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freeing the mind Feb 2017
An issue it has been for many a year,
A secret behind doors of which you often do not hear,
Within families and friends, workplaces the lot
To seek of this would not be a long shot.
It gets to us all through one channel or another,
Whether it your neighbour,friend,sister or brother,
Observe and you will see just how easy it can be,
A source, a connection you could get to in 3.
Little fear when it is felt it is required,
Over and over never seem to get tired,
A deeper need creates desperate measures,
Often leading to the sale of many treasures,
A family breakdown, withdrawal and depression,
It was only meant to be for the night of that one session,
It gets out of hand, you slip through the cracks and man oh man you wish for normal life back,
At the start, it was good, a trip like no other,
Now so deep you steal from your own mother,
Looks have changed, personality altered, an unknown individual who would have thought it?
Bruises and cuts, owed money and hideaways now a thing,
A strain to everyone's lives drugs do bring,
Your own person no longer, you thought of yourself as stronger,
Your life stolen, taken away if only that one time you had not strayed...
freeing the mind Jan 2017
I’m seeking inspiration, as this is what I am lacking,
For me be the source of this,
A tranquil guide, my focus, my distraction
Tell me the stories of what makes your heart so tender.
Show me your memories, and allow me to imagine you as a child
Tell me of what you fear and what creates warmth within you.
Let me discover what makes your body tremble
Allow me to see your smile which is hidden,
to hear the laughter when your kind of comedy is spoken,
The real, the genuine and the deepness within you
This is what I wish to be my inspiration.
not the best , quick and simple, requires alot of work
freeing the mind Jan 2017
In a mind which apparently is my own,
Racing at an unimaginable speed,
Of myself and my own surroundings,
A non-existent part of the day,
Trembling like the finest strings on a guitar,
Like a fish washed upon the shore gasping for some air,
A far-fetched feeling currently not in reach
something small and quick written during my last anxiety attack
freeing the mind Jul 2016
I crave for your body,
pushed against my own,
your kisses down my neck,
the whispers in my ears,
the passion we create,
through our simple,solid actions,

I crave for your body,
hot,wild and ready,
resisting my temptations,
driving me insane,

I crave for your body,
Eager,willing and curious,
The night ahead our fantasies to be fulfilled

I crave for your body,
****, luscious and curvy,
One I only imagine,
my adventurous side to unwind with,

I crave for your body,
with mine all night,
loving and lusting,
bringing our deepest images to life.
slightly detailed apologies if I offend readers
freeing the mind Jul 2016
The sadness the fears,
Could not be expressed in tears,
When we were told we no longer had years,
Months,turning to weeks,
Countless disturbed sleeps,
Ended with several giant weeps,
The man we knew, his time was through,
A kiss on the cheek as he lay there asleep
His eyes no longer open, Many hearts broken.
Grandad on my mind alot lately, trying to express how I felt that day but not necessarily coming to me.
freeing the mind Apr 2016
The green, white & gold flag rising outside the GPO,
Crowds gather to remember this day 100 years ago,
The proclamation read and the green colour floods the streets,
As the march takes place we stand in peace ,
To awknowledge our leaders who fought for our country,
To allow our citizens to be free,

History flooding through the young & old ,
All standing as one as the story we know re told,
The army saluting together United,
As we remember the volunteers our minds enlightened ,
The fight for freedom, For us today
I'm proud to be Irish, it is not hard to say.
24/4/2016 1916 rising celebrates 100 years.
freeing the mind Apr 2016
I watched the petals form into a flower, The most beautiful I had ever seen,
Showing its colour with every glimpse of the sun ,
Hiding it's true colours for those who looked the closest,
Through the days slowly wilting ,
Lines forming and changing in shade,
I watched as it darkened,
Observed as the petal slowly flew to the ground ,
Gracefully finishing it's days,
Laying there alone as once the bud did start,
Limp and lifeless,
Where had the time gone.
A quick poem I wrote , here comparing the rose to a person & its journey to life.
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