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 Jul 3 Lou Romano
In the real world,
the detailed fantasy
I created has
no meaning,
no worth,
no power.
The realization
leaving me speechless,
a reality so tightly woven
with a thread of fiction.
It’s hard for me
to separate dreams
from harsh truth.
I experience
They call it maladaptive daydreaming.
ankles held firm
his shoulders lurch

branches loom ahead
I duck in ashen forests

'Do all Uncle says,'
Mother spat again

face is stinging
air's thinning

I'm milk-bag

he yanks
me higher


'Here we are
my sweet!'

the stiff door
creaks slowly

his treacle tone
mocks the dust

dead moths stir
in alarm


I'm flung


in me

I die


they all do it


I disappear to
holes in the wall

they watch in silence
and let me stay on

cold-blooded fire
burns red

do I live

I pray


staring out the
window I see

sifted icing
sugar peaks

my Mountain
smiles strong

sparkling clean
in warming sun

Whoever made it
is my Friend

a gift

for life


it's my

I'm two


#child #innocence #destroyed #alone #mountain #clean #strong
for some, betrayal starts early... and the body remembers... as does the mind
 Jun 2020 Lou Romano
Jessica B
 Jun 2020 Lou Romano
Jessica B
It’s been a long while now.
As time moves quickly, yet slowly all the same.
It stood still for me once.
Just circling around me on repeat.
You never had to tell me about it’s presence, I knew.
As Time did too, for
The moment it stopped, I met you.
When I first saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew. -W. Shakespeare
 Jun 2020 Lou Romano
Jessica B
I’m learning, if I’m learning.
That the world is a much better place if I see it that way.
To learn ones very existence.
Ones very meaning.
The one soul,
as we start from the beginning.
Who we are together.
As one we are.
The very life and purpose of this world; connecting.
How one affects the other,
As one action creates another.
And the stars stay silent.
as we are one.
He speaks words
that melts my heart
like the fire burning in a Christmas furnace
which releases hope in every spark.

He speaks words
that dance together
on the music of his heartbeat,
on the stage of mt heart.
So with every word he speaks,
I come alive.

He speaks words that spark joy
like the firecrackers on a black windy night.
like the daffodils, Wordsworth talked about.
So every time he speaks
my heart does not skip a beat
But rather doubles it.

He speaks words
that I have never heard
Like the retro songs, no one recalls
And are yer loved by all.
So nostalgia makes me sing his words.

He speaks words
that I like to hear
as a morning song or night tale.
So when he speaks I sink in his stories
of how he wants us to be.

He speaks words
that kiss each other
with love in the consonants
and passion in every vowel
Just like how he kissed me
when I told him I love him.

He speaks words
that belongs to me
Every sentence he speaks
I call mine,
like every inch of his body.

He speaks words
that have poems written on them.
Written but never read.
So every word he speaks
I keep in my heart
like I do to him.
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