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Furthestreaches Oct 2013
I wish I could shed a single tear
Over this feeling I've held on to for years
Began to forget for a little while
Wasn't it so nice?

Reckless abandon fills up her mind
I'm out wondering all the time
What could I do differently in my life?
Remembering then the inevitability of strife
Slowly believe it's no fault to blame
But somehow manages to hurt all the same.
Furthestreaches Jul 2013
I observe the suffering
of both the small and great
My heart grows heavy, I can relate
Needless pain sent from one to another
At such a cost, do we really gain?
Any peace of mind that we have done good deeds

This diverse planet we love and share
Consume blindly, why don't we care?
Actions so vile, under the guise of good
made possible by ignorance and complacency

Follow not what has been constantly told
The absence of compassion and logic grows very old
Look within for the answers we seek
Those who appear to be in power are really quite weak
Let the wave of vibrations wash over us all
Rejoice as the sand castle empire begins to fall
The sea claims what man believes to be his own
In the end its just sand and stone
Belonging to the incredible planet that is known as Earth
Along with every living organism given the gift of birth
They deserve the chance, and so do we
To bask in the light of life, and to be free.

— The End —