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Free Nov 2013
Lemons- in fanfictions, a gritty or ****** scene.

I watched your Adam's apple bob
As you swallowed your arousal.
My head was swirling with the scent of lemons,
And I couldn't help myself
As I tottered towards you on my intoxication,
My hands hit your chest,
And in our unsteadiness,
My extra push sent us tumbling...
Down onto the Citrus yellow sheets of your bed
My mouth on your neck,
Wanting only to taste your Lemon sweat.
Your eyes wandered freely,
And your hands soon followed.
Touching my *******,
The perky *******,
You put your mouth on one,
Extracting from it some sour mix of sweetness,
The lemon in my veins.
We mashed together,
Your member against my cavity,
Pictures of lemons in my mind.
Your hand round my throat,
You began to speak harshly,
Lemon tainting your soul.
The acid in your words,
Acid on your fingernails as they tore my skin...
It hurt,
But it hurt like the beautiful Lemons that brought me here.
You put yourself in me,
Again and again
You forced my body into submission.
My tears burned with the citrus,
My eyes now yellow,
Like the lemons.
In this lighting,
Your skin looked yellow too,
I could almost say your head was a lemon...
Pain resurfaces,
The sensation that something was flowing into me,
I knew your lemon juice had filled my pitcher,
Now it was available for drinking.
And you did,
You drank your lemon juice with my sugar,
Lemonade of us two.
Pleasure rocked my body,
And I felt your lemon invading me.
But you yourself,
You were drawing it out of me.
My walls pulled in,
They clenched,
I let out a shrill.
The smell of our lemon sweat
Once again,
Pervading the room.
You collapsed beside me,
The drug wearing off,
Lemons exiting your mind already.
I wasn't done though.
I'm still obsessed.
Still obsessed with lemons.
3.5k · Nov 2013
Free Nov 2013
Free from the worry
Free from knowledge.
Free from the feelings.
Free from it all.
Free from pain,
Free from pleasure,
Free from satisfaction.
Free of useless, Pent up energy,
Body spent,
But mind renewed.
2.1k · Oct 2013
Blank canvas
Free Oct 2013
My demons can't find me
If there are no clues as to who I am.
I'll leave the canvas blank.
Because I'm so through with everyone who chased me thoughts around in my head,
Making me feel guilty,
And sore,
And overall frustrated.
Blank slate
For my emotions to grip to.
I'll leave this canvas blank,
The blank canvas of my soul.
1.7k · Jan 2014
Pretzel cigarette.
Free Jan 2014
I was once told
That to find an attractive title
For something you wrote
Or drew,
Just name it something random.
1.1k · Dec 2013
Free Dec 2013
I will try
So ***-
So very hard,
To be reserved.
At least
More so.
Because the ****-
The things I say can be quite innapropriate,
And highly unbecoming
Of a young woman to say.
Welcome to Angie 2.0, The girl who wants to write respectful, clean, profanity free poems.
1.0k · Nov 2013
Free Nov 2013
My breathing
And my voice--
Hand in hand.
1.0k · Dec 2013
suicide and relapse
Free Dec 2013
Something's very wrong
I can feel it
I hardly want to live anymore,
And I'm so close to a relapse.
Stress and hatred
And mostly self loathing
Are all taking their toll.
I just hope I won't give in to
Suicide and Relapse.
Free Oct 2013
I'm used to people
Liking my poems,
Messaging me,
I'm used to having a following.
It's a little lonely
When no one knows who you are,
But maybe I'm just selfish.
I admit,
I seek attention.
I forgot what it's like not to have a following.
866 · Oct 2013
Too much drama
Free Oct 2013
Resume progress.
Had an account already,
But it had way too much drama.
821 · Oct 2013
Free Oct 2013
Losing sleep.
You're always there.
I can't stop thinking,
Can't stop myself loving you.
I don't know how to love.
You shouldn't trust me to love right.
Maybe that's why you shunned me before, right?
I know you said it was because I hurt,
But how does not loving someone not hurt any more?
9 words each line.
694 · Jan 2014
Free Jan 2014
I yearn
For the taste of a cigarette,
I haven't had it since I was young.
Maybe I'll move away
Start my life separately from her,
Maybe then I can try one.
I don't care that they'll **** me,
Maybe that's why I want them.
660 · Dec 2013
Hello, goodbye.
Free Dec 2013
Hello, once lover.
Goodbye, my heart.
641 · Oct 2013
Forget my name
Free Oct 2013
I don't want you
Not anymore
I hurt too much
Forget my name.
I can't stand you
And your promises
Ideas of a good time.
Forget my name.
You are a pig.
You hurt me physically,
Shredded my mentality.
Forget my ******* name.
612 · Oct 2013
Free Oct 2013
A mask to hide behind,
Speaking in a different voice,
Saying different things.
I love it,
But the only problem is
That it stops being a façade.
561 · Oct 2013
I don't know who I am
Free Oct 2013
Hurt myself.
Sleep three hours a night.
Shrug responsibilities like no tomorrow.
Write angry poems to people who probably don't deserve it.
Hate the ones I used to love so much.
I am terrible.
If you can take anything from this,
Don't get close to me,
Because I don't know who I am anymore.

— The End —