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5.8k · Jun 2014
Loves Unbreakable Bond
Gabriel Jun 2014
Souls search for corresponding measures with gossamer vines through ether
Trapped in corporeal form often drifting between the learner and the teacher
Passing the souls mate yet missing the eyes of fate’s tomorrow
Spending years or a lifetime without a match in loss and sorrow
Souls never lost or seen in a colored perfectionist spectacle
Yet still touch the heart and mind even though vestigial  
We cannot find the split soul’s half with judgmental eyes
And if all we see is material, we may never hear a soul’s cries
For the one that makes us whole often wears a disguise
We are lucky enough to peer into the same blue skies
So when you find your souls match, you will know in an instant
You will feel like the sun, or at the very least like you just kissed it!
Walking you into a warmth that is rarely ever seen
You feel as though you lay on clouds, or lost in a pleasant dream
Gabriel Jan 2014
As I watch you sleep, you wonder through vivid dreams,
This must be the reason for your kicking and muted screams.

As you slept, I held you so tightly, even though your naked body excites,
Which is a blessing on cold winter nights.

But as morning creeps in and the light starts to begin,
I create with a tiny lick, the most arousing sensation.

And as her vestigial legs slide so easily, I being the lovers embrace,
Bathing in her ocean of taste, great emotion fills her face.

"Oh, I am sorry sweetie, did I wake".... "oh no my dear, I did not want an oversight,
For a wish or a dream in the night, a touch so softly, there is no fight.

I figured I would stir you in the seeking of a snack,
But don't you worry a little bit, just relax and lay right back

For there is no greater act, then to lick our passionate parts so sweetly,
In between your thighs, while I drive my tongue so deeply.

But what I do with my tongue at midnight, when there is no one around to hear the yells,      
I would go into more detail, but a gentlemen never tells!
4.9k · Jan 2014
Into a daydream...
Gabriel Jan 2014
So long are the thoughts of someone so beautiful
pulled in by a vision of body and mind so young
chasing inspiration to steal the gaze of a woman
like a fire that burns so to a heart seated in passion
and even harder to fight the warmth of attraction,
yet a gentlemen waits until he is given the pleasure.
In a moment, one can see his eyes filled with pleasure
given a glow whilst reflecting something beautiful.
She never shies away from the design of his attraction,
hard to build a foundation on a ground yet so young.
Yet there is no limit, even one such as age, to limit passion,
rarely does time measure wisdom between a girl or a woman.
His pheromones work magic to his beating heart for a woman.
She seeks to be the resting of his desires that fulfill his pleasure.
There is a slow creeping thought that feelings are merely passion,
and there is little but a burning lust rather than something beautiful.
Harder are the connections with the ones who venture young,
but an old soul has the experiences that altered fates attraction
There are those who walk away from such an attraction
Envisioning a different path with an older woman
Seeing little to gain mentally from a person fairly young
Never realizing that her mind was always his pleasure
Not just intellect, but thoughts that were oh so beautiful,
With words that reflect such a bright heart of passion.
No matter resistances or distances, their connection is their passion.
They write to impress one another, flirting to increase the attraction.
Displaying their hearts for each other in writings so beautiful,
many poems composed for and because of, a certain woman.
Never by touch but a pen evoking feelings with written pleasure,
sharing in a cryptic way the hidden feeling from when young.
Still one cannot find the power to resistant a flower, young.
Merely looking for a fuel to fire our deepest passion,
never forgetting the strength of giving pleasure.
Baring his shyness to show complicated attraction,
in the pursuit of a hope that she is no ordinary woman.
Like hoping on a sunrise, but knowing it will be beautiful.
Intricate is the passion in the face of his attraction.
So too is the zeal of the wanting young woman.
Still the greatest pleasure is that she is beautiful.
A sestina for your pleasure.  I hope you enjoy!
4.6k · Jan 2014
My friend...
Gabriel Jan 2014
Pretend piety,
Of the temporary variety,
Placed in a shine of "I am better than you high society".

Your words are intelligent,
Your words hold weigh,
But my sentiment makes your feeble words tremble and shake.

It has taken years of mental *******,
To develop the concentration,
To compose these compilations of rhythmic translations!

You think you are the victor,
You feel you have won,
But this is no mere battle, it's a ******* war...son...your pain has just begun.

Because we don't need five minutes alone,
To crush any poem,
But reaching the masses and in between is where, I, call home.

Love and pain are parts of the game, but so are other emotions,
So merely beware, your pen must dip a little deeper into far vaster oceans,
If you think you can contend to my level or quotient...

My friend....
2.9k · Feb 2014
Quasar Bazaar
Gabriel Feb 2014
On the dark side of the moon
The light is always more blinding
One may hear a patterned tune
But Sol is no less binding
In the deepest black remains a torrent
Energy flows in all directions
A pulsing eruption of active current
The source of all of life's connections
Forces infused in superb creation
Energy powers our vivid dreams
Seen in a bright fiery demonstration
Found at backbone of cosmic seams
And every blistering binary star
Energy pumping from a quasar bazaar
2.7k · Dec 2013
My butterfly...
Gabriel Dec 2013
Butterfly, my butterfly; You touch my hair so sweetly.

Butterfly, my butterfly; Sad Star can only stay so briefly.

The nights that I stay, are always the ones I cherish,
The nights I am away, are cold and lack your appearance.

You touch my heart like the morning sun kisses the frozen flower,
Giving life to a new day, when past, dark clouds overpower.

You lift my spirit, when she breaks me down,
You never hesitate to lift me off the ground.

And even though you say, Star treats you better than the others,
Pain is still yet too close to make you my lover.

It is not for lack of love, Star la la you every day,
But even you are having trouble pushing the past "him" away.

Butterfly, my butterfly; Your Star cannot hold you tight.

Butterfly, my butterfly; Gently held with fragile hands all night.

Time could be so beautiful, if we gave it half a chance,
I can play the stronger man and you can be all sassy.

If you would only cuirass, as I have always done,
We would not have to let down our guards, to have a little fun.
Butterfly, my butterfly; My love does not come out just right.

Butterfly, my butterfly; You will have me completely one night.

Just give me time to heal my heart, so I can keep from falling apart,

And you will have your Star.
2.6k · Jan 2014
Gabriel Jan 2014
A peach, so sweet, one I would love to eat.
My hunger for the nectar of life, the sugary taste making it hard to retreat.
A peach, so tender and soft, making it far too easy to get lost.
In the delectable flavor of the juice, so sweet, oh how I long to eat one, profuse.
A peach, so ripe, I could eat peaches in the day or the night, either is alright.
Never have I seen, a peach so clean and eatable, colors just like a roses petals.
A peach, so neat, eating a certain one is a special treat, almost making me weep.
Speaking of spotless, where is your mind, I speak of fruit, who's in the gutter this time?,
Gabriel Jan 2014
Warmed sand from the hot day slides between her slider toes,
Her soft delicate ankles flex so tenderly with each step,
Smooth calves pull taut with petite strength, yet so frailly,
The falling sun dances on her hip and thigh seductively,

(A woman of complete ****** power, yet seemingly helpless,
Only as fragile as the tip of the golden dagger she bares,
Her greatest power is in your pleasures pleasingly fulfilled,
For once she has you clasped then her bidding can begin,)

Widening hips well versed in shifting her gently pooched belly,
A belly, so sensual, adored with melted elemental perfections,
Colorful beads to draws eyes to skin like petals of a newly bloomed rose,
A belly that when shaking releases all your heart's troubles and woes,

(When she loves, her warmth is ten times the sun on a cold night,
But if you were to oppose her, you are the prey to the panther's delight,
She will give you everything your heart could ever desire,
A kindness that burns inside her for her lover like a bellowed fire,)
Fluid, water like hands tell a story of enchantment as they slice through air,
Caressing a ***** so supple in form, a tear drop design of sexiness shown,
Gentle and smooth as her beasts gyrate with motion as her body moves like waves,
Her hands the constant agonist starting a seductive chain reaction through her body,

(A passionate heart awaiting a love so true, searching for her warrior poet,
She controls her world with her feminine wile but craves a life that is true,
A man that values and respects her intellect, equally as much as the view,
And look into her eyes to see the beautiful goddess that await him,)  

Long flowing black hair loved by the wind, teasing her curls as she spins,
The beauty of her face only second to Nefertiti, but her eyes that of a goddess,
Eyes reminiscent of a feline capturing the attention of the strongest man,
Emerald green, deep with passion like the ocean, and rival its beauty infinitely,

A dream that I see her in and long for her intimately......
1.7k · Feb 2014
Helium lines...
Gabriel Feb 2014
Burn so brightly elements of yesterday
Locked in a peculiar orbit, they say

The largest star in any sky
Burning the hottest before it dies

The intense blue of sublimation
Black holes envy his degradation

Far past when molecular oxidation occurs
Into great fires smoldering for her

Countless planets revolving over
Hopelessly caught in his supernova

The atomic incineration of time
All through ionized helium lines
Gabriel Jan 2014
Yet I will always listen
Hearing what they have to say
As my eyes, slowly glisten
Memories threaten to carry me away

The bones doth echo a hollow tune
Your likeness in a locket within
Many months pass since that June
Waiting for my soul to release your fume

Hands can hold the past in a sense
But without words from your spirit
All things are more past-tense
If only I was blessed to hear it

Black are my days often
Nights spent pining for you
Yet all I see is your coffin
How I hurt to have you in my view
1.5k · Jan 2014
Geometry by design...
Gabriel Jan 2014
Beyond cascading screams in a melodically honed vibration,
Within a fading abyss of infinitesimal separation,
A dreamscape of a constant creation, so vivid by design,
An interesting compilation to the manifestations of my mind,
The psyche demands a certain control and designation,
A tether to the super consciousness without a single deviation.
But as we sail away on waves of cosmic revelation,
To travel the universe for a more profound contemplation not quite Euclidean in nature.
But as a product of Sol, there is a certain elemental configuration,
That fuels the intent of the most colorful dreams,
Bathed in the warmth we call divine,
I have seen solar systems and even far beyond,
But that was only in my mind,
As dreams are harder to navigate when it is difficult to see them straight.
One does not debate such pointless substrate.
1.4k · Dec 2013
Tip the scale...
Gabriel Dec 2013
So, just how ugly can you get,
stuck between your tongue and lip,
the rudeness you display,
and viciousness you let slip.

But I am no angel,
even if I harbor the name,
yet, I do not need to be rude to those who under me, remain.

Being the better person,
does not always mean walking away,
it means watching what you say,
and what you verbally ******* think!

If a person takes the time,
to lend what they have to say,
take a moment to listen,
give them the right of way.

But the kindness in my heart,
wants to beat your funking ***,
cause you lack solidarity,
and a single ounce of class.

Because all I see is rudeness,
that you relay your inner heart,
and this makes you the weaker...from the very start.

Rudeness is weakness.....and one day I hope you see,
that due to the way you act,
Love will never be given for free.
1.3k · Sep 2015
Gabriel Sep 2015
In the still of silence hovers beauty of a smaller kind, the type you want to touch and hold to keep for all of time.

But she cannot be kept save in the memory of a dream, lost in a gorgeous vision with wings holding rainbow gleam.

The sweet and sensual body locked in the passion of an eye, blessed to witness her stunning beauty before we age and die.

Blue wings of this Dragon hold me spellbound in her sight, making me wish I could transform and fly away with her into the night.

But I am a mere mortal to this flying goddess I adore, if I can only look at her then I will always be left wanting more.
1.3k · Jan 2014
Gabriel Jan 2014
There is no speed
No distance vast
Strong enough to exceed the blast

The beauty has no singular compare
More like all things combined as one
One that no words could possibly share

Yet when staring at the burning heart of dying star
There is cool, calmness that evokes compassion
In all beings as we forget just who we are

Deep within the shattered matter a singularity birth
Set to feed on an umbilical meal of helium fusion
Never an illusion to the mass gravitational worth

A neutron core wrapped in superheated love so tightly
Yet a billion years is a moment death
To a hydrogen star that shined for many so brightly…

1.2k · Dec 2015
Gabriel Dec 2015
Mountains cloaked in misty fog,
Far too invested in holding up the sky,
To crumble.

Light burns the frigid frost,
As the pale moon begins to fade.
Lonely is the moss that witnesses,
These vaulted measures of pain
Through suffering.

How many pebbles,
Make a mountain strong?
Or do the people ever realize,
Their propensity?

Failure is a game,
Each person will play
And despair is the summer grass
In which we lay.

For there is no retracting,
The violent light,
As hope burns screaming
Through a lonely night.
1.2k · Feb 2014
Hairy falcon
Gabriel Feb 2014
Often plain will stain Greatness
That which stood so long without
Now can barely hold the word
The word is like tape with no stick left
Merely a shadow of what once was
And if pushed on very hard
There are days it sticks
Still that word quickly falls
Like a placid old *******
Lost the meaning of the word Great
Yet it still stands in all its useless glory
Too proud to sit the **** down
Admit that life…is always shity
Yet we smile
We smile until it hurts
To prove that importance is second
Because sometimes it's good to remember that happiness
Can hurt to reach for in the hands of others
Not because of anything
It is just the price of flying
1.1k · Feb 2014
Pure acquaintance
Gabriel Feb 2014
Blossoms of cordial feelings so blissfully divine
Ones that hold tight minutes in time
When worlds come shattering down
When solitude is all around
The warmth of a friendly hug
The infinity of a mother's love
Felt in the words we choose to relay
Or smelt in the depth of a bouquet
We cannot predict future ticks on a clock
But certainly filling curiosity's thoughts
Distance instants a stare a smile in the eye
Share a brain, share a set, and share a look in a starry sky
1.1k · Aug 2015
Liquid lavender expedition
Gabriel Aug 2015
Ride a bolt of lightening far beyond the sea of strange, test your brains limits as you contemplate your mental range.

Sliding down the rabbit hole turning you inside out, trapped in muted screams when all you want to do is shout.

Beware the tap dancing frog and Fox that plays piano, for they may twist a man until he thinks himself soprano.

And never drink the coffee offered by the chess playing bear, for she will have you dumbfounded thinking your body isn't there.

Yet all of this is fair on the liquid lavender expedition, but it all depends on your state of mind and perhaps your whole condition.

No lifetime is spent there even though some are surely trying, you may end your trip in joyful laughing or as some utterly crying.
1.1k · Dec 2013
Flash paper piety
Gabriel Dec 2013
Cryptic quotation offer shattered self-esteem
No solace for the personality flaws
Not quite the proclivity for annihilation
Yet, every stab at the paper breaks new teeth
Curious is the looker who looks through filtered eyes
Even still, there is no need to protest
An awkward moment of exaggeration
Or a sardonic belittling of subterfuge
Coordinated to change the sided nature of self
Crowned by the masses so intimately
But without a shred of deeper connection
And the line grows longer but no one knows why
Blind are bridge jumpers who love high numbers
Just like you never hear of lone sheep
Is everything so tragic…
1.1k · Jan 2014
Quarter for your secrets...
Gabriel Jan 2014
If it is a penny for your thoughts
how about a quarter for your secrets,
the ones you always try to hide
until others reveal where you keep it.

Shiny calcium structures hidden
behind stout oak closet doors,
stained with shame and guilt
most assuredly, they are yours.

Locked in soooo tightly
how much just to take a peek?
thoughts seemed to be on sale
I wonder what's up this week?

A thought can hold an idea
but a secret can hold a dream,
thoughts are ever fleeting
only once can you crush esteem.

Thoughts come cheaply
secrets are worth so much more,
some thinking is on the surface
while beliefs are to the core.
1.0k · Oct 2015
Gabriel Oct 2015
Within the silvery filaments are the elevators of the stars, becoming light to travel seems so avant-garde.  

Tethers so distance we cannot fathom the array, magnetic disturbances that resist the ravages of decay.

Portals trapped in dark matter holding keys to sapphire sunsets and triple moon rises, to stand on far gone lands mesmerized by unknown horizons.

Simply lost inside a mindscape that unfolds into forever, keep those blissful visions that cage emotions that we treasure.

So as I look at stars with hope of infinite wonder, I step into a dream of lifetimes without number.
Gabriel Jan 2014
If I were to offer you one thousand tears of a lovers sighing cry,
Would you fill your heart or empty them into an endless ocean of tide,
A withering petal of the most beautiful emotion that refuse to see the sun,
But in the seized feelings caged within aspects far beyond longing begun,
A belief that foretells of a song releasing you from held burden;

A beast doth not despise the hunter whilst running defense,
A flower doth not question the sun's distance immense,    
Both are lost in the beating of raw intensity,  
Bringing to thy edge of amber like waves of feeling into me,
Crashing on the white crests of an ever ending sea;

When you think of love do you think of your fear?
When I am in your vision do you think to draw me near?
But torture me ever not, with fleeting lunacy clouding my wisdom,
Mystifyingly hidden terrors of future commitment come,
But our souls have not touched long enough to leave the connection undone.

Yet a spirit is like neither bone nor flesh so bound by distance,
Tattered souls travel the world in their undying persistence,  
Tenderly pleaded the most noble actions of feelings rendered,
Only seeking to be in our hearts remembered,
Holding to hopes of a better November...
1.0k · Dec 2013
To Thor...
Gabriel Dec 2013
I always miss your presence, when the sky is clear and the sun shines so bright,
and forever sleep so soundly, when your thunder gives others a fright!
You are my patron power, the strength I command with a warriors cry,
You may not be the father, but I will worship you till I die.

My Norwegian blood calls, to the longship and coldest seas,
I long to sail as my ancestors once did, and put my restless soul at ease.
I offer my devotion and ritual now and again, and you have always helped in every strife,
Although I'm not a warrior and never killed in a fight, I am a scholar and defend knowledge with my life  

I tested your power, when I wore a younger mans shoes,
Now I see your tenacity, and I know I will never lose.
I wait for the day, when I pass into a forever tomorrow,
For I will be in Valhalla and in your presence, there will be no sorrow.
1.0k · Jan 2014
Astral travel...
Gabriel Jan 2014
As I sit in silence, so crystal and serene,
I knew at that very moment, I was only in a dream.

The texture was too sticky, the contrast not quite right,
I have to force myself into the breaking of the light.

The place not bound simple movement or defined by restricted equations,
But the purest forms of love, found only in true elation.

I take a draw of haze, to batter my frustrations,
I begin to realize, anger is only a manifestation.

Of aspects taken to heart, in the mornings aspirations,
Were merely broken dreams in a morbid mental *******.

But I take no solace, no entertaining rapport,
In the blinded manipulations that were intruded on the floor.

It is not the isolation of a soul too old for its line,
It is lost in the constant segregation of a love forgotten in time.

Now I witness the horror, before the breaking of the light,
my love is just a memory, in clichéic hematite.

Or is it too much for this world, this reality, this dimension.....maybe I am...another universal contradiction.
1.0k · Jan 2014
Intrinsically Intricate
Gabriel Jan 2014
Built into the inner lining
Like a patchwork with no seam
Stuck in precise timing
Like an engine pumping steam

Atomic structure of an element
A critically complex creation
As the deepest loves lament
Or understanding a nation

One can know a person
But never see their heart
Logic can make us certain
Emotions are where we start

A most complicated aspect
Often characteristics of a love
Never the ones we find perfect
Yet cause the most pain when deprived of...
1.0k · Dec 2013
The Smoldering Star...
Gabriel Dec 2013
With the most greenish gold luminescence embraced in a cherishing love,
so many others similar, but none matched when up above.

Warmth within the brightness only seen in the day,
never more burning then the bluest flame inherent within.

Quasars tremble at the radiance produced by the Smoldering Star,
curious is his orientation in this brilliant display of the brightness in decay.

But this Star can relish the dark,
such that black holes are forced to concede the winning shade, abstained...jealous.

The most murky oceans are visible in comparison to this Star in his cataclysmic rebellion of the light,
merely to fulfill a Gemini's prophecy of duality.

Therefore the star you see in the sky is not I,
but the reflection for the imagination in my eye, manifested as light.

The creation of such a dilation is second to the universe, however, nothing compares to finding the light you were meant to give, as the sun give to a planet
...not merely giving light, warmth, and a stable position, but also the ability to majestically generate existence.

The gravitational pull of the Smoldering Star is not that of a great gas giant,
but that of a supernova star, which has been long bereft of planetary manipulation of an epic magnitude.

Merely smoldering in dwell in semidarkness waiting to shine once again,
and like before when the strength was that of a million suns in full burn.

And while there are many stars up above,
I am among the few that shine out of love.

A Star that is always lovingly smoldering above with a smile and a hug,
depth of conversation that reaches crushing pressures of realizations in the face an inevitable annihilation.

But in the change on a second can fill you with the greatest elation with adoring connotations in a rhythmic fashion, to involve all passion.

It is not the brightness of the star.....but the amount of those illuminated by me in the end.
994 · Jan 2014
Forever pleasantly lost
Gabriel Jan 2014
Can you smell the little pastries cooking down the hall
Can you hear the sound as my heart begins to crawl
Interlaced corridors of cordial metaphor
A coffee cake pace in a curious position set a forth
Can you see how sensual measures make me shake
Can you feel that you are my love's potentate  
Lost in a scatter-brained impulsiveness to force annealing
Chasing that radiant love that feels like constant healing
Knowing that it is pouring in half of your soul
Knowing that equally given will always equal a whole    
Giving all the potency of love a spirit can possess
Realizing that Love was never really a test
But more falling into a breathtaking abyss
Lost in the epicness of her every kiss
982 · Feb 2014
Grows Greater...
Gabriel Feb 2014
The distance never seemed so great
Cataclysm perfectionists
Yet, I am not your humpy dumpy,
Or your fine china ware
Bare knuckles drip sweat with anxiety
I know she wants a reaction
A pulse burst neuron pattern
She wants jealousy
A hulk-like idiocy irrationally irrationalness
Anger does not suit is messy
When wisdom is much more vicious
Sound becomes tines of liquid silver endings
Forcing once passionate melodic tones
Into baritone thunder claps of aggression
But strangely...the animals do not run
As patients is a commandeering trait
But the distance g  r  o  w  s greater..
957 · Jan 2014
Feast the crows
Gabriel Jan 2014
In the forest of my mind,
Few words are ever spoken
Sounds are lost in the distances,
Thought become so broken

Shadows casting daydreams,
Which my darkness cannot release
Singularity in Sunshine of a future outcome yet to cease

Finding only stillness in balance of the off centered night
Wondering whether my body,
Or my soul,
Will catch flight

Soaring above the emotions ebbs,
Of imaginary flows
Trying to avoid absolutes,
Inside tumultuous lowed

But perfection is elusive,
Like a sun that sets in the east
Never change to something,
That does not call to your inner beast
956 · Feb 2014
Dying straight line
Gabriel Feb 2014
Dying straight line

Blissful reverie beginnings
Fill mason jars with
Cataclysmic repertoires
And loving memories  
Specifically orchestrated      
Pyroclastic like similes
Apprehensive to gestation
Systematical count down
To an evitable destination
But a soul may yet soar
On breezes men never fly
To hear the tune of resonance
Corporal forms rarely perform
Feel opulence in not but illumination
Transparent millennia as but a flash
Far beyond a humanoid pursuit
So while a body starts with intending
Spirits are infinite and never ending
You may think we are a dying straight line
But we are a circle….reinventing.
I think of Gandalf...Gray to White.
954 · Jan 2014
In the strangest way....
Gabriel Jan 2014
In the midst of the horizontal black and white
Color is lost vertically within the silence
The ever bleeding captured vibrancies
Taken by those crude color blind tyrants
Fair-weather rainbows shining through the muck
Sailing beyond light stealing clouds
Where happiness colors often get stuck
But the sun still knows the moon
Our bright white in the cold black
For two things so far apart
They sure do interact
In the strangest way…
921 · Jan 2014
No gut shot block...
Gabriel Jan 2014
(Am extremely large man standing at a sorely inadequate podium announces, in a softened loud auctioneer voice)

"Love to the highest bidder, a heart lies on the block. Who dares to start the bidding? Drift away from merely talk."

"Ahhh…however, just a little twist"

"Legal tender is no good here, put away your cash. Your credit matters not, just put down the stash. You had better have your merit, that’s the only way you're buyin' here. I hope you understand it."

(Flustered woman turns to leave, muttering, "Some auction!")

The large man continues…

"True, this may seem like an auction of the most material nature. But I assure you ma'am, You have every reason to stay here. Cause this is the infamous, No Gut Shot Block, where it's not so much about what you have, more to prove what have you got."

A woman from the crowd yells, "But I got all this money?"

"You can pay your way in other auctions, but not the one on this day. Yet I see your bid of impatience and that’s the lowest offer today. Who will be the next to place a bid, who will be the next one to call, which one of you is willing, to show this heart here one of your flaws."

"It's still an easy game…highest bidder takes the heart, but twist of this little game, is that to win is to completely fall apart…."  

…..A man walks by a door and hears women sobbing, and as he passes through a door he hears a women say, "Gentlemen, the bidding will begin shortly"…..
921 · Dec 2013
Gratuitous verbiage
Gabriel Dec 2013
Catapult cherry bomb metaphors
Like pestilent adolescent authenticity
No sharper then dull is the witless then before
Yet we ignore constant facts that lack congruency
Purely a jest to elements of a vicious nature shown
A lead lined carpet with no broom large enough
Hiding only chucks of self that fade to dust
Pyrex houses have shorter lives when granite flies
908 · Jan 2014
Nightmare Dragon...
Gabriel Jan 2014
As I stand over the ruin, the deepest dark, swallowing black,
Hope is at the mercy of a terrible minds acts.

Torn dreams in scared memories with such a devastating array,
An inner darkness so pure, ripping the guts of black holes away.

With an anger that burns like the center of the earth, so hot,
Waiting to spill out to melt your sweetest, hopeful thoughts.

The heart bleeds void in the darkened soul, your irresistible hatred of my iridescent glow,
The unstoppable will that impedes blood, so cold, with icy fingers that drain your soul, slow.

Your ultimate despair is my inevitable strength, I exuberantly feed on your passionate fear,
If you would only entertain a certain parley with me, I have a seductive secret my dear.

If not for formality, you would have already been devoured, but you're the delicate flower,
So crystal and pristine, I wait to bath inside your light, only increasing my power.

Over places deep within you, so beckoning to my dark, where I hold time,
You may have peace in the day....but in the night...your *** is mine!
907 · Feb 2014
Belittled hate...
Gabriel Feb 2014
I often run from hate,
I do not like the mind state,
it only leads to negative things,
Or thoughts of anger.

But there are times I find,
I am not as sublime,
as I think I am about a situation,
Or a person for whom I disagree.

So I give in to the anger,
that has me wound so tightly,
thinking it will last,
but it is always gone so slightly.

I remember the past,
seeing my father absolutely raging,
and as I go through the years,
I begin to see my anger changing.

Into a passion for fighting,
Against something that aims to change,
the person I love to be,
Into an ogre oh so strange.

I fight to use my logic,
When others want me stupid,
To take advantage of my anger,
And manipulate my emotions.

But I will never let them win,
Never resort to bones broken,
I will not fall to their level,
My heart remains forever open.

To give love.....
902 · Jan 2014
Gabriel Jan 2014
The turn of a lip, the rise of the cheeks, that smallest action that makes my heart skip a beat.
Often they come with the cheapest of prices, even produce through electronic devices.
Other times, not even all the money in the world could entice one.
They are made for love, made for laughs, made for fond memories flooding back from my past.
Unrestricted in pleasure, forced in times of pain, there is not much better, then kissing one in the rain.
Some say they are small, some say they are trivial, but to me not getting them in life....unlivable.
Starting of excitement, cleanse away anger, the best thing to see when you first meet a stranger.
I'm speaking of giving one to many, but only really to one of a few, she may not know, but this is for you!
A smile costs nothing....yet they will change your day...
So, away!!
901 · Mar 2014
Gabriel Mar 2014
It is the immaculate consternation of my atrocious reputation,
for pulling intellectualism into the gutter.

For the transgressions I accumulated in a iniquitous fashion,
were merely the adoration's of rebellion.

The methodical maintenance of a maniacal mind set,
created in the interpretation of a world that fails to define me.

But I digress from my reasoning to articulate an irrefutable way of believing,
that love, is what started it all.

Infringing on the desolation of the psyche that wants to be free,
but inevitably entraps its own self.

A true Gemini fabulous and terrible, in all their splendor,
are a mass of waling contradictions wrapped in an enigma.

So to say that it is slightly genius, without a tinge of insanity,
would surely be an exercise in futility.  

There are two sides to a coin, a Yin and Yung,
the things that defines us, is being in constant change.

Intuition is strong, but decision not so great,
if I could do half of both choices,
it's a path I'd gladly take.

No longer is there hiding,
no more walking on the fence,
no longer will I settle or be a part of false pretense.
897 · Jan 2014
Why try...
Gabriel Jan 2014
Trapped in a helium glow of iridescent isolation, in the terrifying grasp of convalescent irritation.
Nevertheless, it's the complex grin of a mechanical computation, not some abstract will of a medical complication, but the laborious equations of a most difficult accusation.
Now you can swim through a black hole, or ride a surfboard on a supernova, but a white dwarf star will slow down the ball speed of Anna Kournikova.
In an instant the universe could end, but it would be so fast we would not see until it came back again.
You think your real?
The sands of an hourglass steal the time you say, but you're the one that plays, no.
That expanded feeling you get, when you realize the universe as gotten larger...or made you an attempt to understand its own creation, experiment after experiment.
One never thinks to understand their world until it is crushing down upon them, baring teeth, going for the ****; only then, is understanding important.
A trillion suns shine in a billion solar systems in a million galaxies and then some, but a single kiss from her lips, could break apart Calypso.
Within the dark matter, memories and patience lost, we have never diminished our flame of will.
Savage endings frayed in the  yesterday dust....memories twice scorned.
891 · Jan 2014
The tree and the stream...
Gabriel Jan 2014
As she runs through the forest, smitten with excitement, she passes tall pines and even fallen pines, in an effort to find the lover ahead of her.
He walks in a daze, as if stuck in a daydream, rendered useless by the magnification of her beauty and the way he feels with her arms wrap as tightly as she can around him in embrace.
She stops to call his name, never thinking of who, or what, else may come calling instead, for she does not fear the woods, but the thought of never seeing her love again.
He begins to become impatient with not knowing the locality of his precious love, and he begins to quicken his pace in his most confident direction, feeling only with his heart.
She is having indecision in her selection of direction, and doubts her current course, stopping again to ponder the true path she should take....creeping thoughts of the forest come after unfamiliar noises arose.
He is in full sprint, looking franticly in each direction as he runs, yelling her name with each possible breath he can spare, sure to find her quickly reserving no vigor for potential encounters.
She is starting to despair with the thought of being lost and never finding her prince, she cries such tears, that she creates a stream with the tears for her lost love.
He begins to tire and feels distraught over the whereabouts of his love, he know she is alone in the forest, and in his anguish stumbles upon a stream, he splashes the warm water on his face washing away grief.
As night falls, she begins to realize that she may never find her love, and she cries harder, until her tears and herself...become the stream in her bereavement
As shade covers all, he sees her in his heart, but fears he will never see her again, and to avoid cold he finds refuge in the pools of the warm stream....becoming a tree in his sorrow.
Ages pass...a young boy sits at the base of a very large tree and watches the stream of the warmest water disappear into the together is the purpose...the other the life.
The tree cannot be without the water......but the water is not needed without the tree...
883 · Feb 2014
Sea of sweetness
Gabriel Feb 2014
Set adrift on a sea of sweetness
Wondering how it could be so featless

Dried up from a lack of water flowing in
The steam is gone the sweet cannot be filled again

The water becomes stagnant and blown away by reciprocity
Always acting on the verge of animosity

Thought it best to leave, now returning for a quick drink
But the water is no longer flowing, it is not what you think

A kindness taken as a weakness, merely words saw as deceit
Sweet compliments seen as advances to meet
Were little more then sweet words, only meant to lift you off your feet!
874 · Aug 2015
Soul web
Gabriel Aug 2015
Reticulated souls interwoven into a thousand yesterday's, folding all together in ways we cannot even say.

How many lifetimes spent in webs of emotional reverberations, always with the ones that contribute to blessed revitalization.

Where the paths cross we may never know, yet once found instant connections grow.

Out of thin air as if never a day was lost, always there like a rock covered in moss.

Deeper still are the emotional bonds held, as no matter the distance feeling are always felt.

A group of soul mates sharing lifetimes without measure, eternal universal links among the greatest unknown treasures.
873 · Jan 2014
Second to no throne
Gabriel Jan 2014
Captured by the gleaming point of rage
Held bleeding inside my hands
It has been so long since I have seen the sight
Not sure where my willpower stands*

I have wielded this beast so many times before,
Scars ripped from a past so deep, harder to ignore
Only sibling blood knows points of stress
Ones that raise anger when painfully depressed
Yet that never counted is a deeper cost
In the heat of a brother's battle… much is lost
Not merely the pain can you muster
But the cherishing love we used to foster
There was a time when you had woke the lion
But now wisdom sees how sad that you are trying
To provoke a beast that once nearly destroyed you
Soon you will see that patience is now my highest virtue
I hold all loving pity for your years of my caused pain
And I show you the greatest sympathy in my refrain
Because I will not give in and hurt my brother
Because I know that in your mind…you suffer.
873 · Jan 2014
Daring mortal...
Gabriel Jan 2014
Walking through barren and burned deserts
Swimming through oceans on fire
Climbing to the top of the highest crystal tower
Hoping he can acclaim her divine spectacle
To lose his soul in the spirit of her flesh
Longing to prove his love for her
Show his love's strength above the rest
To be the source of the fire the burns beneath her breast
But this mortal is flawed
As he competes against Gods
And the Goddess he so passionately seeks is beyond his stature
Foolishly, he will fight tooth and nail
Only he will undoubtedly falter
To match the ferociousness and vigor of Gods
In his battle to reach her alter
But this oh so daring mortal
Was merely too blind to see
The Goddess had already chosen
But he failed to believe it was he
870 · Feb 2014
Awaited touch...
Gabriel Feb 2014
Missed so often are the gestures
Of emotions without measure
But no less heavy from here to there.

Through nonverbal communication
Not similar to meditation
We may speak on the body's accord.

For it does not require sound
To make meaning leap and bound
Far beyond the transgression of varying tongues.

There is understanding in sight's percept
Often retold in a night or two slept
Still she is all the fills my mind.

So while a gesture I have yet to see
A burning in my mind has yet to flee
As a vision has my emotions lost for words.
857 · Jan 2014
Without measure...
Gabriel Jan 2014
Twisted recollections
Superficial self-esteem
Boorish charms exceeded
Only by a dream

So cocky is the strut
That often shows the stature
For the nature of the beast
Becomes its hidden disaster

Calculating deeper calamity
To justify split design
Depicting cheaper denominations
Harden psyches face decline

Epithetical clichés inanimately
Falling like all conjectures
But no closer to actuations      
Only changes without measure
844 · Mar 2017
Into the void once more
Gabriel Mar 2017
In the midst of encompassing darkness, there is a causeway through light
One that emotions feel in the ether and all too often hidden from sight
We drift through each illuminated cosmos as if it were our last
Live for tomorrow yet set thy Self within the past
In a jaded cognitive clarity, we see the blooming of a new dawn
One that holds our souls in the coldness night any of us have ever saw
We hone our inner light work to shift the coming supernova blast
Unite within the rising of an evolution we have yet to grasp
For only the Children of Love will feel the change deep in the soul
The ones who fall the hardest as they break out of forced molds
Law second to nothing but that of universal constants
Of that which guides our symmetry into a new consciousness  
One that is long overdue for a race outgrowing its dimension
Do we have control of our Will to shift a worlds intentions
We rest on the cusp of a blade where a feather equals stone
Fight for that Love that each and every one of us infinitely own
842 · Jan 2014
Roses and Thorns...
Gabriel Jan 2014
The thorn in the brush,
The thorn in your side,
The thorn you contend with,
The thorn you despise,
The thorn that goes on, long after you are gone,
The thorn that sings your passionate song,
The thorn that makes a roses life go on...


The rose in the bushes,
The rose of your eye,
The rose you hunger for,
The rose you admire,
The rose that always keeps you close,
The rose that writes your marvelous story the most,
The rose that is reborn under the protection of the thorns...
841 · Dec 2014
Defenders of the Sun
Gabriel Dec 2014
Looking deeply into the densest black, no light to be found save a tiny little crack. The fracture that harbors a minimal piece of light, holding a tinge of fear as a battle rages in the night. Champions of the bright stand battered and bruised, a war against the dark we cannot afford to lose. Many tactics has the dark to destroy leaving broken shining beams, yet the light holds tight inside us as we strive towards our dream. Of a world that will only ever live in the light, and the only darkness we see is that of night. A war that eternally wages on, so no matter the victor...the tiniest crack of the dark...lives on, in us. We are the bringers of both side of illumination, one without the other, never balances the equation. For oneness is all that we seek, the inner battle of the strong and the weak. A source to which we are forever tied, we merely live to choose a side.
834 · Feb 2014
Watchin crows fly
Gabriel Feb 2014
Crows tell lies to magpies about lazy black bird who spy on gentleman
Whether the rain falls in drips or sheets it’s gonna affect your mood
Car tires sound like waves if they pass in rhythmic succession  
Though each still lacks the depth of pure water crashing
Rainy smells a constant memory stream that floods
Do magpies care enough to wonder the truth
The way those warm kisses felt and tasted
Does the crow really fly in the rain too
Are my car windows down or not
Why would a black bird spy
Oh look, it’s a clear sky
Tell the magpie bye
Goodbye magpie
Rains all over
Best we go
808 · Feb 2014
The mind is
Gabriel Feb 2014
****** are the mouths that hide feelings behind teeth
Wishing for words not to become like sidewalks, concrete
Fidgeting ever so slightly nibbling calcium ends into the night
Down to the quick for worries never far from sight
Nothing to stop the freight train of pondering
No road blocks to keep a torn mind from wandering
Into process of thought that become so problematic
One can only sit back and look at just how tragic
The mind is…
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