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Pea May 2016
with a face so angelic
and a mind so beautiful
like yours,
how could you be
so heartless?
Pea Mar 2016
I look back at our late-night conversation,
It was the first time I've heard your voice
I knew I was the slightest bit of anxiety
My fingers were a little cold
And I might have felt it trembling
But when you spoke,
Your voice lit up the fireplace in the room
And my hands began to grow warmer and warmer
As your airy words go fluttering from the speaker to my ear
I slowly felt cozy and the bit of alcohol from a while ago crawled back up
My words were unimpaired and free
The simple exchange of nonsensicality and infinite laughters
When we said good night,
I lay in bed looking at the ceiling
But all I see is pitch black
So I think about the look on your face
As we laughed at your stupid stories
and the pitter-pattering around your house
I wondered about the future events
If I pushed the green button again
But I just stayed there,
And waited
'Til I fell asleep
Pea Jun 2016
how could you
be both
a man of
a few words
a man who has
all the words?
Pea Oct 2018
tequila tongues and 2AM cigarette strolls
empty, spotless bathroom stalls
you give me nothing, i give my all
"forever's just a word," written on these walls
Pea May 2017
don't leave when i tell you to
because darling, all i need in this world
right now is your fingers laced with mine,
the feeling of your breath against my neck,
your soft mouth over my collarbone,
your eyes watching me.
because when i say leave, i mean it like
a synonym to please please please stay.
Pea Mar 2016
the sun is out, babe
it's spread out on our bed sheets
the streaks of daybreak
blazed up on our skin

your freckled face in daylight
a burst of stardust around your eyes
i count them to make me feel alright
you look away to give up a fight

you lift your coffee mug to your lips
gulping down the morning brew
i leave kiss marks down your fingertips
and catch a whiff of fresh coffee, too
Pea Mar 2016
you are my remedy
to the ill feelings I bear towards myself
you make me feel lovely
like sadness was a foreign thing to my lips

you make the pain go away
like there never was soreness in my limbs
you are the only living thing that I need
to heal and feel truly beautiful again
dear #1
Pea Aug 2016
i saw him in the hallway this morning,
his head was bowed down.
though i don't know what he's looking at
or why his eyes were glued to the ground,
i know from before that they were deep-set brown.
Pea May 2016
your pair
of eyes
is like
a thief
to my lips
they steal
my words
and leave
me breathless
Pea Mar 2016
let us walk these empty streets
fill it with our presence
let's spill secrets in the dark
spread laughter all around
let's leave a mark
with our colors imprinted
at each step that we take
let's fill in the lonely
forget that it was once empty
****** tho
Pea Mar 2016
behind those
pretty eyes
live your deepest
that would n e v e  r
to the life
you shared
with her
~ * broken soul club * ~
Pea Mar 2016
hold me closer and tighter
like i wouldn't know how to let go
wrap your arms and make me warmer
as the eyes of the night fade, he will let us glow

your fingers on my neck fire sparks against my skin
as our snarled hands dance with every stroke
you pierced at my cold heart, i bleed the light from within
your arms are my fireplace, i fret no more about the snow
Pea May 2016
why are we so obsessed
about our first times?

like the first time
we learned to ride a bike
without the training wheels.
we were so happy when we knew
how to maneuver along the way
without us or anyone getting hurt

and the first time
we got a henna tattoo
it looked permanent and
on the inside skin of our arms
it felt like it could last forever
as long as we looked at it

and the first time
we kissed someone on the lips
we could never forget that memory
it felt like it lasted for years in our minds
every single day we thought about that person
it had all felt softer than of marshmallows
and milk under sunshine,
it tasted better

and the first time
we heard our favorite song
as it played in the background of a movie scene
the lead actors were looking at the horizon
figuring out their feelings for each other
it was a beautiful thing to witness,
and hear at the same time
that somehow in our messed up minds
it managed to seep through
and stay as soon as we searched for the lyrics

first times,
that's just what they are
the times when something good and important
occurs in a timepiece in our lives
worthy to hold on to,
worthy to outlast more glorious memories
far-off better than
the first time

sorry it's a little long
Pea May 2017
it's all fun and games
until we both
get sick and tired of hiding
from the truth that refuses to be freed
and seeking for something
that is most probably never going
to come anyway
Pea Mar 2016
i wish you knew
how much i see
galaxies and other beautiful things in you
i wish you see
that these things i know are true
take a closer look within me
im sorry in adv ily
Pea Apr 2016
While I was sitting on
the concrete edge,
I looked up at the sky
and the clouds hovering over.
I thought about you,
yet again.

And even though all I see
were huge masses of white gossamer
and all I feel was the sun's rays
bathing our area,
I still see you
and I still feel you.
this is for you, Will.
Pea May 2016
you were made
of gunpowder

and ****
it when
i touched you
my hands

but my fingers
dusted off
specks of
Pea May 2016
i saw little stars
lined around your patch of scars
and they were glowing
Pea May 2016
so beautiful
yet out of shape
one's longer than the other
a little dented to the side
thumb's thick and fleshy
pinkie's a little bony
but beautiful hands
hands that i love to hold
when mine inevitably
start to shake
they calm me down
the warmth it seeps
greatly into my skin
the long and winding lines
where my fingers start
to flow and brush down
so tender
Pea May 2016
happiness is when i look into you and you
hold me with your knowing gaze that i fear
would bring more butterflies in my stomach

it is when you touch me and draw circles
with your palms around my back when i'm

it is when your hands feel warm against
my skin even when it's a cold and stormy
world outside

it is when i absent-mindedly throw my head
back and lose myself in laughters and smiles
from the things that you say

it is when you tell me that i make you happy
even when i feel like that is what i lack
talent at

it is in the simple things we do
in the littleness of it all
that i believe in so much
and even until now, i am happy

because happiness is here even when
you're not around, my mind's always been
about you and i will always feel you around
Pea Jul 2016
i'm just a conflation
of swollen lips
and drunken midnights
Pea Feb 2018
i was alright until now
you left me needy
you left me longing for your skin
you left me missing the taste of your weary fingers
you left me like you left your songs playing in your mom's balcony
those tunes that did nothing but talk about anger and ***
g o d
i miss those songs
i miss your breath
even when it meant that i'd have to deal with your cigarettes
i miss the muscles on your face when i ask you to smile for me
i miss sinning with you

but even when i miss everything,
darling, *i just don't miss you
inspired to write about an old friend though please don't misconstrue that i actually sinned in whatever way your playful mind takes you to ;-)
Pea Apr 2016
someday, you will see me
the way I see you
someday, all the things in my head
will leave and grow in yours
someday, you will care for me
like I have for you all this time
someday, it's all gonna make sense to you
just as I'm starting to fade from the view
Pea May 2016
you hate every thing
you hate the birds flying and the sunrise,
the afterglow and things that shine,
the butterflies and my silly haircuts,
the jazz playing and the flower pots
you hate the movies, the ones with Julia Roberts,
my favorite cereal and Gobstoppers,
the way i move away when you try to pinch my cheeks,
the way i undress your buttondown and taste your lips

you hate it, you hate every thing i love
but what's worse is that,
i can never hate you
i will always love you, even for that
Pea Mar 2016
in my dream,*
we lay in a field of daisies
talking like we weren't strangers
we were two souls laughing like crazy
and this was our moment to savor

in my dream,
you recited about the moon and her lustrous tales
like it was your mouth's native language
i stare at your moving lips and wondered about its taste
fond details that my mind could never damage

in my dream,
we were happy, we were full of light
as the daisies around us swayed in the breeze
i stayed wrapped under your arms, fearing no flight
wanting this all to last like how it's supposed to be
the reality, though.
Pea Aug 2017
when you wake up in the morning
and the sun doesn't shine,
you'll find it in your arms,
seeping in your veins
Pea Mar 2016
with every move you make,
you remind me of a swaying kite
gracefully letting yourself be
as you get carried away by the currents of the wind

with every beat of the music,
you're not dancing with your feet
you are moving with your heart
the rhythm and melody loud and clear in your ears

it is as clear as crystals will ever be in your grace,
the way you move so true and sure of yourself
the beads of sweat sprouting on your face
define soaring grace and the purest flair
this is not actually about the actor Joaquin Phoenix. this is for someone with the same name joaquin. i love the actor as much though <3
Pea May 2016
what did
it mean

Pea Mar 2016
how will i prove
the love that
still pines
for you?

a mixtape
filled with
all the songs
we know
by heart
and sing
at the top
of our lungs

you took of me
smiling shyly
at the

that we planted
that grew
in every corner
of my garden

ticket stubs
from when i
remember you
were so scared
of heights so
i never let go
of your hand
in mine

an exhibit
of the things
i collected
from all the
we have gone

unsent letters
that kept
my spilled words
about every
that I
felt about you

with this thing
inside me
too tired and beaten up
to beat
but never
to work
Pea May 2016
how did
the universe
come up
with someone
like you?

i question
i've never
seen anyone
or anything
as riveting
as the way
you say
like a
or a prayer

and i,
i've never
hearing it
as much
i do
Pea Aug 2016
I say this to myself
one last time
as I close the front door
behind me:

*"Stop getting yourself
too attached to people.

They leave and it’s sad.

But it’s even sadder
to look at yourself,
peeling off the skin
that once touched and knew
yours so well."
Pea Jul 2017
grow flowers in my mind
paint my stone cold heart
kiss thy lips bathed in wine
don't you know, you're a piece of art?
a nod to a song i wrote called Work of Art w/ my friend Aly
Pea May 2016
don't untangle yourself
from me

don't stop to breathe
while you're kissing me

don't wish me luck
or send me a goodbye note

don't drive me off
to the airport

don't wave at me
with sad eyes

make me stay,
but don't say it

don't let go
of me instead
Pea Mar 2016
don't look down on yourself
there's nothing to see but your
precious, little heart in there
where you keep on aiming rocks at
you hate that it's feeling,
when you don't want to anymore

it's okay, darling

look into the vast cerulean up above you instead
it is mirroring the radiance you don't know
you have been giving off
you are worthy of being loved, darling
you are more than good enough
just remember this
Pea Mar 2016
i tore
my heart
for you
come in

but you
it more,
and never
came back
you decided my heart just wasn't good enough for you.
Pea Mar 2017
one-night stand conversations
are probably
we'll ever
Pea Apr 2016
and then
one day,
i just stopped
the way
hoping against hope that, yes. someday. i'm just so tired already.
Pea May 2016
one day,
you will wake up
without the bed of flowers
outside your window that greets you
with delight and sunshine every morning
you will no longer have to drive with squinted eyes
because the sun's going to stop trying to please you; it will die soon
Pea May 2016
spin like a never-ending pinwheel
go forth whatever, wherever direction
don't stop
even when you feel woozy

that's the point
(no pun intended lol)
Pea Jan 2019
before sunrise treads,
make me your nest.
sculpt your universe
in my harrowed chest—
i'll allow you to.

give me a moment of silence
to recall myself before you
and why you'd came;
the science and the art
of your being,
and my ways you've changed.

before sunrise treads,
you'll be gone.
i'll embrace our fate,
but i'd refuse to rid
your porcelain skin draped over me.

with your face close
enough to defeat the rays
and it's far too late,
i know it's tiring.
let me be your home
but i'll leave you be.
Pea Apr 2016
kung hindi lang din naman ikaw,
huwag nalang
Pea Mar 2016
i broke

fix you
short hm
Pea Mar 2016
i was the blue sky
contented with the sun
the rays around felt nice
until the fiery aura was gone

you were the tangerine sky
smeared with other different shades
i liked that you were there for a while
even more when you let me stay

then came the day of a downpour
it washed all the vibrance that was left
oh, like a midnight's stupor
you were convicted of theft

a shade of blue from my body disappeared
a part of me that made me whole
my thoughts swim back into the clear
the new color in your sky, was mine all along
Pea May 2016
you felt like the sunshine i wake to in the morning
your everlasting warmth and radiance
soothes my heart and soul
i will miss your touch,
the way your fingers brush against my skin
i will miss the way your mouth opens
and closes when it presses against mine
that beautiful force and energy we make
i don't know how i will face the world
now that you're dead and gone
and all that's left of you
is the soap on the shower floor
the last thing that your hands have touched,
and held against your body
the soap, melting, sweating out bubbles,
crackling against the current of waters
crashing down upon it like waterfalls
on the ground,
the cold and solid floor where i held you
for the last time,
where you said the words 'i love you'
for the last time
Pea May 2016
You will know everything
because I will tell you
every thing
from the first time I knew
I was in love
and how my harboured feelings
tried to eat me alive

You will know how much
I thought about you a lot
how I wondered about
the routines you never missed
and the places you've gone to
on rainy evenings
I let my mind wonder and wander
around the thought of you

You will know
that I missed you often
even at times when we're
only two seats apart
or when our arms
almost touch on accident
I let my skin miss what yours could
potentially feel like on mine
things i've always wanted my past crush to know
Pea Apr 2016
speak to me
say all that's bottled up
in your caged heart
write it down
pour it on paper
i want to fathom you, and
e v e r y   t  h  i  n  g
you say
to me
i won't care if the letters
are far apart from each other
for as long as you speak
and say everything that's
in there right now
be free to me, dear
be true to me
Pea May 2017
there was a time before we fell
into this ravine where we are now,
when i reminded myself to know
my boundaries. to recall that i've been
broken enough before to gamble my heart again.
to think things through before i spit them out
of my mouth. i can still remember that i never
wanted you the way that i do now.
i never intended to.
all i wanted was to ***** your monochromatic heart
and feel you bleed sweet technicolor lies and lullabies.
but now, where are we now?
i chased after you, bleeding yourself dry you told me
without turning your head, that you're through with me.
that you're done trying to make me feel sunshine and
sunflowers within me when i'm unhappy.
so i stopped running.
and i watched you go as you carried with one hand
your heart and its veins drenched in black and white.
Pea Oct 2016
i wrote you a letter,
i guess you haven't read.

i wrote you another one,
because what should i do
if you're the only thing
in my head?
Pea May 2016
we were
made for the sky
for the beautiful
vastness of it all
the wide stretches
of blues and purples
and pinks
we were made
for it all
Pea May 2016
you don't let go
you've given up

you only let go
you've been through
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