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 Jul 2018 frankie
 Jul 2018 frankie
one day
whether it’s tomorrow
or five years from now
we will find
the person
and it will work
in ways we didn’t think were possible
but all i know
is for now
in this moment
i wish it were you

 Jul 2018 frankie
she sat in the sand watching the sun slip below the horizon and thought the words she couldn’t say to him

i wish it would have turned out differently. if i had a different home life or he didn’t think so much. maybe if we had less lonely souls or could turn back time we wouldn’t be where we are now. i wish it wouldn’t have ended the way it did. i never wanted it to end with the thoughts i give up i can’t do it anymore in my head, but now i have no idea what’s in his head and i would love nothing more than to understand his thoughts again. i can’t stand the confusion and mixed signals. i don’t know what i ever was to him, let alone what i am now. we are broken kids in different ways and all i know is that we melted together so well; he made me feel less broken. i just don’t understand why the universe would put two people together that can’t seem to be with each other because my god it’s so much harder to get over someone you’re still in love with, but i suppose that’s how life is huh, complicated.

just bittersweet confused thoughts I’m sorry
 Jul 2018 frankie
you don’t hurt someone
you wish to keep in your life
you treat them with care
like a precious gem
because you know
their true worth

 Jun 2018 frankie
i. when you're no longer excited to see them and the butterflies don't make an appearance, instead you feel empty

ii. when their flaws are no longer perfect, they're just that; flaws 

iii. when a future with them is no longer in your plans, it's just a silly thought you laugh at, something long gone

iv. when you no longer dream of them, but they might creep into your nightmares

v. when the space with them no longer feels comfortable, it feels like secrets are hiding, waiting to fall out

its hard not to wonder if i lost a true love or if i dodged a bullet letting you go, where's your head at
 Jun 2018 frankie
i hope everything is okay
i still worry about you
i engraved you in my heart
you're still one of my first thoughts in the morning
i want to be normal friends
i miss the conversation
how's your girlfriend
i hope you're happy with her
how's the family
i hope they're well too
i hate how awkward we are now
i hope you're doing well
i am i promise

 Jun 2018 frankie
you hit my phone up
"any chance you're awake"
during the late hours
in your intoxicated state

are you just drunk and lonely? what on earth is going through your head
 Jun 2018 frankie
"How do you fall out of love?
You don't talk with them, you'll fall into old habits. You go to the place you got together and fill it with new memories, so meeting them will be just another one in the past. You wash your sheets and clothing so nothing smells like them. You distract yourself so your brain eventually gets used to not thinking about them. You list everything that made them perfect and tell yourself these qualities can exist in anyone. You tell yourself that it means nothing when you hear their laugh again, everyone has one. Above all, you accept that none of this will work. You can't make yourself fall out of love, all you can really do is wait."

- Excerpt from a book I'll never write #623 (s.s)
 May 2018 frankie
you dont have to be a writer to be a poet

you write poetry with the tears that glaze your eyes at three in the morning
you write poetry with the sound of your laugh and how your lips frame a smile
you write poetry with the eyelashes you bat at your lover
you write poetry with the words you whisper into their skin
you write poetry with the way your chest falls and rises with every breath you take

you dont have to put ink on paper
to be a poet
you just have to live

 May 2018 frankie
thank you
 May 2018 frankie
you were the best mistake
i've ever made
and i couldn't have asked
to fall in love
with anyone

 May 2018 frankie
i may fall
with pretty people
who whisper sweet nothings
in between bed sheets
as soft as their skin
pressed bodies
to help forget
but i will fall
in lust
not love

taking a break from love
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