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G C Feb 2014
Dear friend,
I know how you feel, I’ve been there too
I know you’re telling me to leave,
Deep down, you’re begging me not to
You’re scared, you’re sad, you’re tired
Tired of living in this word full of lies
Tired of people who hurt, people who leave,
And, let me tell you, friend,
I understand,
It happened to me, too
Until I found you
You showed me that friendship exists,
Even when you’re miles away and talk once a week
You are my friend, and when I was sad,
You did not leave
You don’t want to open up; you say you’re tired,
That we’re all the same,
Dear A, let me prove to you, that we aren’t
It doesn’t matter how hard you try,
It doesn’t matter what you say,
I am here to stay
I’ll be that annoying pop song you can’t get out of your head
I’ll be that one tree that follows you everywhere
That recurring dream you don’t quite understand.
Just, open up once more,
Tell me all of your fears, and reopen your scars,
I will help you heal
Tell me your story, and let me tell you mine,
What are your poems about? Are all they about Her?
Or is there more pain inside?
I promise I won’t judge.
Just, please, friend
Let me be there, don’t shut me out
And if you do, that’s fine.
Let me prove you that not all friends are the same,
Let me show you that I am a real one.
A, please let me help you.
G C Dec 2013
I love you,
That's all I know,
I don't know what is it,
but there's something about you,
and they can see it, too.
It's in your eyes,
and their brightness,
it's in your smile,
and its sadness,
it's in you,
and your kindness,
It's you:
the essence of you.
It's to make girls fall, hard.
You leave an eternal scar on their heart,
Leaving them forever flawed,
Unable to find their "other half",
See all the pretty girls crying in the corner?
You destroyed them.
Just like you destroyed me.
G C Nov 2013
We would sit there,
And talk for hours,
I’d tell you my hopes,
You’d tell me your fears.
We would be there,
Next to each other,
Knees almost touching,
And our hearts smiling.
You would bounce your knee up and down,
I would play with my hair and look to the ground,
Both of us liking each other,
But oblivious as to what to say.
So, maybe, at one point,
You’d place your finger on my chin,
And force me to look into your deep brown eyes,
I’d see myself reflected in them,
Maybe, you would smile,
And then, perhaps,
We would let our lips do the talking,
Because they can express it better than thousands of my poems,
And be more honest than hundreds of your songs.
G C Nov 2013
Why did I think,
That the guy who never misses anyone,
Who doesn't feel a thing,
Would care about her little sister's friend,
Who happens to be in love with him,
If you didn't cry for her,
(and you loved her)
(I know you did)
Why did I think
You would cry for me?
G C Nov 2013
Scratch, scratch, scratch,
Another few lines,
These ones showed up last week,
These ones are from yesterday,
It's because of all the mistakes I've made,
It's because I let you go,
It's because I failed a test,
It's because I am me.
It used to make you angry,
Since you're gone,
I can start doing it again,
Just one time more,
Scratch, scratch, scratch.
G C Nov 2013
I see you,
Laying next to me as we cuddle,
Playing with my hair,
I see me,
Smiling at you,
Tracing your veins,
I see you,
Listening to me,
Chuckling at my weird thoughts,
I see me,
Asking you about work,
Reading your favorite poem,
I see us,
Being happy, in love,
Forgetting about the past,
And the pain from before,
I see our love,
As soon as I close my eyes,
But when I open them,
I see me,
In love with you,
I see you,
But I don't think you love me like I do
G C Oct 2013
Your hands in fists,


Your knuckles even whiter than usual,

I can see your veins,

Making their way through you strong arms,

Intricate and incomprehensible,

Like your mind,

They resemble tree branches,

As they get to the crook of your elbow,

They change color,

From green to blue,

Like your eyes during winter,

Your favorite season.

As cold and as heartless as you,

You, my darling,

You are made of winter,

Its frosty rivers run through your body,

Delivering frozen blood,

Which feeds your cold heart,

That heart,

Pumps the frozen blood,

Through all of your body,

So you are made of winter,

You are made of cold, dark feelings,

You are made of permanent snow,

You are, an eternal winter,

Storming and destroying,

My warm soul.
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