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fuzzynerves Oct 2017
Don't be afraid,
all relationships are temporary

Don't feel bad,
love isn't real after all

Don't cry,
save your tears for failure

Don't regret,
there was never any other way

Don't fester,
you decide when you get better

Don't shun,
appreciate what you get

Don't **** yourself,
you don't know what you can become.
Probably wrong about most of this stuff
fuzzynerves Oct 2017
What do you want?
My rot soul,
soft dry lips,
thirsty eyes,
is what I have.

Though I know this.
Empty cups,
hands and legs,
failure's bliss,
is what you owe.

That's what you always tell me,
That's what I always know.
Whenever I feel like I somehow deserve better, I like to think like this.

— The End —