your words
are stepping stones
to freedom.
tell your story.
1.7k · Jan 2017
the past is not yours
Gaby Comprés Jan 2017
stop swimming
in oceans of shame,
of guilt, of regret.
let grace be your lighthouse
and swim to its shore.
let yesterday drown
in the sea of forgetfulness
and let go.
the past is not yours.
1.6k · Jul 2016
be love.
Gaby Comprés Jul 2016
be love.
shine your light
where it's dark
and show the kindness
in your heart.
be love
and wrap your arms
around broken hearts.
don't keep quiet
and say words
that heal,
that bring hope.
just be love.
1.6k · May 2017
Gaby Comprés May 2017
did you expect my flowers
to bloom among you?
what could grow on your dry land?
only weeds.
Gaby Comprés Nov 2016
it sounds cliché
and i wish it weren't true
but my heart can't give you
what you never gave me
and yet i don't blame you
because maybe
the same thing happened to you
1.6k · Oct 2016
my heart beats in poetry.
Gaby Comprés Oct 2016
this heart, my heart,
beats in poetry
because it doesn’t know
how else to beat,
because it doesn’t know
how else to feel,
because it doesn’t know
how to let out everything i keep inside.
this heart beats in poetry
for you,
for me.
1.6k · Jan 2015
we are poetry.
Gaby Comprés Jan 2015
we are poems.
beautifully written,
wonderfully designed;
marvelous works of art.
we are written with
starlight and wonder,
with verses of beauty
written across our hearts.
we are walking rhymes,
walking wonders,
walking words that tell
stories of freedom
and redemption.
we are poetry,
we are songs,
we are melodies
that are sung on
bright days.
we are the words of grace,
we are the words unforgotten,
we are words that remain.
1.6k · Apr 2015
know it, my soul.
Gaby Comprés Apr 2015
you are loved
you are loved
you are loved
my soul,
know it,
my soul
grace is yours
grace is yours
grace is yours
my soul,
know it,
my soul
you are redeemed
you are redeemed
you are redeemed
my soul,
know it,
my soul.
1.6k · May 2017
twenty one
Gaby Comprés May 2017
in twenty one days, on the twenty first of may, you will be turning twenty one.
twenty one seemed so far away when you were growing up. i remember how you pictured twenty one year-old you, with wavy jet-black hair, thin bones and a radiant smile.
your hair is wavy right now, thanks to the rain that hasn't stopped falling; your bones are the thinnest they've ever been; and i think you've got a pretty radiant smile. so, three out of three, i guess.
and your life is better than what you dreamed.
you are surrounded by so much goodness.
your mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and fridays are filled with the laughter of fifteen children that steal your phone to take selfies and give you hugs that leave you breathless.
you have the friends you have always wanted. it took you a while to find them, but they're here now. they are your home.
you are doing beautiful things with your life. your words are in books, in journals and in people's hearts.
your life is more than life. it is light and fire and bravery and hope and a song.
and you are loved.
1.6k · Jan 2017
Gaby Comprés Jan 2017
“you are so skinny.”
and beautiful.
and happy.
and full of life, with two stars instead of eyes.

but you can only say,
“you are so skinny.”
you only see my bones,
my thinner thighs.
but look at me.
see me.
see how my soul has grown so much it doesn’t fit in my body,
look at the light in my heart,
at the words written in my soul,
look beyond my skin.
look at me,
look at me and tell me
that my smile is brighter than the sun,
that i look happy,
that i've changed,
that i've blossomed.
there are so many things you could say
but you only say,
“you are so skinny.”
1.6k · Sep 2014
Gaby Comprés Sep 2014
i went swimming
in the sea of your words,
and overwhelmed by
your waves,
the waves that called my
the waves that said
You love me, that i am
not alone, that You care for
me, that You look at
my heart
and You like what you see,
that my heart is worth
in those waves,
i drowned.
1.5k · Mar 2015
to dream, to love.
Gaby Comprés Mar 2015
i want
to love,
to never settle
for less than more,
to look at the
stars and know
i was made to
shine brighter
than they do,
to look at the sky
and know it is
my home,
to run wildly
and freely,
unafraid and
to dare to jump
and fall and
to love,
to never settle
for less than more.
1.5k · Nov 2016
show me your heart
Gaby Comprés Nov 2016
show me your heart,
show me the beauty you keep inside.
open your soul,
don’t hide it;
let me see the light that shines within.
tell me your story,
tell me what makes your heart beat,
what sets your soul on fire.
tell me about your pain,
and know that it matters,
that every thing about you matters.
know that your life is a gift,
that your life is grace.
1.5k · Oct 2014
Gaby Comprés Oct 2014
as i walk through this desert,
through this valley of shadow of death,
i'm keeping my head up,
i'm smiling through the bitterness
because i know this won't last forever
because one day i'll look back
from the mountaintop.
1.5k · Mar 2017
Gaby Comprés Mar 2017
i’ll name you after a flower
and i'll let raindrops fall on your forehead
so that you bloom
i'll plant kisses
like daisies on your cheeks
so that you become a garden
and i’ll sing to you my love
so that you never forget the words,
so that you never doubt you’re loved
and i'll write to you
words i don’t know yet
i will reach to the sky
and bring down stars
to teach you to shine like they do
1.5k · May 2017
Gaby Comprés May 2017
on my right leg,
under my knee
lives a cinnamon colored stain
that looks a bit like africa
the same way i look a bit like africa
in the shape of my nose
and the waves of my curls
waves like the water that carried my
ancestors in boats
all the way to this island
of salt and sugarcane
1.5k · Jan 2017
promise me you won't sink
Gaby Comprés Jan 2017
one day
we will be whole
but until then
we’ll keep fighting,
we’ll take one day at a time
we will laugh and we’ll cry
and we will learn to take our walls down
we’ll be a lighthouse to each other
and carry one another through the night
we’ll see the sun rise
and we’ll find the courage to try again
the waves might try to drown us
but promise me
you won’t sink
1.5k · Aug 2014
loving you.
Gaby Comprés Aug 2014
if i knew how to play
the guitar i would
write the sappiest love
songs for you
but sadly, darling, i am
musically impaired

if i knew how to paint
i would color
the most glorious sunsets
just for you
but sadly, darling, i am
artistically limited

if i knew how to sew
i would patch up
the torn seams
of your heart
but sadly, darling, i have no
idea how to use a needle

if i knew how to cook
i would make your
favorite desserts
to sweeten up your day
but sadly, darling, my
only specialty is burnt eggs

oh darling,
i am not good at many
things but if there is
one thing that i
can do well, oh my darling,
that is loving you.
Gaby Comprés Sep 2017
maybe love is in new york city.
maybe love is in paris.
maybe love is here.
maybe love has seen me
and secretly thinks i'm beautiful.
maybe love isn't as far from reach as i think it is.
maybe love plays the guitar or the piano
and has written songs about me
and the way my hair dances in the wind.
but maybe love is in new york city
waiting for me to visit.
waiting for me to take the train
waiting for me to make eye contact
while he sits on the opposite side of me.
maybe love is in new york city
or rome
or spain.
maybe love writes poetry.
maybe love loves someone else right now.
maybe love will find me in five years
or in two months.
but love is out there.
maybe in new york city.
inspired by the line "maybe love is in New York City" from Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye's poem 'when love arrives'.
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