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Feb 2020 · 77
Gabriel Feb 2020
Standing at the edge of a shattered lake of despair
Pondering the notion of how little people care
Not such placated sentiments as hollow as dried up bones
But those that tear at the soft bellies of what one might call home
Time will test the measure of any who withstand the wind
Knowing that our greatest strength will always come from within
We cannot always see the future by relishing in a past
Hardly do we see our own dreams coming in last
Yet there is always a bright light in a tunnel standing black
Often there is a turn point...for which there is no coming back.
Mar 2019 · 93
Infinite night
Gabriel Mar 2019
Comforted by broken symbols and lost signs

Not even sure how to step down or rewind

Caught blinded by a futile primordial scream

Dropping final seeds into a increasingly bloodier stream

No direction now for the fragile time that never passes

That progression held only for those who act the crassest

Can one balance on the point of needle's tip

How quickly to be skewered for a tiny slip

Diving deep into the guts of investigation

Never thinking of course of consideration

Merely the need for blood on open fangs

Seeing the blackened soul lusting at future's never changed.

How can we breath life into splintered and shattered light

When most people only want to inhale the darkness of the infinite night.
Nov 2018 · 103
Gabriel Nov 2018
Born to feed off negativity stream
Lost in never ending bigoted themes
Screaming how others are trapped in ego
Void of compassion for what others know
Weary of ideas not tied to monotheistic views
Fighting to keep a narrative set in wood pews
Yet prizes are kept in the eye of the beholder
Looming is the truth like a giant boulder
Held by falsehoods so feeble in design
Invisible to a world that is ignorantly sublime
Where does one look for a light that is unseen
When all that we know seems like a polluted dream
So pillars of truth are built by those with solid mind
Never turn down by those blinded by hatred for all time
Aug 2018 · 235
Unbounded visions
Gabriel Aug 2018
Futuristic streams of destiny pulling portions of soul into one

Separated bloodlines undergoing transmutations within the sun

Bright coronal plumes change the nature of a living cell

Dipping in cosmic rivers of magical kinds, we cannot tell

Still forks of alterations keep a fated path ever divided

Left to those not third eye blind finding a way to fight it

Gripped by ultimate knowing trapped inside amnesic holds

Lost within the greatest cipher of every ancient story told

Drift into multiple realities after losing sight of the first

As trans-dimensional Beings usher in the brink of a new thirst

Love and oneness are the signposts on a well worn road

All have traveled before, repaying the universe what we owed
Mar 2018 · 293
Gabriel Mar 2018
Always held so strictly by placid imitations of divine
Visual master sickly to those who remain ever blind

Feed by egotistical mischief meant to nourish only descent
Relishing in despair as though only true pain is the intent

Bruised are these fake shells that fester from the inside
Never realizing that a soul does not have to sold to die

Yet trapped inside it's own cage as a maker of self ruin
Far too lost in the feeling of sinking teeth into another undoing
Oct 2017 · 312
Midnight write
Gabriel Oct 2017
So let us speak plainly now…together
Just this one forever, again
Abound is a metaphor long forgotten
Momentarily mystifying enchantments
Interlocking bittersweet ballet
Held merely with theories of strings
Spinning within missing seconds
Enveloped by contemplation chaos
Into webs of impossible daydreams
Tasteless are such words delivered
Lost on ears deaf to comprehension
Catapult genuineness until hubris fades
Holdfast to chivalry unto death of self
Carry the wisdom of those older
With the fear of those younger
Be true to more than anyone expects
No story is written, but continually forged
Sep 2017 · 339
New dawn
Gabriel Sep 2017
Blown right into pieces like sand between my fingers.
Dig deeper into the land where course foundations may linger.
Steadfast into darkness where the truest hold the light.
First to bare the soul's inner flame to forge the greatest fight.
How can we soar if we never fail a dream.
The brightest stars are always best when they focus their beam.
Bringing illumination into a darkness that only rejects.
Holding on to wisdom leaving stifling regrets.
Reborn in a hue that had gone astray.
Breaking the shell to see the light of a new dawning day.
Aug 2017 · 240
Forever hidden
Gabriel Aug 2017
Feel that tug of a vibrational pulse wave
Some darkness cares little for the want to stay
Gravitational anomalies hidden in a dream
Yet realness found in hypnotic mind streams
Held by that which shifts between grey
Kept from vision as consciousness sees day
Illumination guarded in traps of genetic lines
Taken long ago from those separated by time
Falling into daydreams of amnesia broken
Fearful of memories that can never be spoken.
Aug 2017 · 211
Elven dreams
Gabriel Aug 2017
Slowly drifting down the silver river as winds blow gracefully through the trees, caught in blissful pondering passed into rainbow waters by the breeze.

Lands that are so beautiful like that kind of fantasy forgotten, all life around is vibrant as everything begins to blossom.

No evil stalks the land and no dark clouds are in sight, children play with happiness and even in the gray moon light.

No great sword to be found or ancient tree to be saved, everything is quite now even if only for these few days.
Jul 2017 · 182
where's a deluge
Gabriel Jul 2017
Within the deepest parts of my consciousness,
I feel I can still fly
There is nothing I cannot do,
No dream I will not stand up to.
I just get this fire in my soul that makes me feel as a whole
I can bring to production anything my brain thinks into function.
But I want peace and some real love,
The kind our parents would dream of,
The kind the media mocks daily
And one that we wish for our babies.
Real love is something we fight for,
We strive hard,
And we die for.
But can't afford a war with those holding weapons of mass manipulation
That only leads to deepening frustration
At some limited media prime time
Only to set a false outline of why we dispute…where's a deluge
Jul 2017 · 204
Ton of gold
Gabriel Jul 2017
Traverse pyroclastic star fire into super nova force speeds
Packed full of adrenaline where the heart of the universe breaths
Barely enough time for a simplistic five senses to absorb
Vivid ether and experience only a consciousness can store
For the tactile sensations are dynamically built within us
Confusing human shells slow to evolve for floods of stimulus
Riding a constant high of something always quite unseen
Never very sure debating between reality and a dream
So we drift as if we were all perfectly awake
In most grim hours where a soul is often give or take
Every person in our life is there for a reason
Whether for a day, a few months, or several seasons
Failing to find proper weight to fit the measure
That every single moment shared is a galaxy of treasure
Jul 2017 · 208
Ship for fools
Gabriel Jul 2017
Allegorically reminisce hoping that which is precious still is
Holding tightly to levitating memories beyond constant bliss

How does grey matter of such complexly infinite design
Manifesting utter happiness to guttural sadness at one time

Causing souls to teeter a precipice of their sanity's destruction
While many souls live a blessed life of nothing but love and fun

Where does that vital chemistry strike such a mortal divide
From melancholy breeze to an explosive raging tide

Sensation like riding ever-turbulent oceans with no keel
Listless souls are trapped in tug-a-war of how to feel

Looking far and wide for a proper life course correction
Hoping some day the endless voyage can finally be done
Jul 2017 · 289
Loosely held
Gabriel Jul 2017
Sunshine breaks the grey sky in the mist of a morning breeze. Wistful are the reverie caught in aetheric revelations of sight. Chase the hidden daydreams on the windswept rolling waves. Bathe in painted moonbeams that hold emotions within a daze. The softly flowing movement of the air in which we breathe hold the dust of a past life freed. Bellowing puffs of impossible yet reachable vivid dream. Those that can be gained if only we can keep from the scream. Temptations of phantom recollections over seen by those lost in pictures. Revelations torn into pieces by not just razors but with words sharper then thrice folded steel. Can one live inside a dream with no direction...can love hold true without detection.
Jul 2017 · 161
Gabriel Jul 2017
Surely blessed with curves that sooth savage minds
Deep within secret thoughts of holding soft hips in time
Looking for ways to make ****** magic reality
Settling for passing touches of dangerous insanity
Wanting merely to slide inside her satin stream
Clutching hips closely as licking brings gentle screams
How can there be thoughts of such ****** passion
Seeing her bent gorgeously in that seductive fashion
Going deeper in his sensual quest to release delight
Or so go the dreams he awakes from in the middle of the night
Mar 2017 · 844
Into the void once more
Gabriel Mar 2017
In the midst of encompassing darkness, there is a causeway through light
One that emotions feel in the ether and all too often hidden from sight
We drift through each illuminated cosmos as if it were our last
Live for tomorrow yet set thy Self within the past
In a jaded cognitive clarity, we see the blooming of a new dawn
One that holds our souls in the coldness night any of us have ever saw
We hone our inner light work to shift the coming supernova blast
Unite within the rising of an evolution we have yet to grasp
For only the Children of Love will feel the change deep in the soul
The ones who fall the hardest as they break out of forced molds
Law second to nothing but that of universal constants
Of that which guides our symmetry into a new consciousness  
One that is long overdue for a race outgrowing its dimension
Do we have control of our Will to shift a worlds intentions
We rest on the cusp of a blade where a feather equals stone
Fight for that Love that each and every one of us infinitely own
Mar 2017 · 432
Tainted relations
Gabriel Mar 2017
The mechanism cracks to seep the hidden timelines pulse
Broken are those cogs that keep the generations close
Weakening are the bloodlines that forcefully hold post

Vibrations free the frequency that emit the colors unseen
Crystal structure memories laced inside a cognitive dream
Light confined in gravity while sound waves break the stream

Shift into the dark matter as being bound in nothingness
Collide into a particle as are pieces we cannot miss
Locked inside a calcium we are told cannot exist

Dripped into an hourglass are bits of supernova sand
Trapped within a reality of qubit artificial brand
Loops of endless insanity of a type we cannot stand

But where are all the opening for which we have these keys
Who has covered all the places that are kept with a freeze
Feel through all the changes that roll like cooling seas

For there is no tomorrow in the breaking of today
I am just a construct in a selfless vision of decay
Lost inside a firmament that a broken matrix can never relay
Jul 2016 · 767
Gabriel Jul 2016
Steel against the torrent as it bites into the skin, feel the concrete crumble as water seeps from within.  

Hold the heart in earth where the mother knows far better, breathe in cooling air to quench the fires of forever.

Tear apart the ego until the tower comes crashing down, plant the roots in deeply as to remember oneness with the ground.

Never forget the daydreams that plot the future in mere moments, live inside the instant where everything is golden.

Hold on to passionate causeway that link our soul to the source, blast the positive intentions to reveal our inner driving force
Jun 2016 · 470
Certainty of wind
Gabriel Jun 2016
Glory to the sacrifice that happens in the hidden night, the silent acts of selflessness for which a nation fights.

Yet ridiculed and condemned for changing a 50 year long cycle, far too worn in to be seen as anything but spiteful.

Lost in calculated measures never possessing any direction, still terrible are those who work to make the right corrections.

Holding on to ridge tradition that's forgotten it's own place in time, never fully realizing that it had crossed it's own imaginary line.

Knowing is the key to flowing with the winds of change, even though to many might see it all as strange...we cannot deny the only constant, the certainty of change.
May 2016 · 553
Until now
Gabriel May 2016
Envision counting clocks simply melting as they slip away, work the calculation to find the valued measure of a day.

Blessed with flawless vanity void of any sense of direction, one can rarely see a vision if their soul has no reflection.

Nature hides creation strands like rivers underground, yet within the rainbow of Sol true enlightenment can be found.

How do we sow a seed when the soil has no life, how can we call for unity when we cannot remove the strife.

Breathe the winds of poison and drink the tainted water in, for this is evolution so only survivors win.

Broken is the system that forces family to fight to live, what is a better quality then our ability to give.

Most spend a lifetime thinking of schemes to take to get more, yet they rarely ever realize they end with nothing just as everyone before.

Those high and mighty always take while the lowly always give, for this is evolution and the only way we are allowed to live.

Until now......
May 2016 · 409
Gabriel May 2016
Cast a line into the sea to fish for best intentions, yet caught a snag adjusting drag in a perceived divine intervention.  

To the singularity as we strive to meet the source, infinite prosperity as we ride the ripples of atomic force.

You cannot catch a moment if you never caught the wave, how can you exist in unison if you genetically forgot the way.

Dip into the chasm where inertia lost its motion, gliding on the gravity of a million raw emotions.
Apr 2016 · 553
The breaking
Gabriel Apr 2016
Dance within the moonlight until happiness whittles deep into your core. Live within the passion as your blood begs for more.

Let loose the inhibition that impedes the third eye still, decalcify the walls of salt to release our true ability to feel.

Once the visions open to reveal the golden path as greater, we change the way we wage the war to reject the fighting nature.

To be the shift in frequency be the light bringer to mass stagnation, be the love of unity and give our all despite frustration.  

We cannot seek blood when so much of ours was taken, we must end the cycle for only our souls are breaking.
Apr 2016 · 322
Gabriel Apr 2016
Projecting wishful daydreams in the battle to fall asleep, hoping for no nightmares in the simplistic counting of sheep.

But there is something lurking in the gloom of pressing night, something beyond the shadows for a feeling not quite right.

Peering through the blackness convinced of matrixing designs, until that intense moment when caught by steely eyes.

Gone within an instant was the will to move an inch, to the further realization of losing the ability to flinch.

Sliding ever closer to the distance within visions reach, hearing whispering softly yet never was there speech.

Turning to a horrid feeling that something is terribly wrong, only to wake up to the sun light...and everything is gone.
Mar 2016 · 301
Inner cataract
Gabriel Mar 2016
Perilous are the plunder dreams, those torn by twisted manifestation.  

Dipping toes into a opulent grand design, holding back tears caught hanging over the finest line.

Wicked straights drawn in the memories of this who once held up these walls, the walls we couldn't bear to look at now we can never live without.

How do you measure the strength of you inner stream, how can you chase a dream when you are sleeping.
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Gabriel Dec 2015
Mountains cloaked in misty fog,
Far too invested in holding up the sky,
To crumble.

Light burns the frigid frost,
As the pale moon begins to fade.
Lonely is the moss that witnesses,
These vaulted measures of pain
Through suffering.

How many pebbles,
Make a mountain strong?
Or do the people ever realize,
Their propensity?

Failure is a game,
Each person will play
And despair is the summer grass
In which we lay.

For there is no retracting,
The violent light,
As hope burns screaming
Through a lonely night.
Nov 2015 · 543
Broken hold
Gabriel Nov 2015
Awakening from centuries of sleep, trapped in a dream with open eyes.

A witness to the horror bore of hateful minds, safely a once beautifully free soul is now held inside.

Waves of true intention seem to bubble at the surface, fighting to escape the hand of absolute control.

Hard is the battle against that which cannot be seen, while forced to follow the rules of a role.

Where the dark dissension breaks the rulers at their core, bright souls begin to wake to view the desolate land.

Once a broken, shattered and divided people, now find the common love for which together they will band.

Never was there ways to stop this wave from crashing on existential shores, never could they stop an open heart from wanting more.
Oct 2015 · 725
Trapped water
Gabriel Oct 2015
Deep within the average stone lies a perfectly symmetrical form, creation of a being for which love is often adorned.  

In between the finer lines exists a calculated summation, the dreams within a tattered mind step far from elation.

Imagination grips the sidewalk as if there never was a path, still too lost in the numbers to even do the math.

Where does a sidewalk end if it merely bends into a fulcrum, because standing still is not an outcome.

So we must break the coal mold to expose the diamond, to greet a dark world with our light fully shining.
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
Gabriel Oct 2015
Within the silvery filaments are the elevators of the stars, becoming light to travel seems so avant-garde.  

Tethers so distance we cannot fathom the array, magnetic disturbances that resist the ravages of decay.

Portals trapped in dark matter holding keys to sapphire sunsets and triple moon rises, to stand on far gone lands mesmerized by unknown horizons.

Simply lost inside a mindscape that unfolds into forever, keep those blissful visions that cage emotions that we treasure.

So as I look at stars with hope of infinite wonder, I step into a dream of lifetimes without number.
Oct 2015 · 577
Gabriel Oct 2015
See the candle's wick endure the flame, much like the shoulders that bare the strain.

Lost in a darkness we never sought, learned to wage a war we never fought.

Consciousness locked inside our fleeting dreams, held deeply within ancient genetic streams.

Continued life is water over flowing, hoping to find a path of deeper knowing.

The lip does bleed while on the hook, late is the bait for which we didn't look.
Sep 2015 · 355
Gabriel Sep 2015
Snow drifts over the hills as if sand, differing by merely altered warmth inside a hand.  

Icy frozen windows dripping away, not cold enough yet to last the day.

Snowmen melt like ice cream cones, just like the chunks of slush slide off of homes.  

Precious water slowly trickles down drying streets, while the fog of sublimation makes a cycle complete.
Sep 2015 · 786
Precipice of battle...
Gabriel Sep 2015
A Gladius in one hand, leather on the handle amalgamates with weathered epidermis as if together for so long, there is no real division between one and the other. A Parmula in the other,  the protector, second appendage aside a most ravenous blade. Muscles so tense, nerve endings burst with electrical energy, capturing the spirit of the terrible beast within the man, nay, the Gladiator.

The beast tightens his foothold into the sand, raging strength forcing down, sand pressured through each phalanges as if water through a spout. Positioning each arm carefully and with the intent of maximizing damage and avoiding attacks, through cunning and powerfulness, designing death with each glare of the field. His focus, that of the hawk in the hunt or the statesmen in great debate...calculating all the angles, possibilities, and outcomes, defining his moment in time before ever even arriving there, his blood pumps.

The blood courses through his veins like molten hot lava from the core of Mount Vesuvius, ready to feed the vicious requirement of vigor needed to drive the man beyond men, who means to deliver the utmost devastating horror unto the flesh of other just as ferocious men, but none that contend. The strength of ages shown in the ripples of a warrior's poetic mastery to human excellence within war, for the ruthless decimation of human parts in a most savage fashion.

The shattered Gladiator takes that last few seconds, those trice right before battle
......where all time ceases......
To look down at the blood pumping harmoniously through veins before his eyes, he thanks the gods for his passion, power, and even his demise...and at that moment of singularity, he can hear his very blood in motion, as if all the world is silent, even against the crowds of the Coliseum that rival the sound of ten thousand heavy armored horse in full charge crashing lines of men
.......yet he can hear the breath pass his lips, as he breathes that last easy air of peace.    
As the opponents he means to send to the afterlife enter into their final space of rest, the roar begins to shake the sands at the suspect of impending death. The Gladiator sees each lusting harder than the other at the thought of his murderous actions given as the sport of all. Loving the blissful pleasures of watching him extinguish the light in men's eyes at his most arrogant time, all in name of a game. The Gladiator clinches his teeth in great anticipation, as the Roman speaks in foreign words which requires a submissive bow, and an utterance of a silly vow, which has no meaning.

And despite his many occasions in this very situation, there is still no greater sensations then when hardened metals smash together in the most destructive manner, setting the sounds alight that is music to the ears of a monstrous warrior who dances with death so often, he has learned to avoid the steps, more often leading, for skills that are the best, and death has all but removed him from his list...

Save a tiny little cyst in his hypothalamus.....he would have never died in battle.
Sep 2015 · 1.3k
Gabriel Sep 2015
In the still of silence hovers beauty of a smaller kind, the type you want to touch and hold to keep for all of time.

But she cannot be kept save in the memory of a dream, lost in a gorgeous vision with wings holding rainbow gleam.

The sweet and sensual body locked in the passion of an eye, blessed to witness her stunning beauty before we age and die.

Blue wings of this Dragon hold me spellbound in her sight, making me wish I could transform and fly away with her into the night.

But I am a mere mortal to this flying goddess I adore, if I can only look at her then I will always be left wanting more.
Sep 2015 · 373
Nothing left
Gabriel Sep 2015
Little to find
Screaming within
Self made walls
Pounding and beating
No cracks show
Cannot climb
Which left without
A way to escape
But no one
Can hear a cry
Trapped myself within
Walls that leave
Me to die
Hear the thump
Of a sledgehammer
They came
To get me
Yet found
Only ash
Sep 2015 · 657
Half past fragile
Gabriel Sep 2015
The flower soaks the brightness of the sun, emotional oceans flood hearts by the ton.

Searching for hidden beauty within the seed, nurtured to grow into what we need.

The mind is the soil in which we plant, knowledge and wisdom slowly removing "I can't".

Growing stronger at fighting winds that blow against, more powerful then the fight is an unbreakable defense.

So absorb the sun in which you shine, to hone and strengthen an unbreakable mind.
Sep 2015 · 469
Gabriel Sep 2015
Ever surrounded by white light that I unfurl from my heart and mind, a blanket of great protection where evil cannot find.

The souls that I keep sacred and perfectly safe and sound, by building the brightest sphere high in the sky and deeper in the ground.

With the heart of my will I set this light with my intention, to hold the negative at bay from every single direction.

The fire in my being will never let this white light burn away, for it will always protect us through the night into the day.
Sep 2015 · 284
What is real
Gabriel Sep 2015
Lost between a daydream and a trance, feeling through a warm summers night rain dance.

Many words can make a story true, but words do not always show the real you.

Not always what we see is a thought, learning how to truly feel was never taught.

One can always hide behind what they say, but the emotions in the words can give you away.

A trained heart will know where to look, not a subject to be found inside a book.

One must search for how to feel, part of the lost art of telling what is real.
Sep 2015 · 280
Gabriel Sep 2015
Cannonball like inertia carries life through in a blaze, caught inside memories like a boat lost in the haze.

Up and down these rolling hills of passionate emotions, built upon a foundation of casual devotion.

Butterflies affect the moments thatoften pass us by, not like the ones never grasped thought of when we die.

But the ones too often had that are all too quickly gone, those we long for often and to which we tightly hold on.
Sep 2015 · 258
Gabriel Sep 2015
Stepping through dimensions swimming on the astral plane, psyche ripped to pieces falling out a corporeal frame.

Minutes seem likes seconds but the hours seems like years, were we chasing daydreams or running from our fears.

Feel the cord slip as the body fades away, drift into the beyond counting forever and a day.

Slide through the mystic cosmic membrane like breaking the water surface, almost forgetting who you are or at the very least forget your purpose.

Hold tighter to the memories of the form as you recede, life is so much more then the bones that you perceive.

Yet back into the cotton you fall once more, so much for an escape as someone begins knocking at the door.
Sep 2015 · 569
Gabriel Sep 2015
No more cascading through endless dreams, lost is the moment in between.
Like something never found in the midst of looking, taking every feeling in the lack of loving.
There is little to ponder on in a soft hearted lover, seeing the rain but wanting more than cover.
Time is a mystery no more useless than the rest, but no matter how much passes waiting for the final test.
We may change our perception of the past to fit a wanted future, but we may never know trapped in a material stupor.
Searching for the moments we kept, too old to open an aged box of regret.
Living inside stoke illusions, forgetting that we are left to find the solutions.
Sep 2015 · 243
Gabriel Sep 2015
Flying through the universe on the solar waves of forever
Filled with astral thoughts as the body lightens like a feather
The silvery cable ties a burning soul unto the ground
As the spirit forces to find bliss of the galaxy unbound
Mind’s control the star beams that drift unendingly
Fingers dip in celestial streams as tender as can be
To find the truest source, is to find a dreamless dream
Witness the supernova and feel the things unseen
Never fear the journey that unfolds a million times
Fear the patterned voyage stuck just beneath the eye
The third that sees the Mandala as a perfect flower still
On the day we wake the inner, the cup we have yet to fill
Aug 2015 · 274
From within
Gabriel Aug 2015
Stare into the fleeting glance of a hopeless minded stranger, look past the days of broken glass into a struggling fear of danger.

Not all these wary souls find solace in this contentment, nor do they seek the road that leads to a lifetime of resentment.

How can we see the broken mind with a face that paints no picture, how can we grasp the emotional flow when know not the condition of the fixture.

How can we offer open hands when the days of sorrow blind them, how can we know their pain when thoughts to express them are binded.

We must break the solitude of night that ever gloom upon their distance, to meet them with the illumination of healing love's stronger persistence.

As some gray days can never become blue without a changing wind, sometimes we cannot see the power that was always hiding within.
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Liquid lavender expedition
Gabriel Aug 2015
Ride a bolt of lightening far beyond the sea of strange, test your brains limits as you contemplate your mental range.

Sliding down the rabbit hole turning you inside out, trapped in muted screams when all you want to do is shout.

Beware the tap dancing frog and Fox that plays piano, for they may twist a man until he thinks himself soprano.

And never drink the coffee offered by the chess playing bear, for she will have you dumbfounded thinking your body isn't there.

Yet all of this is fair on the liquid lavender expedition, but it all depends on your state of mind and perhaps your whole condition.

No lifetime is spent there even though some are surely trying, you may end your trip in joyful laughing or as some utterly crying.
Aug 2015 · 294
Feminine tribute
Gabriel Aug 2015
The most delicate rose with its petals flowing in the breeze, women are the sweetness that fills the life of leaves.

Liken to the root that digs deep into the earth, strong and ever reaching often hidden in the dirt.

The ones behind the strong branch that seems to hold the world, even harder to believe they start as breakable and vulnerable little girls.

Most grow knowing the weight of a thousand stars, all in the search to find merely who they are.

They are the mother earth that breathes life into us all, they are the ones we must ensure never fall.
Aug 2015 · 255
Karma balancing
Gabriel Aug 2015
Few can know the path of one who uses dark magic, though there be appeal it's road is fraught with sadness and rather tragic.

One may use this power to control another's mind, one may even use it to change the body's age for a time.

Yet few who use will ever speak of the price that must be given, never will they tell the piece of soul torn and forever hidden.

But those who wield the dark arts to quietly entrench the world, can still become the brightest light that shines to heal with words.

They may even stand right next to you offering a shoulder and hug, for the terrible things they have done can only be repaid with love.

Forever will the truth remain in one that has walked the darkened road, ever will they repay the debt lest their heart once again corrode.
Aug 2015 · 217
Gabriel Aug 2015
Immortal are these towers of Babel that scrape the sky for words of precise wonder.

Based in rubble are these tall vibrations of description that owe their origins to the majestic dirt.

Catch the wind as the trees form syllabi with no vocabulary to guide the mystical sounds never spoken.

Oh does man feel himself courageous as he shakes those cords in a rudimentary fashion.

Even stones can carry a tune of sadness in the winters frozen bitterness of spite.

So what makes these words so wise when they cannot speak to the earth or hear her pain and sorrow....merely waves against boulders with no feeling, no soul.
Aug 2015 · 229
Into history
Gabriel Aug 2015
Cryptic vibration locked in step with the nuance of invisible tethers that hold matter still in motion. As universal constants are but pretty little lies told to children who resist change. Peering into the black that stares back mortality and the wishes of lost souls. To where in time does that universe fold and loop into a fated summers dream. As one looks through the glass breaking open much more then space, as a meaning for life unending. While all seems still at the slowest vibration, look into the place that scares you most, for the time has come when we can no longer hide, from a wave that is the longest crashing in history. Yet, look not to the stars for answers trapped in a code, that for millennium has had no spoken key. The words that pour from a soul are ones we may never know, but if for a moment we's our perfection.
Aug 2015 · 874
Soul web
Gabriel Aug 2015
Reticulated souls interwoven into a thousand yesterday's, folding all together in ways we cannot even say.

How many lifetimes spent in webs of emotional reverberations, always with the ones that contribute to blessed revitalization.

Where the paths cross we may never know, yet once found instant connections grow.

Out of thin air as if never a day was lost, always there like a rock covered in moss.

Deeper still are the emotional bonds held, as no matter the distance feeling are always felt.

A group of soul mates sharing lifetimes without measure, eternal universal links among the greatest unknown treasures.
Jul 2015 · 369
Pathways of forever
Gabriel Jul 2015
Memories hang like pictures in synaptic hallways of electricity,
Waiting for a sound or smell to release their authenticity.

Flowers in the wind to oceans run ashore off in the distance, hard to fight a flood when we have no built resistance.

Can you smell the cherished past that hides inside the smoke, do you feel your childhood when the softest silk is stroked.

Fall into a daydream of times that have gone by, to live within the moment that often makes us cry.

To miss the ones forgotten in gentle summer breeze, caress the textured stone as we once again greet them on our knees.

But they are never lost for we are always tethered, trapped inside our minds in the pathways of forever.
Jun 2015 · 405
Gabriel Jun 2015
Boiled blood will crystallize like razors in the veins, poison so uncivilized seeing kindness as so strange.

Attacking and belittling like a viper when they strike, pushing for the moment when a button says to fight.

So sad are poking prods forcing changes in emotion, the difference between hate and love is like a pond verse an ocean.

Always baiting kinder souls to break and cross that line, yet slithering into one that is worse will surely change the mind.
Jun 2015 · 211
Legacy beyond
Gabriel Jun 2015
Though we may pass unto the veil of pale dark of night, we will not fear the death of stars. For in the vastness of the universe a stone hope is born. Though we may fall to the failures of human kind, the ridge spirit of the oneness endures. In the souls of hearts in passionate display forever amalgamated to the universe deepest core. The seeds encoded with the love of a billion generation into the strength of a trillion more. Though we may parish and crumble to dust, love and honor will endure. We count the years as mere seconds in the record of the light, there is no end or beginning to hold markers to. As we young ones divide the blade of grass that is all of us, we still endure as one. The vibrant spark that burns in the soul of all, carried for eternity passed on to hold forever.  Though we fail to see the ocean in a raindrop, we will return all the same. We are held tightly in the loving cradle from once we arise, born for the time when we witness a new life's star materialize. Basking in the illumination that our souls will pass on, into the time when all but light is gone. For we are the universe and the universe is we, born of the stars where our love will infinitely shine free.
Jun 2015 · 404
The unsung warriors
Gabriel Jun 2015
The deepest facets of a universes unknown, deeper still in the earth are truths yet at home.
How can we know when nothing is brought into the light, how can we see when those against us bring forever night.
To hide that which a heart seeks and often deeply knows, a thirst for a reality that only grows and grows.
We ever search in the darkness for those who will bring us to the illumination, those with mental fortitude and forced concentration.
The ones that strive for truth as a child strives for life, to bring us their wisdom in a war we eternal fight.
They wading into shadows releasing what they know with convictions, forever battered and bruised as the world contradicts them.
Born as light warriors into Fadernauticus in night, destroying fabricated walls that hold secrets and lies so tight.
Spreading knowledge through the air and in deserts far away, gathering learned people who want to listen to words these warriors relay.
As the greatest challenge is to push on to never thinking of turning back, to push on for a new world because we are Fade to Black!
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