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Oct 2016 · 167
first letters
flushed Oct 2016
and I am so,
sorry for the terrible poesy. The
of creating hasn't quite
left me yet, though it may be in-
did you see what I did
Oct 2016 · 292
about acrylic: a haiku
flushed Oct 2016
and all you've left is
another layer to dry,
blue over my heart.
Oct 2016 · 200
the second: a haiku
flushed Oct 2016
you uttered my name
once, months ago, a question
I left unanswered.
Oct 2016 · 134
the first of many
flushed Oct 2016
the first tragedy:
in two months you'll be gone -
there's really not much point in staying.
Oct 2016 · 277
6 days till
flushed Oct 2016
she reaches for the
buds of
early October

and the night,
by comet-trails and matchstick

Feb 2016 · 464
kranji war memorial
flushed Feb 2016
We tread in silence, wreaths upon
Gravestones, where you lie amongst
Flowers unpicked, at rest.
Feb 2016 · 207
flushed Feb 2016
I am not a poet.
Who are you to call me one
When all I do is cram out As and
Words that don't mean a thing,
Pretentiousness masked as literature,
Romanticized depression in monochrome.
for this random person in my life
Mar 2015 · 515
shipwrecked: a haiku
Jan 2015 · 832
shut the fuck up and listen
Jan 2015 · 280
flushed Jan 2015
remove or obliterate (written or printed matter), especially by drawing a line through it.

— The End —