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Tom Leveille
VA USA    twitter: @avxlanche YouTube: booking inquiries: my book "down with the ship" is now availible:
in a horrendous town    the vibe is no harsher than the thought
122/M/Sequestered    "Seek and ye shall find." Matthew 7:7 Joined: 17 September 2012.
Furtuna Sheremeti
Oxford    “All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
UK    There's a graveyard on my lips from all of the words that have died on my tongue.
You know me. I promise. "Maybe she was doing it for dramatic effect, ever think of that?"
I started writing poetry, more for song lyrics, however the poems can also stand by themselves. This is one way of self expression that is ...
Shannon Smith Alavi-Moghaddam
Hello, I'm Shannon. I'm twenty years old and still writing everything down. Enjoy!
Mariya Timkovsky
Whenever inspiration comes, I write.
My dreams are bursting at the seams.
John Chris Risner
My mission in life is to find happiness. To define, find, or create the person that I am to become. Psychology is my life, philosophy ...
I am the Superhero!!! Sent here to save the world....But the world made me Psycho... Thus I was reborn The PsychoSuperhero... Tryin to find a ...
Mitchell Duran
Brian Long
Putting words to the feelings I never thought I'd feel, using words I never knew I'd use.
Dylan Anthony
30/F/nowhere/everywhere    i am a figment of my own imagination
Honesty is the best poetry.
Feedback is always appreciated, thank you for reading. My blog :
Bruised Orange
United States    "This poetry. I never know what I'm going to say. I don't plan it. When I'm outside the saying of it, I get very quiet ...
Jack Turner
I started to write poetry in high school as a form of journalling and it took off from there. It is still mostly biographical in ...
Helios Rietberg
I've always wanted to witness the Aurora.
Dustyn Smith
Denver CO, USA   
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