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blkorchid Nov 2018
broken by this world
how do I get by
miles run wild
as time runs off to
the wilderness it finds
ran by the silver lines
leaving no remnant of fear
in this golden sky of life
where tears run dry
the beauty of this life
is often bittersweet
like a forbidden truth
often told to keep
with the shadow of rivers
running deep.
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
blkorchid Oct 2018
do you see me
from the trees the grow above me
that grow out to the vineyards
across the dirt-risen floor
yearning for the sunlight
to love once again
as I dwell on thoughts
coasting along the river
confessing out loud
to the dried sunflowers
and the ultralight beams
walking on water with
the thorns on my feet
calling out to heavens above.
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
blkorchid Sep 2018
she dances in moonlight
as she colors the crevices
of the clouds in the velvet sky
while the warm winds drift
along with the stars
she traces along with the
with the intention
to not be erased
her energy spreads
throughout the hidden oasis
among the secret gardens
as they all become one
she sings the song of eternity
as they recognize her every sound
the sway of the
burgundy tree branches
follow her every tune
drifting along with the
flowers that bloom
her cries shift the powers
of distant waters behind the moon
bringing the light of the sun
soon as the morning arises
she vanishes running
towards the sun
leaving her spirit untouched.
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
blkorchid Sep 2018
show me the way to
the pain inside your truth
hidden behind the proof
why must you disguise yourself
leaving your pride on the line
withering in unreasonable doubt
while fearless and breathing
yet and still purposely smiling
hiding behind the brokenness
of your soul waiting for the
young sovereign to rise again
wondering where to begin
blinded by finding a way
only to get lost again
while fighting wars from within.
I didn't really know what to write today so I wrote this instead. Hopefully I can get back to writing again.
blkorchid Aug 2018
leave my heart in a casket
where it's safe and sound
will someone catch it for me
no pain is evident in this film of life
flames progress high
while the wings of the phoenix
take flight striding by the moonlight
never looking at the reflection
haunting the mirrors of the sea
that flows beneath
leaving me with nothing
more to cling to other than the
fears that were meant to dream
wounds that were never meant
to be found and were meant to
be drowned leaving me
alone to take the crown
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
blkorchid Aug 2018
burnt wood fills the air
coasting along with the
scent of applewood smoke
with the lakes
that flows off with the stream
closer with the sun it seems
my mind ponders while
my imagination wanders
as I become in tune with
the sun and the moon
thoughts sprout like a rose
with the light it glows
leaving it time for it to grow
with the flowers below
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
blkorchid Aug 2018
the letters of your name
tumble out of my lips
leaving me breathless
you never seem to leave
my imagination alone
we sail from shore to shore
from the islands to open blue seas
fulfilling my divinity
roses grow from the
garden endlessly living in
peace and tranquility
falling from distant constellations
leaving nothing but
memories to drift off to.
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