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FLESH Sep 2020
Nothing rhymes within this hymn we’ll see you in another ten (In hell *******)
FLESH Sep 2020
Make sweet love in Oxnard
I used to spit on my shoes a lot
Now I spit on my open toed sandals
I’m not mad that you feel the way you feel
FLESH Sep 2020
I have a cold demeanor
And it’s noticed
They’re uncareful in telling me I’m a special girl

Yeahhhhh uh you too dude
To whatever it is they said
That made the cold come out of me
Off of me
Stings their nose, the stench
when it’s coming from my skin and my mouth
the love spell stench
And I shut that down 
they hate the simple things I love
To love  

sometimes I think that I know what it means to be alive
and when I forget it makes
no sense at all
I know
no one
then they’re all strangers and not at
all close to real
so escapable its understandable.
They don’t really like that, and if they think they do
It’s because intellectualism is the new ****.
Playing Unstable,
it can be a misery
They are all too human, like an animal
Nothing more
20:29 pm
FLESH Sep 2020
Religion is a very tricky thing, because what it does is
20:22 pm
FLESH Sep 2020
Cause and effect is crazy because she could’ve done this or that but she didn’t and I didn’t and nobody did.
20:19 pm
FLESH Sep 2020
was ******* in the shower and I
Was in between her legs looking at her while putting my fingers inside of her
It felt so good i know just how to **** it
Middle and ring finger back and forth like I’m motioning you to here quickly but with the wrong fingers and I’m looking at you moan
Eyes kinda squinting head thrown back lips pursed all the regular pleasurable language a face can make
I love to look at her while I do it but
Then I saw her look at me
And then I was her
And I was ugly
She thought She could *** quicker if I had a bag over my face
Some kind of ski mask could make this a lot hotter
She thought I was ugly, an worse I thought I was ugly
I came because she was so beautiful and she came because my ugliness degraded her like a fetish and she liked it. She used me and didn’t love
Me in that moment any more
I hated that so much
20:16 pm
FLESH Sep 2020
She knows she is Jesus Christ just one child just like the man himself and shes loud from time to time
Coffee is taken down with a look on her face that’s beyond dissatisfied but ultimately happy and free
she said
20:12 pm
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