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Frank Ruland Apr 2019
It sounds like distant thunder,
it feels like a winter's worth of hail
It's the boom of being driven under,
while your heart pleads for you to bail.

I'll go down with the 'ship--
I want you to have the lifeboat
It's time I meet my watry crypt
and for you to find your crossroad

Stay warm, hold true and look north;
find the star which shines brightest
I wish you everything you've hoped for,
beneath skies calm and quiet.

I'll wait to send an S.O.S.
so I can think of why I'm sinking
But it was always you, I confess--
of whom my heart was thinking.
Frank Ruland Apr 2019
My bills went up and the sky's falling down. The preacher just said to get the f--k outta town. It's the end of the world--the end of the line. But hey man, yeah, I'm doing just fine. The rain, it is pouring and Grandpa stopped snoring. The doctor said it was a heart attack but he didn't feel nothing. Grandma got life insurance so I guess that's something. I sat in bed with a revolver for a few hours. Wasn't gonna **** myself, just felt a little sour. I feel like the weight of the world is on my f-----g shoulders, and this heart of mine just keeps getting colder. You could say I f----d up a few things, but God d--n if I wasn't flying with a pair of broken wings. I know I'm not perfect, I never really was. Maybe it's cuz I spent too long tryna get a f-----g buzz. You see the beer helps me to cope--manage all my time. I wake up f----d up, but I'm doing just fine. I guess that's the end, I'll just go to bed. Maybe some.sleep will help fix my head.
Frank Ruland Mar 2019
**** the weatherman
I swear he's in control
Here, it rains everyday
and the wind chills your soul

Here comes another low
rolling in from nowhere
He's laying out the forecast
for a storm you can't prepare

The clock is ticking down
as the clouds bury Orion's star
He stole away the northern lights
and God knows we won't get far

It's the ******* weatherman--
we need to get to higher ground
Here, the weather doesn't change
and we just wait to drown
Frank Ruland Mar 2019
the birds, they stop singing
they've all flown away
no music for her
as the skies turn gray
just the constant pitter patter
when it starts to rain

she's not sad, she's not crying
never brings an umbrella
she's not cold (she's not lying)
never needs a jacket
she's just a little tired
when it rains

the sun, it stops shining
it hides itself away
no sunshine for her
as the skies turn gray
just that sudden chill
as it starts to rain

she's not sad, she's not crying
never brings an umbrella
she's not cold (she's not lying)
never needs a jacket
she's just a little tired
when it rains

her smile, it used to show
but now tears mix with rain
and you'd never know
she's almost numb, misses the pain
so she goes outside
to feel something
to feel something other than tears
as it starts to rain

she said, "i'm not crying,
don't need no umbrella.
i'm not cold, i'm not lying
don't need no jacket
i'm just a little tired
when it starts to
I love you, Christina. I'm sorry it rains as often as it does. I'll wait with you till the sun comes out. I'll wait till your smile comes back
Frank Ruland Feb 2019
it was easy
the only hard part was yesterday
over in an instant
like a star being born
then fizzing out
she felt nothing
never had
it was easy
the crimson blossom looked
almost like a rose
problems do have solutions
some solutions just require
a bit less effort
than what caused the problem
a bit less
it was easy
she felt nothing
the only hard part
Frank Ruland Feb 2019

Oh, how tangled are the wicked webs we weave. So caught up in our hunger from the heart upon our sleeve. Our webs are strung from selfishness and we prey upon the flies who are only here to grieve. Webs so tangled that neither spider nor fly can ever leave. How you hung me here just to feed is something I could not believe. But one day soon you will wind up ensnared in the woefulness you weave.
An oldie I wrote awhile back ago. About no one in particular.
Frank Ruland Oct 2018
It's the way the wind blows
How we feel it on our face
as it strips petals from a rose

It's the way the stars fall
Casting wishes before the crash
but never thanking them at all

It's the way time ticks by
Like a finger on the trigger
before you've even said goodbye

It's the way we close a book
Once we reach the end, it's different
and so is the way we look
Haven't posted in ages. Being a single father will take a toll on you. Thankfully I have a wonderful girlfriend now who is there for me and makes me feel happier than I have in ages. Thank you Christina
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