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Alycia Jan 2018
I’m stuck in an hour glass,
Trying to break free.
Every grain of sand,
Representing every way you’ve hurt me.
They are piling up over me,
Suffocating me,
Killing me.
You tell me everything will be fine,
It’s just harmless sand.
But times almost up,
Before I die in the end.
Alycia Nov 2017
“I love you”
memory of you kissing her,
Memory of you leaving me,
Memory of you packing your bags,
Memory of you yelling at me,
Memory of you talking to other girls,
Memory of you letting go

“I love you too...”
my head hurts thinking of all the times you hurt me.
Alycia Oct 2017
To all the loners our there who feel they don’t belong,
One day you will find your special person and once you’re with them, you will never want to be alone again.

-A former loner
Alycia Sep 2017
I know I'm a wasted felon,
I stole your heart and never gave it back.
I lied to you
Told you I would die for you
But none of it was ever true.
lock me away
Throw away the key
I never deserved anyone like you.
Alycia Sep 2017
Some days I can't stop laughing,
Some days I need to find a reason to live.
Most days I have to stop myself from crying,
Every day I feel I have nothing to give.
Some days I want to dance on my feet,
Some days I just want to stay in bed.
Most days I feel Anxiety has me beat,
Every day I know I'm being held captive.
One day I want to be okay.
One day.
  Sep 2017 Alycia
Tuffy Mutombo
  And every second
             you are not in my
Alycia Sep 2017
"Do you still love me?"
Brain - No, why would she still love you?
She doesn't look at you the same.
she doesn't say I love you everyday.
She doesn't understand you.
She will never understand you.
She can find someone better.
It's okay you're just meant to be alone.
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