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You're the one who taught me how to love, again.
How to be strong, &
How to be fearless,
You're the one who taught me how to fly, freely.

Since the day I met you,
I can't stop praying about you,
I can't stop whailing, to Jesus
"God! He's the best thing, & person that I've ever had in my life"

It's like you're the best book,
I've ever seen.
You're the best story;
I've ever read.

You put an imaginary wings to me,
Even in our situation,
You're the guardian angel, that left me behind;
And I'm the demon who stays by your side.
umaga na naman,
pikit ang mga mata
pero gising na gising ang diwa
isip na pilit nagtatanong.

kung pagpapatuloy ang pagtulog
o pagpapatuloy mo na ang araw na 'to
kahit wala namang bago,
kahit wala na namang sigurado sa mga gagawin mo.

umaga na naman,
napagdesisyunan **** tumayo
sumalubong ang liwanag
pagmulat ng mga mata mo.

iniisip kaagad
ang dilim at pagsapit ng gabi
at kung paano maririnig ng mga kuliglig
ang 'yong paghikbi.

umaga na naman,
napansin ****
kanina ka pa nakatulala
at nakatayo sa harap ng pinto,

tila malalim ang nasa isip
di alam ang sagot
sa mga paano
at bakit

wala kang narinig na kahit ano
nang biglang may bumulong
sa mga tenga mo;

'masaya ka ba?'
isang tanong na hindi mo masagot
nakakabingi, nakakasulasok,
at ang sabi mo

'mukha ba akong masaya sa lagay na 'to?
wala akong pinili,
pero bakit ako pa rin ang talo?'
'parusa ba 'to kasi nakasakit na naman ako?'

umaga na naman,
at alam **** wala pa ring sasagot
sa mga tanong mo,
at sa mga bakit at paano.

patuloy bumubulong sayo
ang mga katagang
ayaw **** naririnig ng tenga mo
'masaya ka ba?' tanong ng sarili mo.
Loving a person who's same gender as you, isn't easy. You'll go through rocks and cottons, light to darkness somedays saying goodbye without thinking how you both started. Nonetheless you'd start all over again without promising but start working prior to where you both lack the most.

She's an ocean, a blue deep person who can appreciate simple things, and simple events. She may never pay attention to what she have is perfect in my eyes, my heart's throbbing in fastened motion everytime we talked, and everytime I see her smile.

She may never know how beautiful, soft, and sweet her voice were everytime we do phone calls and she's starting to story tell about random things I always feel secured and loved by her lovely voice; like a lullaby singing me to sleep.

Loving a person who's same gender as you, will never be easy. But I don't care if we go through rocks and cottons, light to darkness and somedays saying goodbye without thinking where we started. I'll still go home, to her hugs and kisses, to her comforts and cares.

She is where I belong, she is where I used to go home because she's the only home where I can be myself, she's the only home who can read what I think, and she's the only home where I can find peace in the battle of love and affection, to she is where I always go home.
it's funny
how many people
think that happiness
will chase them.

happiness won't chase you
it's everywhere,
you won't chase happiness
you don't have to.

because it's a choice
not an option.
don't chase it,
choose it; and live with it.
I fall harder
each and everyday
while you were there
slowly falling apart

now it all turns dark,
I withered, and stop growing
like a rotten roses
lack of shade in a hue of black&white.

you're the one who taught,
and guide me,
for me to lead
in a right pathway

and now you're gone
remembering thoughts
and promises
you broke.

it's like you tear every part
what God have made
for that's me
and my broken heart.

you made me fight alone
and be strong on my own—
this will be the last poem
for that person who made me feel home.
part two of 'deep inlove'
you light me up,
I bloom, and still growing
with you like a red roses,
full of vibrance balanced with saturation.

you taught me,
and guide me
how to control pride
and stoop down low hot temper.

you even made me love
the way darkness
and lucid dreams
combined with each other.

you drape colors
in my gloomy world,
it's like you colored
what God have drawn;

I fall harder
each and everyday
you always survive
to lay me your affection.

with that,
you made me
into a better person—
into a better version with you.
there's a part two of this one
It's cliche, I know
But love really is contagious
It's a disease
That everyone didn't know.

It can blow your mind
It can affect and change
Your skills, talents, passion,
And as well your perceptions.

I don't know how to explain
Why love is a disease,
But it's for me to know
And for you to find out.

Maybe someday,
We'll share our thoughts by thoughts
We'll talk, heart to heart
We'll continue to spread the disease of love

And by that time maybe,
Maybe we all have that kind of disease
A good disease,
A disease comes from love and positivity.
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