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May 2021 · 195
Suicide (10w)
Yours isn't the burden biggest
to have the soul saddest.
Oct 2020 · 193
Bullet or bullion:
police and politicians, neither
is better.
Jul 2018 · 385
God's Impossibility
He cannot lie,
neither can he die.
For he's not a man.
Jun 2018 · 265
F Major
Love never grows old
neither becomes cold,
nor doth it fall sick
as to become weak.

Nay! not by its strings,
but the lovers themselves.
Apr 2015 · 681
Aiming Anew (10w)
A "no"  answer  kills
rather I've gained new skills.
Feb 2015 · 817
Life into variant classes is made
Demarcating first from economy,
Where many fills up the cabin
Tail, who don't have pretty penny.

Same flight, but distinct delights;
One world, yet peculiar living.
Each exists by their own ticket
With cloned greetings and grin.
Oct 2014 · 583
Oil of Motion (10w)
On earth half alive is he
that be without money.
Oct 2014 · 1.0k
Would You Still Love Me?
Would you still love me:
If the sun prevents its light
And the moon its glow at night,
That all at once becomes gloomy?

Would you still love me:
If all things awry go
And nothing at all to show,
But a good token of misery?

Would you still love me:
If my arrow cannot kiss
Thy waiting bow's release,
To have a bout of ecstasy?

Would you still love me:
If medical reports say "cancer "
That has no surgical answer,
Or another form of infirmity?

Or would you only love me:
If my life wields a touch of Midas
With the revelry of Las Vegas--
All sublime, all sweet, all rosy?
Oct 2014 · 741
Strong Bone (11w )
Lubricating life with
pure love
doth remove
rust from the heart.
Oct 2014 · 439
Forsaken: crestfallen, and he's been
Vacant, but bestirring himself now to
Once more go out on a limb to seek,
If haply he could a new find pronto,

A girl who'd like a medicine his heart
Mend and fill, with her rib, the space
In his side with her perfectly cast love,
Fitting unto him for the rest of his days.
Born a boy; now a man of men.
A son of Omu-Aran becoming the
Bishop of the world, who his mom
Nurtured and cultured by his granny.

A benign brook belittled yesterday
Has turned to a blessed flowing sea;
Small molehill becomes an Everest
In the sight of many a jeering enemy.

Bishop, God called to ascendancy
By favour: getting glory from grace.
To make his humble name legendary,
Heaven did set him apart for the race.

David Oyedepo, like David the king,
Is truly "a man after God's heart":
Of his goodness and love does he sing;
His passion he has from the very start.

Jesus Christ, the Bible and Faith alone
His breath and bread are; anointed
Books and tapes his ice cream cone.
In all circumstances he's oft elated.

Life of meaning isn't in number told,
But by deeds yonder the present:
All men were born; few do die
Great--for most live for the moment.

A diamond impact, like Papa's, will
For ever shine like stars in the sky,
Which the entire kingdom of the devil
Can never obscure its effulgence high.
Bishop David O. Oyedepo @60 (September 27, 1954-)

President and the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, Inc., Worldwide
Sep 2014 · 539
True Living (9w)
Taking the roughs with
the smooths;
appreciating God oft.
Sep 2014 · 867
To the Skies
Let no mouth your brain believe.
Sift from wheat
Every chaffed words with sound

Judgment. Praise you will receive
Surely of men,
But balance your head aground.

For blarney do quickly persuade,
Swiftly a lady's heart off course,

By calling teffeta the best brocade,
Placing for ruin
A fool upon a regal, gammy horse.
Aug 2014 · 977
Grace to Live
Grace to live righteous,
Grace to love neighbour
And enemy and my cross
To bear: give me, O Saviour,

In a world where many people
Often use God's name to act evil.
Jul 2014 · 2.4k
Paunchy Purse
It could Satan's cohorts cause, what portly
Political figures earn, to forsake his camp
And anon join the fray to the fat fiscal treasury
Of the country squander; and that to a cramp.
The pay plus pecks in a year they receive
Will most citizens in their lifetime never sniff.

So some who covet crazily such a mega-cheque
Also seek the same office for the easy favours.
Since our paunchy purse will at their own beck
And call be, they thus make elections endeavours
A  dagger thing;--that if they cannot God's gross
Gold get, they must anyhow have the devil's dross.
Jul 2014 · 905
Turned Turtle
Said she would love him in winter
And summer, regardless of what the
World might do, even sin and Lucifer.

Though Apollo should forge his warhead
In the fiery furnace of the sun,
Though Diana vacates not the bed
Of succulent roses in the morn;

Yet, with him said she would tarry.

But she left him unannounced;
With another has she been hooked.
Jul 2014 · 681
LOVE: personal perspective
If you have been wronged by love;
Another love will right you.
If you have been let down by love;
Love it is again that will raise you.

If you have been jilted by bitter love;
Sweeter love will surely find you.
If you have been hurt by old love;
Believe a new love will heal you.
Jul 2014 · 491
Favour Divine
Aimed and shot at an ant;
But I hit and killed an elephant.
Jul 2014 · 631
Mirror of Memory
Smelling sapphire, looking mahogany;
The nymph's grunts cast demons of
Frigid feelings out of my body--
Possessed by her legions of love.

But the images of her left with me--
Of her graces good and warm essence,
Are now in the mirror of my memory
Reflecting, like shadows in the waters.
Jun 2014 · 426
One Day
You will not be able to
Open nor bolt your door;
Answer nor dial your phone;
Send nor reply a text
For you had  already said goodbye
To this world, en route to the next.
Jun 2014 · 2.3k
Let Us Alone
Religion is cascading the hill
Of reason into a reptilian dale:
**** by the dark Jidhadists' acts--
Souls demented beyond the pale.

From Iraq to Egypt--there, thanks
To Heaven for el-Sisi; from Syria
To Yemen to Somalia, and a place
Like the lands and shores of Nigeria,

Where Boko Haram breathes hell
In slaying and off skirting dames,
Destroying to the smirk of the devil--
Knowing terrorists are no Muslims.
Jun 2014 · 598
Buggy Brother
When I drive my verily dear life
To the end of the road and meet
At last death's cul-de-sac;

Whither will I turn my wheels:
To the right or to the left;
To 'lasting light or darkness?
Jun 2014 · 686
Shifting Clouds (10w)
'Twixt night and morning
is eternity of hope
in suffering.
Jun 2014 · 621
Straighten Out

Give me neither dusk nor dawn--
Let it be either night or morn.
Lukewarm love brings no comfort
That can my heart transport.

If darkness, shall I take it so and *****
My way along until I make good;
But if the light will I here abide,
Searching no further far nor wide.
Always will I cherish
till satan be
born again.
Jun 2014 · 1.8k
Poet Erection (10w)
With Muse filled;
Semenal words are
on the parchment spilled.
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
Gusto Gone
Two strange hearts falling in one love--
Deep bowl of broth--is a mystery.
Baking eyes tossing off a fancy loaf
Ere the mouth that desires fare velvety.

Once the tommy the spot hits, culinary
Delights--instead of repeating upon
The tongue--become unsavory.
Hand, picking at the spread of affection.
May 2014 · 715
Photograph (10w)
Dying moments by shutter
Memories in living pictures
May 2014 · 1.0k
Great Write
isn't only in the number
of likes and reads and
comments obtained,
but also in it own self.
Many things in life are relative and opinions are quite subjective; so what counts for "a great write" seldom comes to a cud de sac view, as with the path taken by philosophy of beauty, goodness and love.
May 2014 · 1.3k
Who's From Trouble Free?
Will an eligible bloke happier be if he
Marries a ranking *ele like Miss Universe
With all her glory and graces, and 'cause
Of marriage mirth? Will a sheila pretty
An unbroken regalement have for a dream
Prince Charming--the fairy man of her whim?

Will the soul be jolly for the sophomore
More than for the frosh rapture of success
Had in the Ivy League of cosmic business,
When the heart cut a caper and an encore
Of hilarity requests of narrowed life--
To have constant binge in lieu of strive?

What man is wholly from trouble free, whose
Being be to sadness inured? Within, the
Spokes do sometimes snap at the rotary
Wheels of serenity, and chaos is let loose.
What thus can stay the pillars of pleasure in
A plagued world is above this little noggin.
*ele, in my native language Yoruba--which is spoken in the western part of Nigeria, Benin Republic and some other parts of West Africa and reaching to the Caribbean countries-- means a lovely girl.

Except if the meaning and translation had been lost in transist in other places but surely not in western Nigeria.
May 2014 · 1.0k
Like in Eden (10w)
The fall of any man is
in forbidden things.
May 2014 · 898
"Man in the Mirror" (10w)
He that will the world
should first himself recast.
Out the cot
man goes
to return
to the coffin.
May 2014 · 2.4k
Numbness (10w)
Love has killed
which should have made
May 2014 · 1.2k
Metamorphosis (10w)
Love its essence doth change
becoming sweetened,
mellow with age.
May 2014 · 595
Hi; and (10w)
How art
thou, dear heart?

Well. Praise
God, no ill-feelings.
May 2014 · 711
On the Shelf (10w)
Jilted heart, benumbed.
Feelings died and interred
in forlorness' grave.
May 2014 · 972
China Maid (10w)
Sweet things coming out of China,
like that cheesy sheila.
May 2014 · 1.8k
Planetary Concerto
******* at tickling the ivories,
at inducing the jet buttons
to chortle, say, in a concerto ;
but I do strum and flirt
with those amazing royal,
88 unrepentant loyal
keys for Jupiter and Saturn,
for Mars and Neptune,
making a blank bland tune
for extraterrestrial beings for fun.

On the cosmic moors
the moon's whirling feet
cease for my discordance.
What a slurred entrance
by F in D major!

Only a novice--an amateur.
I'm no magnificent pianist,
O majestic Mercury.

Summon the stars the search
to lead for a supreme virtuoso,
one of  no incongruent ingenuity
like this dilettante--a pseudo
music polymath, counsels Thebe.

A Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach?

Any of the greats scored above, as well
as geniuses like David and Handel.

Impressario fly! Flee thou away
and go get a classic maven.
Otherwise sleep there forever at Erebus,
never dream of waking up in Eden.

Circuitous world stops: strings break off
at the Earth's axis--
the Sun's panels pause

and darkness' movement begins
its own obscure notes to improvise:

apace demented melody
is released,-- bathos of symphony:
tinny wine of concord
settles on the lees of discord.

Asteroids hooting some ***** calls
when into the grand chrysolite chamber--
in her tailor-made blistering gown--
strolls in the coruscating Venus
in the sturdy arm of jaundiced Uranus,
garbed in his glistening stomacher.

Like a ball, all eyes are bouncing
hither and thither, up and down,

googling and ogling,
once more at them leering,

gaping at the irreplaceable paintings of
da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh
cavorting  upon the weightless walls

to the romantic performance of Strauss
in the palace orchestral of Bacchus.
Apr 2014 · 2.1k
Love Long Suffering (10w)
Frailties overlooked--
**** is fragrance, snoring a nocturne
with affection.
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Crackling Cackle
Often think I'm odd
to fall in love--
a well too deep
to crawl out unscathed.

So I stay outwith
peeping inside the pit,
hearkening to sundry sounds
of infectious laughs--


I too cheerfully fell
into affection's well.

How I was wrong!
Apr 2014 · 938
Can't Cut A Caper (11w)
Silvery sound love issues
m'heart can't dance
any more.
Apr 2014 · 2.1k
Berries for Flagons
A maidenly form with goodly balcony:
Chic design of an unrivalled Architect.
Finely balusters decorate her dreamy
Shape--especial from fore to aft.

As the Shulamite's apples in Solomon's
Pleasing courtyard is her love in my
Heart, exchanging thus my flagons
With her berries on the bed of sapphire,

Until dawn choruses enter the day's ear--
Heaven's chandelier beams into the bower.
Apr 2014 · 1.6k
Fraction of Fathom (13w)
Living in a complex world
a complicated life,
trusting in the simple God.
Apr 2014 · 2.0k
Gay (10w)
In a decanting mood,
body hankers for some ****
Apr 2014 · 876
"I Love You" (10w)
Striking words that ignite
an inferno.
Flame that's never infinite.
Were love's burning strength ever enduring, there wouldn't be break ups.
Love, faith and forgiveness principal are in
Christian school. Torrid anger thou must flay
While it's still displaying on the eastern tray
Ere its set on the *** laude of thy sterling
Prize. The other meek cheek of thine turn--
Though tough--to him that seek thy burn.

Gladly go not one but twain miles with
Him that bid thee. Distribute cheerfully
To widows cream bread and wine; the needy
And orphans--whether you're rolling in it--
Never neglect, and make no open show
Of thy charity: its trumpet do not blow.

Make mammon thy master nay. Believe
The Bible though you cannot It fathom
Out--the Spirit thy heart will guide. Kingdom
Eternal chiefly pursue; to goodness cleave.
Both parents and priests honour, and men
In authority obey. Keep the Lord's pen.

Fast and pray, playing not to the gallery.
In heaven's safe thy treasure store, where
Robbers and rust have no access nor share.
For worldly wants, soul, never you worry--
Jehovah-Jireh above knows thy very need,
Who gives in season due to the sower seed.

Salt and light on earth be. Thy righteousness
The Pharisees' must exceed. All differences
Reconciled, lest thy balance draws offence
By heaven's audit. Loincloth of faithfulness
Wrap. At a lady be weary to leer, and thy
***** bridle. To God thy heart wholly tie.

The log in thine own eyes first remove
Afore thy brother's speck you see. Grudge
Not but ask, seek and knock. Don't judge.
Such measure from others expect to them give--
Golden rule. Strive to enter in at the narrow
Gate: the rough, rugged road to the end follow.
Happy Easter to all at HP.
Apr 2014 · 407
My Thomas (10w)
Didn't believe in me
at first?
He needs not now .
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Calvary's Cure (10w+1 )
Infected with sin virus
immortal death--
from Adam to me.
Apr 2014 · 651
Dumb Gourd
Cease, head, from a teetotaller 's tale
And lap up wine of words to brimfull,
Soaking the skull with many a flagon
Of poetry, prose, play and review,

That the brain cells may bubble over like
Foam inside the tumbler of religion
And humanities, arts, science and tech.
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