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Foram Adeshara May 2017
You are like a rain,
Sometimes pleasant, gentle soft.
Sometimes unseasonably heavy.

You are like a night,
Sometimes moonlit, misty.
Sometimes extremely dark and cold.

You are like dream,
Sometimes blissful and romantic.
Sometimes bizarre, incomprehensible.

You are like a talk,
Sometimes heart-to-heart.
Sometimes ribald, scurrilous.

You are like a wind,
Sometimes gentle.
Sometimes strong gusty.
  Apr 2017 Foram Adeshara
fill me with  your soul
spill unto me every thought
every sickness  of the heart
one by one
we'll take them apart
and piece by  piece
we'll rebuild you whole
Foram Adeshara Apr 2017
Nothing seems easy,
Nothing seems right.
When clouds are dark,
Where to search light

I behave like normal,
I behave like sane.
It hurts terribly inside,
Over and over again.

Life seems gloomy,
Life seems dull.
Days starts with endless struggles,
Night ends with morbid fears.

I smile and and act like nothing is wrong,
Yet, I'm dealing with **** and staying strong.
Foram Adeshara Apr 2017
When life doesn't turn out as planned,
Then what's the need to bend.
Try something new,
Which is tried by few

It's okay to shed tears when you are hurt,
Tears that comes out in a squirt.
But when you are done crying,
Set your wings and get prepared for flying.

No one can stop you until you wish,
Rise up from fear, heartache, anxiety and bliss.
Steps taken ahead should be strong,
Nothing now should go wrong.

And the day will come when you will win,
You will be applauded among your friends and kin.
Than maybe you will know the worth to try,
Rather than just fixing to die
Foram Adeshara Apr 2017
Mind interprets  what heart wants but heart doesn't care what mind thinks
All that heart want is the one which eyes wants to see and ears want to hear
Short Poem to describe that no matter what my mind thinks my heart will always search for you. No matter how much my mind hates you but my heart will not stop loving you. No matter how much mind plays a game, my heart will always conquer it.
Foram Adeshara Apr 2017
Furious sun kept on showering it's heat,
Barren land has to take it indeed.
Rivers and oceans kept on drying,
Animals and birds kept on dying.
Forest keep on turning into palaces,
Leaving the environment with lots of damages.
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