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Gabriel Aug 2017
Feel that tug of a vibrational pulse wave
Some darkness cares little for the want to stay
Gravitational anomalies hidden in a dream
Yet realness found in hypnotic mind streams
Held by that which shifts between grey
Kept from vision as consciousness sees day
Illumination guarded in traps of genetic lines
Taken long ago from those separated by time
Falling into daydreams of amnesia broken
Fearful of memories that can never be spoken.
Gabriel Aug 2017
Slowly drifting down the silver river as winds blow gracefully through the trees, caught in blissful pondering passed into rainbow waters by the breeze.

Lands that are so beautiful like that kind of fantasy forgotten, all life around is vibrant as everything begins to blossom.

No evil stalks the land and no dark clouds are in sight, children play with happiness and even in the gray moon light.

No great sword to be found or ancient tree to be saved, everything is quite now even if only for these few days.
Gabriel Jul 2017
Within the deepest parts of my consciousness,
I feel I can still fly
There is nothing I cannot do,
No dream I will not stand up to.
I just get this fire in my soul that makes me feel as a whole
I can bring to production anything my brain thinks into function.
But I want peace and some real love,
The kind our parents would dream of,
The kind the media mocks daily
And one that we wish for our babies.
Real love is something we fight for,
We strive hard,
And we die for.
But can't afford a war with those holding weapons of mass manipulation
That only leads to deepening frustration
At some limited media prime time
Only to set a false outline of why we dispute…where's a deluge
Gabriel Jul 2017
Traverse pyroclastic star fire into super nova force speeds
Packed full of adrenaline where the heart of the universe breaths
Barely enough time for a simplistic five senses to absorb
Vivid ether and experience only a consciousness can store
For the tactile sensations are dynamically built within us
Confusing human shells slow to evolve for floods of stimulus
Riding a constant high of something always quite unseen
Never very sure debating between reality and a dream
So we drift as if we were all perfectly awake
In most grim hours where a soul is often give or take
Every person in our life is there for a reason
Whether for a day, a few months, or several seasons
Failing to find proper weight to fit the measure
That every single moment shared is a galaxy of treasure
Gabriel Jul 2017
Allegorically reminisce hoping that which is precious still is
Holding tightly to levitating memories beyond constant bliss

How does grey matter of such complexly infinite design
Manifesting utter happiness to guttural sadness at one time

Causing souls to teeter a precipice of their sanity's destruction
While many souls live a blessed life of nothing but love and fun

Where does that vital chemistry strike such a mortal divide
From melancholy breeze to an explosive raging tide

Sensation like riding ever-turbulent oceans with no keel
Listless souls are trapped in tug-a-war of how to feel

Looking far and wide for a proper life course correction
Hoping some day the endless voyage can finally be done
Gabriel Jul 2017
Sunshine breaks the grey sky in the mist of a morning breeze. Wistful are the reverie caught in aetheric revelations of sight. Chase the hidden daydreams on the windswept rolling waves. Bathe in painted moonbeams that hold emotions within a daze. The softly flowing movement of the air in which we breathe hold the dust of a past life freed. Bellowing puffs of impossible yet reachable vivid dream. Those that can be gained if only we can keep from the scream. Temptations of phantom recollections over seen by those lost in pictures. Revelations torn into pieces by not just razors but with words sharper then thrice folded steel. Can one live inside a dream with no direction...can love hold true without detection.
Gabriel Jul 2017
Surely blessed with curves that sooth savage minds
Deep within secret thoughts of holding soft hips in time
Looking for ways to make ****** magic reality
Settling for passing touches of dangerous insanity
Wanting merely to slide inside her satin stream
Clutching hips closely as licking brings gentle screams
How can there be thoughts of such ****** passion
Seeing her bent gorgeously in that seductive fashion
Going deeper in his sensual quest to release delight
Or so go the dreams he awakes from in the middle of the night
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