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majestic sounds that fill the ear
luminously engraved as
the bass harmonizes with
melodies in my mind
as the piano croons a humble tune
coating the whispers in my ear
as the drums build up to perfect synchronization
wishing I could hold it so near
the heart of the synths enrapture me
catching me in the web of love
crocheted in a melodic fantasy
I close my eyes
as I enjoy the ride
letting the strings subside
I fantasize in this melodic bliss
who knew heaven could feel like this?
as I walk along the tones of bridges
building up to a world unknown
it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known
like the tenderness of honeydew
the rhythms of love speak to you
so sweet yet so tempting
the trumpets tower over me
leaving me selfless
giving myself endlessly
I love music. It feels so good to write again 💗
it seems now my clouds are grey
incomplete thoughts that often tame the sky
calming the waters that wade in my eyes
as the sun kisses the sea
here I abide by the silence that waits for me
thinking it’s you in disguise
in my hands is where your heart lies
after filling your ears with my words
that leave you in a solitude of bliss
joyful noises fill the sound
my love for you becomes profound
I wander in the arms of the tainted truth
when all I wanted was proof
Wow, I must say it’s been a while since I’ve written on here. I completely forgot about this website and took some time away. I also dealt with a lot of writer’s block around this time as well causing my ideas to not pan out the way I wanted them to. But hopefully I be able to get back into the joy of writing again. I really missed it so much. Thank you so much for loving my writing as much I loved writing my thoughts out.
footsteps faintly
imprinted on the concrete
raindrops fall on the windowsill
captured by the writings on the wall
reminding him of his adolescence
he takes a look as he sits still
the scent of maplewood coats his nose
as it leaves him with remnants of
untainted happiness
potions of whiskey seal his lips
trailing off while the pain echoes
stinging the back of his throat
piercing his eyes towards the mirror
held back by his reflection
his breath trembles from fear
basking in the “lift of freedom”
while kisses remain bittersweet
dreams are the only thing that
seem to pass him by
only willing at living the “sweet life”
running low on his ego
he sees the person he can’t see
as he’s left vacantly in a disarray conflicted with his wounds
here lies a man confused...
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#poems #dreams
treading by faith
only to get closer
cleansing myself
from all my fears
just for them to reappear
numb to silence given
cooling down the rivers of ambition
wilting in the power of the rose
rose from the time that once began
gradient skies seem to follow as we stride
only to push past the lines
cling to open windowed dreams
as if it never lasts
life is the bird that sings as it’s wings
have grown weary as the moonlight
starts to grow dreary yet they never rise
he lets out a strong cry
as he knows he can’t fly
knowingly gets left along to stride
leaving him only his dreams to confide
Dreams (Langston Hughes Response)
we played along the keys of life
colored along the mirror of the sky
we built sandcastles in my dreams
you professed love inna better light
bathed in the waters that fell down
poised with passion that we gave
opened my eyes for a new love to see
cleansing the air I breathe
astounded by the grace of our sound
it is heaven that we’ve found
it’s love
that has me feeling this way
the reason I get up everyday
desired by the love you gave
feel this almost everyday
fulfillment in my bones
flowers have grown
by this love we’ve shown
that can go for miles wide
if only I can feel this all the time.
fell in love with the world today
left home with a smile
his height stood tall
he was beautiful for me too
if only he knew
I leave him to the imagination
body & soul
illustrating his beauty
in its simplest form
caught in the right space
at the right time
in my daydreams is where he resides
from his lips to his eyes
it’s hard not to resist
with his words leaving me with bliss
I’d like to keep him in mind
refreshed and refined
is how he felt up close to me
letting my temptation uprise
frustration hovers over
scrambling the speeches in my mind
although I show it all the time
it seems as if he’s blind
by the chick that he stands beside
but it’s okay
I tell myself it will pass overtime
maybe it wasn’t my time.
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