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Forgotten Memory Jul 2017
Since long ago
My whole world changed
Youth was the king
as happiness reigned

But times have changed
My youth mind fades
Ignorance has pass on
Innocence is long gone
and now the future is deranged

All that's left is sorrow
Burdens never ending
If only I could erase my mind
and every last feeling

Long lost memories
of times when I was free
Where have you gone?
Did you abandon me?

Long lost memories
Why am I left here alone?
Inside this world of betrayal
And no future to write in stone
No burdens to bare
No hope full of despair
How quickly it changes
into a nightmare

Long lost vivid dreams
Filled without misery
What have I done?
Did I abandon thee?

Long lost vivid dreams
Is it too late to arise?
When all I am is crumbling
Into a hopeless pit of lies.
Found an unfinished song I wrote a long time ago when I was deep in depression. I skipped the unfinished parts which is why the second half is a lot shorter.
Forgotten Memory Feb 2016
Why is it when I'm with you
A light begins to spark?

Why is it when I'm with you
A passion burns in my heart?

Why is it when I'm with you
My feelings begin to detonate?

Why is it when I'm with you
My heart starts to accelerate?

Why is it when I'm with you
The night sky is brighter than the sun?

Why is it when I'm with you
My worries fly away one by one?

Maybe it's because:
*You are my fireworks
Thank you for being my fireworks~
Forgotten Memory Jan 2016
Memory that I have forgotten
Why do you seek to be remembered
When you're allowed an eternal rest
Because of the connection severed

Yet, continuing to rebuild a bridge
You aim to come back inside
Even though my head is painful
You refuse to say good-bye

When I try to push you out
You stand your ground  profound
When I refuse to remember you
You choose to stick around

I begin to wonder why you can't stop
And leave me where I lay
Even now you cradle me with feelings
No matter what I say

Maybe after all this time that's passed
I've been thinking completely wrong
All these times I swore I was empty
You were there for me all along

Memory that I now remember
I'm sorry for what I've done
I promise to cherish you all my life
My heart is what you've won
Treasure your  memories for they make you who you are, and even if they are painful, they are something that is special to you, something nobody else could ever have, something that makes you the special person you are~
Forgotten Memory Jan 2016
Whose your greatest friend but greatest foe
Your brightest light but darkest woe
A beautiful flower but painful thorn
Filled with praise but hidden with scorn

Your happiest dream but dreadful nightmare
Giving you hope but also despair
Your strongest weapon but strongest weakness
The best cure but the worst illness

A poem that expresses what love is~
Forgotten Memory Jan 2016
What's the point in trying* when in the end I'm *hiding

Never good enough for even the people I love deeply
As they tell me all my faults and how imperfect I am

Unable to accept me no matter what even if I hold them dearly
Although I show them gratitude and do the best I can

I can never show my true self inside
Because then they'll choose to toss me aside

What's the point in trying when in the end I'm *dying
I'm told a lot of things like body imperfections, how boring I can be, how stupid I am, how stupid stuff I like is, etc. by my own family, friends, and even love. Am I really that worthless of a person?
Forgotten Memory Jan 2016
A mirror continues to reflect the me of the past
A one way mirage that continues to last
Showing me what I failed to accomplish
And a life of sorrow with broken promise

If only I could reflect back the future
A piece or two, not a bit fewer
Then maybe this reflection could see who I've become
And change their course, before they feel numb

But something like that is merely a fairy tale
Blown away by the midnight gale
Reality stern continues to crush me whole
And tear apart my suffering soul

As I lay in my bed to rest
The image of me fails its final test
And now only oblivion will remain
The reflection of joy washed away by mistake's hurricane
And now I'll never be the same.

— The End —