Ophelia Mar 11
how do i know?

when i wake up in the morning
and try to spell *** first thing
and the only thing to look forward to
is Him giving me something else to dream about
and heading back to  bed.
Ophelia Mar 10
when i see it
i think of iris not quite bleached like dali
instead brushed with pink and old jeans
there are more than eighty
that cure your bones and broken skin

in your head, anusara and succulents and a pocketknife
and between your mother and
bedroom conversations about *** and shooting up
i've seen two things

i'm not good at math


you are good at everything else
Ophelia Feb 26
my thoughts?
be gentle
you are dealing with parts you've been at war with for so long
Ophelia Feb 25
even before me

before blood in a heart

or in the bathroom sink

and tracing constillations on Eve’s palm in the cool of the evening

breathing life into dust

He’s crazy about me.
Ophelia Feb 18
forbidden thought, i guess

i mean

everyone wants to die as if they were falling asleep
why do you think i love the blue in the bottle?
Ophelia Feb 9
in the cool of the evening, He tells her about before
before before before
with Them
and the dark

she does not understand completely
(existing in one space is difficult enough)
though she listens and thinks that it must be like dreaming

they need sleep, she and the ribcage man

she bites her lip
and wonders why
He never tells her His dreams
Ophelia Feb 9
in the cool of the evening, He told her,
"there's an art to being still."
(she and the ribcage man choke on apple seeds and venom)

she guesses she didn't learn it soon enough.

"don't ever leave me."
she is small
and new
and can feel the sun on both sides when He smiles and traces constellations on her palm
and the wish is not selfish

not yet.
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