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flitz Dec 2021
I have learnt to hate night,
It feels so long,
I despise its quietness,
It's not an escape anymore,
It feels so much like a prison,
Only, same.
Only different.
It's roisterous.
flitz Dec 2021
The night feels achingly lonely,
My mind shattered into bits and pieces
Gleaming in the dark.
I gather my consciousness in a bundle,
Perhaps this will be the last time.
Perhaps this torment will stop.
flitz Mar 2021
Chaos hearts,
Chaos hearts,
Don't come to me,
I am not your sanctuary,
Nor will I ever be.

Chaos hearts,
Stop asking for me,
Do not commit a burglary,
A lover never will I ever be.
flitz Feb 2021
Here I go again
On this road called life,
I called mine a joke,
Help me I am broke,
But not money,
I don't need a twenty,
I need honey.

Here I go again
Threading this path,
Mine is comedic,
Borderline neurotic,
Marginally pathetic,
Definitely hectic.

Here I go again
On this road alone,
Thrown and blown to the unknown,
I am the unknown.

Here you go again,
On this lane,
Your laughter remain
One you couldn't contain.

Here we go again,
Life is amusing,
But never entertaining,
Life is comical,
But never logical.

Do I make sense?
Is this intense?
This life
At whose expense?
flitz Feb 2021
Dalam hati,
Cemburu dalam kekosongan,
Ada merahnya perasaan.

Kebersamaan dan kebersatuan,
Penantian dan perhentian,
Kesabaran dalam kesayangan,
Maka ungulah jiwa dalam iri.

Akan hadir manisnya hari itu,
Bersabarlah duhai hati,
Nikmati birunya suatu dengki.
flitz Nov 2020
What is the colour of your love?
Rainbow. What's yours?

Quiet. Silence filled in the space.
My heart heaved.
I breathe in the intoxicating smoke before I finally answered.

It's golden.
Thick like honey.

It's golden,
Shines like amber.

It's golden.
Burns like lava.

It's golden.
It's perilous.
flitz Nov 2020
Sit here next to me, my darling,
We need not to speak to fill in the silence.

Lay on my lap, my darling,
For, I too, am exhausted of the world.

Lie down besides me, my darling,
And let me lie on your chest,
And let me listen to your heart beating.

We aren't a quitter, my darling,
We are each other's strength.
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