Gaby Comprés Nov 2017
i don’t want to write you a poem
i don’t want to leave behind
i don’t want them to know i loved you
i don’t want them to know how i loved you
because i loved you
like the night loves the light
and i loved you
like the earth loves the rain
i don’t want these words
to lead
but i don’t want these words anymore
so, i am sending this poem to you
without a return address
let these words just be words
let them only be that
this is not a love letter
this is not goodbye
(i already said that to you)
i did not write this for anyone, and none of it is true, but it was something i had fun writing.
Gaby Comprés Oct 2017
for you
i'll be the sky
i'll wear the stars on my skin
and let you wish upon my light
Gaby Comprés Oct 2017
i dream of new york city.
but not only new york city.
i dream of chicago, of san francisco, of madrid;
i dream of any city big enough to hold me
and the wildness i carry.
i dream with a love greater than myself,
a love big enough to wrap me in its arms,
a love with grace to forgive my faults.
i dream of the words 'you're beautiful'
sang to me like a song, written in love letters,
tangled in poetry.
i dream of breakfast dates, of long walks,
of sweet and salty lips together.
i dream of finding myself
of getting lost
and the joy of being found again,
i dream of the words i have yet to write,
the stories i will tell,
the days i don't know.
no. 750
Gaby Comprés Oct 2017
vulnerability is a risk.
it might break you.
but through the cracks is where the light shines.
vulnerability is a game
and no matter how much you lose
you will always win.
vulnerability might wound you,
but it will heal you, too.
don't run away from this,
don't walk away from it.
come closer, dip your toes in this water.
know that this is how you grow,
how you love,
how you become into what you will be.
Gaby Comprés Sep 2017
when i think about the fact
that you and i
share the same sky
the distance between us
isn't so large
and maybe you and i
share more than
just the same sky.
Gaby Comprés Sep 2017
maybe love is in new york city.
maybe love is in paris.
maybe love is here.
maybe love has seen me
and secretly thinks i'm beautiful.
maybe love isn't as far from reach as i think it is.
maybe love plays the guitar or the piano
and has written songs about me
and the way my hair dances in the wind.
but maybe love is in new york city
waiting for me to visit.
waiting for me to take the train
waiting for me to make eye contact
while he sits on the opposite side of me.
maybe love is in new york city
or rome
or spain.
maybe love writes poetry.
maybe love loves someone else right now.
maybe love will find me in five years
or in two months.
but love is out there.
maybe in new york city.
inspired by the line "maybe love is in New York City" from Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye's poem 'when love arrives'.
Gaby Comprés Sep 2017
i hope you love yourself.
that every morning when you wake up
you can smile.
i hope
that when you look in the mirror
you can see all that makes you special.
that you don't need to look in the mirror
to remember you're beautiful.
that you love yourself enough
to follow your dreams,
to leave your fears behind.
i hope
that you love yourself enough
to let go of what hurts you,
what weighs you down.
that you love yourself enough to
believe in yourself,
in the light you carry inside.
that you love yourself enough to
live for tomorrow.
i hope you love yourself.
i hope you stay.
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