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 Dec 2010 Flower Scent
Things look bleak, hopeless...

A tapestry of images in my head
swirls and tells me a story,
hauntingly beautiful
then unravels so fast---

I try to catch ahold of it,
but fail.
Or so I think...
a single thread of thought
stays with me,
it winds through my fingers
and glows

Another thought floats by
so I pluck at it.
I let it intermingle
with inspiration,
then mesh it together with creativity

My loom is my imagination
my thoughts, my thread
urging me,
compelling me
to weave the story

and so I do.

For I am a word weaver.
As thoughts go in,
words come out
to create something
that warms the heart,
that uplifts the spirit.

I am a word weaver of life.
Allow my tapestry to comfort you,
even just for a while.

01.18.10 125a

I've notice u b4 walking my way 
With Plenty attempts 4 me to say hey 
But my reluctance always seems to let u get away
Who r u really -it's a mystery to me 
Ur Beauty and gracefulness is all I c 

I often look in the mirror to practice my conversation
U know a brief introduction a bit of charm and a little persuasion 
 Wht Eva the occasion ur always dress the part
I know a women like u have broken many hearts
Where do I start when I do get ur attention 
Should I voie my good qualities or share my intentions
And that is only to insure u be treated like the goddess u r 
Do I have to possess a significant income jewelry or a fancy car
Well thts just something u would have to c for urself
Come b a part of this voyage me & u no one else
****** Cupid ur a muthafucka got me all tangled in my emotions sounding like a sucka 
But *** it I can't keep this feeling inside 
Got to lay it all out on the table -I got nothing hide 

Wht qualities make u boo -is my question to u 
I mean who r u really and wht r u into
It's like a riddle w/no answers a mystery w/no clue
And at the end of the day I'm gonna be me and ur gonna be you 

But all this information I just keep inside
And it is because of tht reason why I write this scribe 
To gain ur attention I have had many occasions
But when ur near it's like my mind go on vacation 
So with tht being said u keep me in amazement 
And until I build up my courage just consider this an INFATUATION 

                By: @mr_p3rs0nality
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
lips on fingertips
brush my cheek
then back on lips
dusting off frowns

closing my eyes
I feel you

your eyes

into my soul

asking questions
but content
with the mysteries

that are buried deep

giddy with the fact
that we have a lifetime
of excavation

dig to your
heart's content, honey
dig deep
11.22.10 (232p10m)
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
fruits like lights
moths to the flame

tired of chasing
them away

child of the streets
why do you roam
chasing mango trees

where is your home?
11.22.10 (1159a-3m)
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
Sitting here in the dark

the power has gone out

so I think about my life

and where I am today

I think about the ones I love

as well as the ones who left

I hear the wind chimes

singing there beautiful song

It's funny how a clanging noise

can be so inspiring to me

with the woodstove

releasing the heat within

warms my body and heart

just like the love of Jesus

warms my soul

Every thing becomes so peaceful

when the power goes out

All the distractions are gone

and it's a time to focus

on the things that really matter.

What would happen

if the power went out on you

who would you turn to

who would get you through

what would you think about

what would you do

when the power goes out

on little ol' you
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