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Coire Nov 2020
A mask of my flesh
made pleasantly familiar
by Strangers
who, grasping the wild
silk ribbons of my soul,
pull &

stretch each strand of me to be
neatly knitted into the
Fabric of Society.
Coire Nov 2020
Yesterday, the “Filtered Shade” gray
walls of my living room echoed
with a promise whispered
though the camouflage clouds of March.

And today, as the sun began pulling
a golden blanket across this cold
spring morning, I almost remembered
to appreciate yesterday’s gentle reminder.
  Jun 2020 Coire
A. E. Housman
Tell me not here, it needs not saying,
What tune the enchantress plays
In aftermaths of soft September
Or under blanching mays,
For she and I were long acquainted
And I knew all her ways.

On russet floors, by waters idle,
The pine lets fall its cone;
The cuckoo shouts all day at nothing
In leafy dells alone;
And traveller's joy beguiles in autumn
Hearts that have lost their own.

On acres of the seeded grasses
The changing burnish heaves;
Or marshalled under moons of harvest
Stand still all night the sheaves;
Or beeches strip in storms for winter
And stain the wind with leaves.

Posses, as I possessed a season,
The countries I resign,
Where over elmy plains the highway
Would mount the hills and shine,
And full of shade the pillared forest
Would murmur and be mine.

For nature, heartless, witless nature,
Will neither care nor know
What stranger's feet may find the meadow
And trespass there and go,
Nor ask amid the dews of morning
If they are mine or no.
Coire Jun 2020
Your lips begin sweet lullabies:
a love made into voice
to ease a cradled child’s cries.

Loving Mother, you ask no “Why’s?”
the babe wants not her toys -
'tis lips sing out sweet lullabies.

Would come the day - I’m full of tries
to keep from her those boys
could cause my cradled child’s cries.

Your lover’s hands upon my thighs...
those days your mouth played coy;
what lips to sing sweet lullabies!

These, my unlived memories - lies
unborn and full of noise:
our gently cradled child cries.

Now - in quiet contemplation, I
unmake my every choice:
What gently cradled child cries
when my lips unsing lullabies?
Coire May 2020
You’ll know that I love you
when I feel far away
e’en as I embrace you
and say “It’s okay.”

My darling, my dearest,
for me true love’s call,
is being the Stoic -
your rock - a wall.

Ne’er will I grimace,
my nerves wrought from steel.
No matter the burden
I’ve no reason to feel.

My pain and my tears -
only gum up the works.
I’m not what’s important;
who cares if it hurts?

My body is strong,
but my heart has been broken
so please hear “I love you”
in my action - it's token.

"You work far too much -
how is it you can't see -
I'm what's important!
I need you here with me!"

My partner, my chosen,
for our Sin I am ******
to suffer each moment
keeping life by my hand.

Day’s end grants reprieve -
a moment from toil -
after hands exchanged love
for aches from the soil.

But I tarry not long!
Night's darkness gives aid
to Death's silent servants -
though I'm not afraid.

While I live and breathe
I’ll fight to the bone.
And in between battles,
we’ll settle our home.

"There's no battle to face!
The wolves are in us!
Your broken heart hides
in a tomb made of rust!

And every love blossom
you 'in action' planted?
my heart drenched in poison
once taken for granted."

O! Hubris of Youth -
That grindstone of years
extracted the bitter
from blood, sweat, and tears.

And though we took notice
and tried to repent -
Resentment's a missive
not simply unsent.

Now a wall ‘tween our hearts
built with bricks from the clay
my hands worked to tell you
What I would not say.

You’ll know if I love you
just watch what I do.
Too scared to be broken,
my Self cut in two.
Coire May 2020
It is only there
from that low, low place
of utter despair
and civil disgrace,
your mouth in the gutter
earthen soil in your face
in complete desolation
your heart laid to waste
from which you must rise
to make your own Fate.
Coire May 2020
A younger me, acting out naïveté,
trudged in t'each gloomy day
Looking for life, and leaving the wife
Back home without a say.
The passing years extracted our tears
For I knew not the way.
I gave her no time and she lost her mind
So here - alone - I lay.
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