Aug 13 Gabrielle Isa
They're a frozen sun;  a
light that lives in
Ever looked at someone's photo and felt their light, even though they are gone?
They say, you can't see ***
But in the dawn and at dusk,
In the daylight and starry night
And when the sky wears the spectrum,
I see Nature, I see ***.

They say, you can't hear ***
But, everytime I hear the burbling stream,
the soothing sound of the waves
and the chirping of birds,
I hear Nature, I hear ***.

They say, you can't talk to ***
But whenever I scream out my love
to the desolate dunes and
talk my heart out to lonely trees,
chilling under their shades.
I talk to Nature, I talk to ***.

They say, you can't smell ***
But in the sweet scented​ flowers
and in the wet mud after the recent rains,
I smell Nature, I smell ***.

Everytime when the wind
blows through my hair,
Everytime when I feel
the fresh air on my face,
I feel Alive, I feel You,
I feel Love, I feel ***.
A spoonful of clear
patience and a goodnight sleep
Changes perspectives
Yes this is very true ***
Postivity - inspired
I gave too much of my heart to you.
So now that you've broken it,
What am I supposed to feel with?

How do I put myself back together,
When you left me no pieces to pick up?
Gabrielle Isa Jul 17
I want to stay.

I want to hold you and forget it all.
It would be easier to live in the Before.
When my universe comprised of Us,
And your eyes were the only stars I knew.
When your love was my gravity,
And your arms felt like home.

But I can't; because your scent is different.
It's infused with one far too sweet to be mine,
And the eyes that once held my soul
Hold flecks of someone else's.
Your lips have a new flavour,
One that I can't seem to kiss away;
And the palms that learnt my form
Have someone else's pathways ingrained in their memory.

I want to stay.

But I'd rather die, than kiss you
And wonder if its her face you see behind closed lids.
If its her that you dream of.
If she is the sun that you orbit around now,
While I lay in the corner;
My love just another dying star in your sky.

I want to stay.

But I won't.
Because though leaving may break me again,
I know that staying will **** me.
Gabrielle Isa Jul 17
I did everything for you;

You asked me to walk along hot coals;
To press the soft pads of my feet
On the burning surface
Of a path called fear.
And I did it, without flinching.

You asked me for honesty;
And so I stood before you,
***** as the day I came into this world.
And I let you trace the cracks in my armour.
I showed you all my hiding places.
I let you shine light into the darkest caverns of my mind.

You asked for my blood;
So I split my palms on your sharp edges
And bled a myriad of emotions.
Until you were covered
In the colour of my heart.

You asked me for sacrifice;
So from the **** of my soul I birthed Love.
And I lead her, smiling, to the slaughter.
I watched as you lined your alter
With the essence of my child.

But no light shone from your heaven;
No words of approval poured from your stone lips.
Like the cruel gods of old you took from me;
Then left me *****, bloodless
With scalded feet, split palms
And arms that begged to hold a child that no longer lived.

And then, in the silence, you whispered
What Would You Do for Me?

And I replied then as I always do
I would do anything for you.
Gabrielle Isa Jul 14
There lies a wall around my heart,
Made of stone and all the hurtful words you have said.
But behind it sleeps a girl covered in scars,
Too afraid of getting new wounds to ever let you in again.
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