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student a Jan 17
i thought you loved me.
maybe i overthought.

i thought you wouldn't leave me.
maybe i was being delusional.

i thought you would be mine.
but here you are in someone else's arms.

i thought you taught me love.
but i guess i was wrong.
i am! heart ! broken !
student a Jan 17
lilies are white,
orchids are blue.
cats have nine lives,
so do you.
student a May 2017
don't say, don't say you're human
don't say it's not your fault
don't say, don't say it's fine
don't say you're mine.
student a May 2017
when we talk,
there are sparks

when we talk,
my heart melts

when we talk,
butterflies in my

when we talk,
i get to know you better
student a Apr 2017
its funny how we don't talk at school
and we still end up dating

its painful to hear what others has to say
about our relationship just because they want you

its frustrating when you ignore my texts
because you were playing games with others

its blissful when we argued about
who loved who more

its funny how we didn't break up
because of all the trouble we've been through
my relationship in a nutshell
student a Apr 2017
the cat purred
to the girl who
sat by the wall
and looked at
the cat, who
stalked away

the car ran
over the cat
and the girl
who had witnessed
did not know
what to do

student a Apr 2017
something that most people have.
makes my hands sweat and shakes.
makes me tremble down the stairs.
makes me wants to be a shadow.
makes people think i’m not stable.
something that’ll haunt me forever,
and they don't intend to let me go.

— The End —