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binnie 6d
im just glad you told me you needed one
so ill wait for you.
Oct 14 · 26
i wonder
binnie Oct 14
i wonder if ill ever be good enough
because at this point, ill only be enough to hold everything for you so you're happy.
binnie Oct 12
maybe you dont love me back'
maybe im in denial.
Oct 12 · 38
binnie Oct 12
your voice, it must be cute

just like your lil fluffy hair

cute little cheeks

pretty nose

beautiful lips.

ill love you forever. even if i get made fun of for it. i know it happened.
binnie Oct 11
ill pour out my feelings for you again. like we did, a year ago.
Aug 19 · 34
i hope i die soon
Jul 24 · 54
binnie Jul 24
just.. tell me to leave you alone.
im tired of watching you breaking my heart.
Jul 11 · 47
restricting food.
binnie Jul 11
doing it again
i just need to be empty
Jul 10 · 35
"please dont leave me"
binnie Jul 10
isnt it ironic how,,

not even a year after you said that,,

you've already left me

and i don't know who you are anymore.
Jul 6 · 45
binnie Jul 6
rest in peace pupper,

though i never met you,

you made her so happy and thank you for that.

god i wish i met you but, i love you.
watching her little videos of you made me happy. rip heidi :(
Jul 6 · 43
binnie Jul 6
im finding more and more things that i don't like about myself

i need to get things off of my mind
binnie Jul 5
even if its a month or two,

or even longer.

if my feelings stay,

you bet your *** im waiting for as long as it takes
Jun 30 · 44
i’ve given up
binnie Jun 30
i don’t think i care anymore
Jun 30 · 31
is this fun
binnie Jun 30
no this is stressful it makes me feel so ******* bad
Jun 30 · 33
at this point
binnie Jun 30
are you playing against me? are you lying? are you ignoring me? i had a winning hand every round yet you said i have nothing. i have nothing
is this gambling
binnie Jun 26
'cause i know you were just playing me,

but it hurts.
Jun 25 · 41
relationship #8?
binnie Jun 25
why get into a relationship when the distance was the problem? thats utter *******.

you dated someone across a whole continent once so whats the ocean gonna do to you?

you hurt him, you hurt me, you hurt my friends.

you hurt them, we aren't cool anymore.

i knew this would happen but i didn't think it'd be so soon.

i knew this would happen but i didn't think the excuse would be something so bullshitty,

just tell me i wasn't enough for you and that you got bored with me.

we both know you played with my heart.'
**** millie. 06.03.2020-06.24.2020
binnie Jun 24

to ryder and susie: surely enough you have now.
binnie Jun 24

youre such a great person, im just ruining it.
Jun 24 · 55
the day i apologized
binnie Jun 24
made me feel like a better person,

was it half-assed?


but i got my point across and let me clear the air.

im sorry.
Jun 10 · 41
i feel like a 6/10
Jun 6 · 83
binnie Jun 6
i love you.

you make me feel so many things that i thought i lost

only today, did i realise how much i ******* love you.

i felt it.

i knew it was there,

i just didn't know i loved you so much.

i didn't know that id end up like this


you're so far away,

i cant touch you.

i cant see you.

i cant kiss you

i cant hug you.

but at least i can talk to you

im so grateful for you
what can i say? your local ******* fell in love again. i should stop, sometimes i realise that i don't really even love the person.

just like her,

im set on her
Jun 6 · 51
pitter patter
binnie Jun 6
i forgot what i was going to write
Jun 4 · 38
thunder rumbles
binnie Jun 4
they scare me,

loud booms,

like screams from the sky.

screaming for help,

tears pouring down,

like a breakdown really.
binnie Jun 4
you are,

constantly promising me these things

only for me to find out that they aren’t true.
to find out that you will yell at me and call me names if i ask.

i’m bullshitting to you,

i’m guilted by you constantly putting the blame on me,

not even listening to what i have to say.

i am sorry, can’t you hear? can’t you read?

though what i said cant compete with what you have called me.

******* *****
not good enough
******* kids
**** all of you
get out of my house
live with your mom
yet i had called you coward, a harmless word. after all, you were dodging my questions left and right. you are a coward.
May 23 · 43
i walked downstairs.
binnie May 23
paused, remembering when things were okay

those memories went by in a flash,

and all i could hear were the  voices getting louder






i paused,

" nevermind, no water for me . "
May 22 · 48
i’m not actually 17
binnie May 22
i’m a kid, going through some ****. using this as an outlet.

the guys threatened to kick me out, im a minor, still too young to have a legal job.

telling me to go live with my mom as if that’s where the dumpster is.

is that all she is to you?

i know you’re not on good terms but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be an ******* towards her.

i’m just here, a shattered soul

wanting help but never going through with it

because i’m scared

and i don’t want to hurt you

but truthfully

i don’t want to live here
binnie May 21
i thought my mom and my happiness was enough, turns out you want more
May 21 · 26
this is your fault.
binnie May 21
why can’t you see that?

you’re shouting at me to the point where you break me,

i’m lying on the ground in tears with a booming headache.

you’re putting words into my mouth,

telling me that i’m not trying, rhat i don’t care about anything, that i don’t give a **** about you.

thanks for all those curse words, now i know what i’m worth.

worth nothing

i don’t care about anything because i’m gonna ******* **** myself soon

there’s no point in living so

i’m gonna **** myself.

wether that be today , next week or next month.

i’m gonna fuckinf do it

because to you and everyone else here

i don’t mean anything

i’m just a toxic ***** who manipulates everyone

i don’t try hard enough

i don’t care

i don’t give any ***** about everyone
binnie May 21
get it all out until you feel better

and peer up and realise you’ve broken me again

you shattered my already shattered pieces

it’s dust floating away

and all i can do is scoop it up and hope that i can rebuild
the dust is falling out of my hands
May 16 · 39
binge eating disorder
binnie May 16
i believe i have it but im no professional and im not self diagnosing because i will be told that im attention seeking
May 13 · 29
“how do you stop?”
binnie May 13
the more i eat the more i want to *****

but it tastes good,

so i guess i’ll keep going until i throw up.
May 13 · 29
binnie May 13
i say i’m not hungry during the day

to only feed myself so much to the point where i feel sick late at night

i try stopping but the demon keeps saying “keep eating.”

i try eating during the day,

it’s like it flipped a switch

because then the demon says “stop eating you ******”

so who do i believe?

i believe whoever is there at the time
so keep eating until you ******* throw everything up you fat *** *****
May 13 · 40
keep eating
binnie May 13
keep eating until you feel like your stomach is about to burst

and then throw it all up x
binnie May 12
but if you see this write a poem with nothing but a smiley face, i would like to see if it would happen
May 12 · 30
binnie May 12
happy anniversary

to the girl i never thought i'd have a chance with.

to the girl who won me over as i was getting over a rocky relationship with someone who constantly lied and ghosted me.

to the girl who isn't afraid to send me goofy and silly pictures and messages

to the girl who dyed her hair and cut herself bangs within 3 days

to the girl who was too shy to show her smile because she thought it was ugly, who grew to love her smile and sends me a picture of her smiling almost everyday.

to the girl who i wrote a letter to, even though i knew it'd take a while to get to her, since she lives 1.4k miles away

to the girl who i never thought i would love,

i always did those "gf/bf applications" for fun,

your reaction was cute

"oh god oh please s/u"

this day, last month, was the day i won your heart.

you were complaining about people asking you out, people talking to you who only wanted you for your love.

that day i asked the question in the most awkward way possible.

quinncy . happy one month bby
May 11 · 55
lets run away
binnie May 11
to a wonderland that doesnt exist.
May 11 · 26
happy mothers day
binnie May 11
to the mother who left me behind after attempting suicide in an attempt to escape from this abusive household.
i love you, please visit soon.
May 10 · 43
binnie May 10
whats so enjoyable about it?

maybe ill try it out someday.
May 7 · 73
binnie May 7
digesting food has never been harder
May 7 · 33
kill me
binnie May 7
i no longer want to live
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