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Nicole Apr 8
I dream in visions of lavender and daffodils.
The canvas you paint reflects femininity so infinite and divine.
Each stroke of your brush tastes like spring time and peach.
I am reminded with the promise of forever as you color me with the delicacy of your cherry tree.
Nicole Apr 7
That time of the year has returned.
I observe as the seeds planted in your garden begin to flourish.
Sprinklings of self-care throughout the seasons, with just enough light.
Such beauty unravels so quickly.
Something in the way the air recognizes the kindness embedded in your roots,
and with every wildflower I pick, I find a new way to love you.
© Nicole ***
Nicole Apr 4
Have I told you lately?
You are captivating.
A presence so striking,
it is paralyzing.
Mesmerized by aspen gold and caramel, then shades of evergreen.
With every gaze, you take a piece of me, and place those pieces on the same set of shelves as the company you keep after dark.
I am just a collection of curiosity.
I can taste the honey that falls from your lips every time you look at me, but nothing is as sweet as when you call my name.
In those moments, I cannot speak, but do not be fooled by the absence of my words, for my eyes do all the talking.
© Nicole ***
Nicole Mar 21
Waves of you crash before me as I swim in a lustful flood I do not fear to drown in. Craving treasure that is hidden like the garden of secrets I search for in your mouth.
One sip to quench my sinful thirst, enough to end this forbidden drought.
Submerged as deep as you allow, aching with pleasure, and only come up for air to watch the sun rise in your eyes.
© Nicole ***
Nicole May 2019
Behind the mask, I see you.
Your eyes tell a story your mouth can’t express.
Is it fear? Is it caution?
Are you incapable of receiving what you don’t give yourself?
That’s a shame.
I know the yearning.
I know the craving.
I know that make believe is in your nature.
Detachment comes easy.
But I am here to put that all to rest.
Every touch, taste, breath, and sound will live within you.
There will never be another like me.
© Nicole ***
Nicole Aug 2018
Internal war arises,
the motive, surface bliss,
a contradicting theory with a diplomatic twist.

Reconstruct the naked eye,
time to play inception,
shift the focus left to right and transform one's perception.

Guilty of deceiving,
directed from the east,
have always been a beauty, will forever be the beast.
© Nicole ***
Nicole Aug 2017
To watch you breathe is a gift,
a treasure that I can't replace.
You are the epitome of timeless,
and my only saving grace.

Before there was no light.
Darkness, that swallowed me whole.
And surrounded by a silence,
one that sure had took its toll.

Shattered but intriguing,
a mystery nonetheless.
But you picked up the pieces,
and tidied up the mess.

A word, a phrase, a sentence,
like heaven to my ears.
This joy has filled a void,
one I've had for many years.

A thank you is in order,
but it wouldn't be enough.
To show you is exhausting,
cause breaking walls is tough.

I could tell you I love you,
but what I feel is so much more.
You are my guide and flashlight,
the one that I adore.

A life would not be worth living,
if your heart were not in my hand.
And to love without condition,
is the future that I plan.

From this day forward I promise you,
your heart is all I see.
You are the love of my life,
and thank you for loving me.
© Nicole ***
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