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Dec 2014 · 246
FluffNinja Dec 2014
I don't know if it's just to annoy,
Or for my true safety but IT still brings joy.
IT knows all.
IT comes bearing pain,
All too much to recall.
I sence IT's presence lurking
Even while IT is unseen. IT is still smirking.
IT knows all.
To IT I do not call
Upon which I do to another
Yet IT is just my bother.
IT knows not to leave
Because IT helps me,
And yet I scream to go away
Only to just mention, always stay.
I only do harm around
And IT's charm makes me safe and sound.
While I can only sense IT,
It goes without say that our paths are lit.
With trust in IT, I can stand proudly tall
Because IT knows all.

— The End —