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Danielle Shorr
Los Angeles    Songwriter, spoken word poet, cat enthusiast, sunflower lover, crow admirer, undoubtedly human.
23/F/putting my feelings on the internet
Melbourne    'The hand that rocks the fuckin' cradle rules the fuckin' world.' - Stephen King.
23/F    It's just Miles, darling.
Beth Murphy
Ontario, Canada    Beth | 17 | Canada | I'm new at this
Morgan Vivian
New Orleans    “I've always had this terrible itch for solitude. It's being at a party, or at a stadium full of people cheering for something, that I ...
Iowa    19 with a swollen heart
Just a young college girl who loves school, friends, family and her cats. I love writing and reading. I regularly attend open mic nights. I'm ...
California    Fall down seven times, stand up eight
Emily Tyler
New York City    "Well I'm so tired of the rain Falling softly on the ground Just enough to get my feet wet But not enough to let me ...
New Jersey
Victoria, BC    and yes, we're related.
Sophie Herzing
Move with me. Welcome to my confessions.
socal    21. I bake, I write.
Bonny Francis
London    Copyright Bonny Francis 2013 ©
I discovered a passion for poetry a few years ago and I've wanted to share my work with the world. So here you have it. ...
Caitlin Drew
California    Having no coordination and a general disregard for spatial relations results in Caitlin falling fast and hard for everything she does. There's a lack of ...

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